ACNH: New Fish And Bugs Will Appear In December, Are You Ready For Catching Them?

November is about to end, which means that a new month is going to start. New fish, bugs, and sea creatures will also appear. Whether you are in the southern or northern hemisphere, you will meet new critters. But of course, in the northern hemisphere, there will be relatively few new critters than in the southern, because in the cold weather, it's destined to not have many critters for you to meet.Northern HemisphereFish & Sea CreaturesDuring December, 5 new fish will appear in the northern hemisphere. To obtain Stringfish, you'll have to catch it within a limited time, but it is worthwhile because it can sell for 15,000 bells. The price of Oarfish is similar, but it is not so rare, because it will be available all day. As for sea creatures, there is only the lobster.BugsThe Dung Beetle is the only new bug that will appear in December in the Northern Hemisphere. What is unique is that it is the only bug that can't fly. If it snows, you will find it snowballing on the ground.Southern HemisphereFish & Sea CreaturesIf you are a player in the southern hemisphere, you are very lucky, because you will welcome a large number of new fish, the most valuable Dorado and the Great White Shark. They are worth 15,000 Bells.BugsThis is the new critters that will appear in December. If you want to earn more Animal Crossing Bells, you can catch the most valuable critters and pay attention to when they appear! This way the chance of success will be improved.If you think this article is helpful to you, you can subscribe to MMOWTS, we will often update related news and game guides!

WOW Shadowlands: How To Summon Humon'gozz?

If you have ever explored the Ardenweald zone in Shadowlands, you should have seen an Unusual Large Mushroom on the corpse of the mob you dispatched. This is a unique item that all creatures of Ardenweald will drop, and the specific method for disposing of it is still don't know, but this guide will tell you how to use it.In fact, in WOW, you can use this Unusual Large Mushroom to summon Humon'gozz, which is the enemy you will face in Ardenweald.How to summon it?If you want to summon it, first, you need to loot the mushroom, and then plant it in Damp Loam in the following 20 minutes. This Damp Loam is located at 32.42, 30.26. The important thing is: the respawn time of it is about 10 minutes. So, rush there right after you get the mushroom. Doing so will ensure that you can find a Damp Loam before the mushroom disappears from your inventory. If you can't get there in time, all you can do is to kill some monsters nearby, hoping to get another Unusual Large Mushroom.After you plant this Unusual Large Mushroom in Damp Loam, wait a short while, and Humon'gozz will appear. All you need to do is beat it. Of course, it is not a character that should be underestimated, so this may take your time. If you find that you are unable to beat it, it is a good way to choose to seek help from friends.RewardsAfter you defeat it, you will also get the corresponding reward - Arboreal Gulper. It is a new frog mount that just appeared in Shadowlands. But there are some restrictions to use it. If you do not reach level 60, you cannot use it, which means that it needs to be in your inventory for a while until you're up to 60.If the correct usage of this mushroom is announced later, MMOWTS will also update the relevant game guides in time. But from the current point of view, it is an important way for you to obtain that frog mount.If you are not sure about winning the battle with Humon'gozz, then you can come to MMOWTS to buy WOW Gold, use them to upgrade your gears or weapons, so as to better deal with the enemies you are about to encounter!

Genshin Impact: Will Scaramouche Be A Playable Hero Like Zhongli?

Genshin Impact's continuous appearance of new characters is also an important feature that attracts players. Due to the recent Unreconciled Stars event, another new character appeared - Scaramouche. So now players are very curious whether he will also become a playable character? Whether he will join your team or not?Because after the Genshin Impact 1.1 update was released, more playable characters have been added into the game, and there are several predicted characters that have not yet appeared in the game, such as Zhongli and Xinyan. It is not difficult to see that Mihoyo seems to like this way to announce the upcoming characters in advance, which can indeed give fans a surprise.Unreconciled Stars has three events. In this event, Fischl and Mona are main characters, but in addition, there is a new character that has appeared, and that is Scaramouche. He is one of Fatui Harbingers, which also implies that he will become a playable character in the future.About ScaramoucheLike most Fatui Harbingers, his name is derived from Commedia dell-arte. In the Italian theatre, Scaramouche is a fixed character, but in Genshin Impact, he should not be just a fixed NPC. Because Tartaglia and Zhongli both appear in the game in the same way. Now Tartaglia has become a playable character, and Zhongli will appear soon.Tartaglia is also one of the Fatui Harbingers, so we can speculate that Scaramouche will transition from this organization first, and then become a playable character in the game.As for when he will become a playable character, it is likely to be after the 1.2 update, which is after December 23. Of course, this is all speculation, we can know more details and after the official announcement.If Mihoyo releases news about the 1.2 update during this period, MMOWTS will also update in time to let you know. If necessary, you can subscribe to MMOWTS so that once we update the news, you will know the first time.As for Gensshin Impact Accounts, buy them on MMOWTS is also a good choice. We have launched various packs for you to choose from. You can buy Genshin Impact Accounts with any hero or weapon you want at a relatively low price!

