World Of Kings Gold

Delivery Time
  • 10 Minute(s) - 60 Minute(s)
  • 98% Orders < 30 Minute(s)
Delivery Method
  • Face To Face

    Please Access Dodo Airline.Visit NPC,Choose I want visitors.Then you will get a CODE.We Will Visit Your Island then Drop the Item you want in your island.

Please First Select Your World Of Kings Server/Platform
  • AM
  • EU
  • AM-S1-Skarabare 100 Gold 100 Gold

    AM-S1-Skarabare 100 Gold


  • AM-S1-Skarabare 200 Gold 200 Gold

    AM-S1-Skarabare 200 Gold


  • AM-S1-Skarabare 300 Gold 300 Gold

    AM-S1-Skarabare 300 Gold


  • AM-S1-Skarabare 400 Gold 400 Gold

    AM-S1-Skarabare 400 Gold


  • AM-S1-Skarabare 500 Gold 500 Gold

    AM-S1-Skarabare 500 Gold


  • AM-S1-Skarabare 600 Gold 600 Gold

    AM-S1-Skarabare 600 Gold

    $ 11.70 / $11.58

  • AM-S1-Skarabare 800 Gold 800 Gold

    AM-S1-Skarabare 800 Gold

    $ 15.60 / $15.44

  • AM-S1-Skarabare 1000 Gold 1000 Gold

    AM-S1-Skarabare 1000 Gold

    $ 19.50 / $19.11

  • AM-S1-Skarabare 1500 Gold 1500 Gold

    AM-S1-Skarabare 1500 Gold

    $ 29.25 / $28.67

  • AM-S1-Skarabare 2000 Gold 2000 Gold

    AM-S1-Skarabare 2000 Gold

    $ 39.00 / $37.83

  • AM-S1-Skarabare 3000 Gold 3000 Gold

    AM-S1-Skarabare 3000 Gold

    $ 58.50 / $56.75

  • AM-S1-Skarabare 4000 Gold 4000 Gold

    AM-S1-Skarabare 4000 Gold

    $ 78.00 / $74.88

  • AM-S1-Skarabare 5000 Gold 5000 Gold

    AM-S1-Skarabare 5000 Gold

    $ 97.50 / $93.60

  • AM-S1-Skarabare 6000 Gold 6000 Gold

    AM-S1-Skarabare 6000 Gold

    $ 117.00 / $111.15

  • AM-S1-Skarabare 8000 Gold 8000 Gold

    AM-S1-Skarabare 8000 Gold

    $ 156.00 / $148.20

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About World Of Kings Gold

World of Kings Gold trade notification 1.Legendary Equipment: You can purchase legendary items(about 100 coins) or open box also have chances to get legendary items (Legendary box worth:270-540 coins) 2.Fashion costume, Mounts and Pet: Fashion costume, Mounts and Pets trade is unable to turning the pages, to make sure the trade process without problems, please make sure your price is available on the first page. 3.Blue Equipment: Rank attributes requested, it is unable to turning the pages, to make sure the trade process without problems, please make sure your rank attributes is available on the first page. 4.Purple Equipment: Cosmic essence takes high cost, maximum price range is about 300 coins, purple equipment is tradable. 5.Secondary enchantment: it is unable to turning the pages, maximum price range is about 210 coins, to make sure the trade process without problems, please make sure your price is available on the first page. Notice: 1.User with Chamber of Auro($2.99) enjoy 5% tax for consignment. No Chamber of Auro user will be 10% tax. The tax will be on buyer’s side. 2.Items listed in trade market has a public period, you can submit order first, then send the screenshot of the item in public period(Specific to item’s attributes). After the trade completed, you can check the auction mail in the game. What is World of Kings Gameplay? World of Kings is a 3D MMORPG video game, which is published by ZLOONG and is inspired by World of Warcraft. In this gameplay, you can choose from 4 classes with distinguished characteristics, 9 classes, 27 advanced classes and hundreds of mounts and pets will enlarge your collection. Players play a role of righteous hero to save the world! Now, take your weapon and fight for honor. What is World of Kings Gold? World of Kings Gold is the important in-game currency, which can be used for purchasing World of Kings Items, such as weapons and mounts. Although, World of Kings Gold can be earned by daily missions, killing monsters or leveling up. But not everyone has the time to play this gameplay constantly and keep themselves stocked with enough gold. So, there is a shortcut for you. Now, you can Buy Cheap World of Kings Gold via reliable game store To enhance your adventure and compliment your gameplay and fully enjoy the in-game content, the cheapest offer is necessary. Players are recommended to search our list of World of Kings Gold and Top Up WOK Gold with the cheapest price!