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  • Visitors Great service. Fast and reliable, I would definitely use again. I received my gold with in a couple of hours. Thanks guys!
    2019-12-24 11:02
  • Visitors Love your service, I'll buy it in the future!
    2019-12-20 14:08
  • ch***st Surprisingly NOT a scam. I bought some 50 gold from them using Paypal and within about 2 hours the gold was delivered to my character's in-game mail. When I didn't receive it the first hour I thought that it was a scam and talked with their support, which told me to check back later and that they had sent the gold, so I did just that and to my astonishment the gold was there. It turns out that there's a 1 hour delay in World of Warcraft for gold shipments / item shipments. I recommend this selle
    2019-12-20 04:27
  • Visitors Great service, I got my 3000 gold in time.
    2019-12-18 10:31
  • Visitors Amazing job, I really appreciate your work!
    2019-12-14 11:25
  • Visitors That's why I choose to buy gold here, their delivery speed is fast, and it is 100% safe!
    2019-12-12 13:49
  • Visitors Very happy with my purchase thank you for how quick you are and I'm going to buy again soon!
    2019-12-10 17:47
  • Visitors The best in the business! Thanks for the added security check. It's good to know that you are looking out for your customers!
    2019-12-04 11:42
  • Visitors Not more than a half hour. Very quick no issues
    2019-12-04 10:13
  • Visitors It can be a little bit cheaper but it i got the wow classic gold I need and maybe in the future i will order more.
    2019-12-02 17:15