ACNH Guide: Recipes And Ingredients In Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is coming soon. To celebrate this festival, ACNH has also prepared a lot for players. With the return of Turkey Day to New Horizons, you will be busy, because there are many things you have to complete in this event. This guide will tell you the more specific details.When does the Turkey Day event start?Franklin, a famous chef, will arrive on your island at 6 am on November 26, and he will stay there until 10 pm, so you can meet him during this time.What should you do?He will let you search for the ingredients he needs. Some basic ingredients are easy to find, but there are other special secret ingredients that he won't tell you! However, we will tell you so that you do not encounter difficulties in the process. All you need to do is prepare the ingredients for this dish, and we will tell you all the details about it.Ingredients listThese are all the ingredients that may be used in ACNH. Of course, the more you can have, the more beneficial it will be for you.                 * Manila Clams                 * Orange, Green, White, and Yellow Pumpkins                 * Mussel                 * Round, flat, skinny mushrooms                 * Oyster                 * Dungeness Crab                 * Sea Bass                 * Olive Flounder                 * Dab                 * Red Snapper                 * Barred Knifejaw                 * Squid and sea urchin if in the southern hemisphereYou can find the above things in and around your island, or get them through fishing or diving. If you are missing some of them, you can talk to the villagers. If they cook at home, you can try to ask if they are willing to exchange with you!The way to get secret ingredientsAfter talking to Franklin, he will tell you the clues of secret ingredients. However, your villager probably helped him make that dish before, so you can ask your villager s for help. If you can, you try to talk to all your villagers, they will help if you encounter difficulties. But this should take you a lot of time, so we listed the ingredients for you!Secret ingredientsOnce you have all the ingredients, you can go to Franklin and you can start researching his recipes. If this Turkey Day is not much different from the past, the secret ingredients should be like the following:                  Clam Chowder - 3 Manila Clams (Scallop secret ingredient)                  Pumpkin Pie - 1 Orange Pumpkin and random second color pumpkin (add other two pumpkin colors as secret ingredients)                  Seafood Gratin - Mussel and either round, flat, or skinny mushrooms or an oyster (Dungeness crab secret ingredient)                  Southern hemisphere swaps squid and sea urchin for the mushrooms/oyster                  Fish Meuniere - Sea bass and either olive flounder, dab, or red snapper (Barred Knifejaw secret ingredient)Turkey Day ItemsEvery time you deliver an ingredient or finish a dish, you will get a set of Turkey Day-themed furniture. So here are the items you may need.                 * Turkey Day Flooring                 * Turkey Day Rug                 * Turkey Day Wall                 * Turkey Day Casserole - 5 iron nuggets, and 1 clay                 * Turkey Day Chair - 5 wood, 2 hardwood, and 2 softwood                 * Turkey Day Decorations - 2 softwood, 5 weeds, and 2 clay                 * Turkey Day Garden Stand - 8 stone and 3 clay                 * Turkey Day Hearth - 1 campfire, 30 stone, and 10 clay                 * Turkey Day Table Setting - 4 clay and 2 iron nuggets                 * Turkey Day Wheat Decor - 10 weeds                 * CornucopiaThis is what you need to know about the upcoming Turkey Day event. I hope this will help you to complete the task more smoothly in ACNH. If there are any changes in this year's event, MMOWTS will also update relevant articles in time, so you can stay tuned to MMOWTS.If you need to buy ACNH Bells, MMOWTS must be the best choice, because all Animal Crossing Bells are very cheap, and you can buy Nook Miles Tickets and ACNH Bells in one pack at the same time. This is a special combo on MMOWTS. because it takes into account the needs of the majority of players, this will definitely make your shopping process faster and more convenient.
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