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WOW Classic SOM Gold




SOM Classic Gold US

SOM Classic Gold EU

  • Barman Shanker Alliance

  • Barman Shanker Horde

  • Jom Gabbar Alliance

  • Jom Gabbar Horde

  • Lionheart Alliance

  • Lionheart Horde

  • Mutanus Alliance

  • Mutanus Horde

  • Nightfall Alliance

  • Nightfall Horde

  • Obsidian Edge Alliance

  • Obsidian Edge Horde

  • Shadowstrike Alliance

  • Shadowstrike Horde

  • Swamp of Sorrows Alliance

  • Swamp of Sorrows Horde

  • Bonescythe Alliance

  • Bonescythe Horde

  • Dreadnaught Alliance

  • Dreadnaught Horde

  • Ironfoe Alliance

  • Ironfoe Horde

  • Kingsfall Alliance

  • Kingsfall Horde

  • Kровавый зов Alliance

  • Kровавый зов Horde

  • Quel'Serrar Alliance

  • Quel'Serrar Horde

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