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WOW Guide: How To Invite Alts To Join A Guild By Yourself?

2021-03-18 11:14:41

Most of the content of WOW is concentrated in the social community. From questing in dozens of areas to dealing with catastrophic villains in raids, most players should be used to teaming up to solve obstacles encountered. For these reasons, players will create guilds to streamline the experience.

As early as the vanilla period, the guild has existed, and the guild is composed of a group of like-minded players. If you automatically join the guild, you will get some rare rewards and bonuses. However, joining a guild requires someone’s invitation, so if you have only one account and no one else is online, you cannot add other characters. However, there is a way to get an invitation to alts without a middleman.

Start recruiting

* First open your Guild & Communities tab, click the "Recruitment" button, and another dialog box will appear.

* Select the "List my guild in the guild finder" option, and add a uniformly recognized phrase in the Recruitment Message (like "Only invite my own character to join the guild").

* Click “Accept”, and then log out the character. (Only officer-level or higher can post the recruitment.)

Apply to the guild

* Log in to the character that needs to be invited, open the guild and community tab again, click the "search" bar in the upper right corner, enter the name of the guild to start searching, and then the guild and description will appear.

* Click "Request to join", drop any specializations before clicking "Apply", and log out of the character.

Invite the alt character

* Re-login to the first character and open the guild &community tab

* Click the "Roster" button (a small diamond mark) and switch the "Achievement Points" tab to "Applicants"

* The character name of other players' reserved should be listed, and pressing "Invite" will give them a pending option even though they are offline.

* Go back to the alt role and accept the invite notification in the upper left corner

This way you can join the guild without any help. Although it will take some time, you will find this shortcut is very useful when you try to invite other characters to solo later.

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WOW: Best And Worst DPS Builds In Shadowlands Season 1

2021-01-22 14:01:29

As WOW Shadowlands Season 1 is in full swing, players might be improving their class builds. Among them, the most important is the DPS builds, which puts up the biggest numbers in the raid content, and their effects are much more obvious than some in tanking and healing. Now more and more players are beginning to come into contact with Castle Nathria, so some DPS builds are considered good by most players.

Best DPS Classes In Season 1

Marksmanship Hunter

In Shadowlands, DPS builds have improved to a certain extent, and Marksmanship Hunter can be said to be a class that has benefited the most from that. It ranks high among analysts and fans. Because Trick Shots has a surprisingly AOE burst damage potential. And its mobility still shines as before.

Fire Mage

As the expansion continues to develop, Fire Mage can be a viable, high-end DPS build that helps clear endgame content. Fire Mage can be the backbone of any raid group because of its flexibility in damage, which allows it to rotate between a single target and AoE damage, and to ensure that any mobs are not too out of control.

Shadow Priest

Shadow Priest is still not to be underestimated, because it is a class that can deal damage-over-time. Other powerful DPS Build options include Balance Druid and Outlaw Rogue. To be honest, classes that perform well in the raid have become the first choice for groups and will be explored in depth as a result.

Worst DPS Builds

Havoc Demon

Havoc Demon is now often listed as one of the worst choices.

Arms Warrior

Although the attempt to buff, it did not really help this build create carve out much of its own name.

Jobs with less flexibility are often the most difficult, such as only supporting single-target DPS, or capped AOE damage, but maybe they will become stronger later as the league continues. As the raid composition changes and Blizzard’s continuous adjustments to the classes mean that WOW DPS builds are still very subjective. There are still many strong DPS class competitors, so the future rank is unknown.

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