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  • Starter Account-New ( AR11 Guaranteed 40 draws )

  • Dispatch / Expedition Unlock Account ( AR16 Guaranteed 35 - 40 draws )

  • Starter Account-New ( AR10 Guaranteed 30 - 35 draws )

  • Starter Account-New X 10 ( AR10 Guaranteed 30 - 35 draws )

  • Starter Account-New X5 ( AR5 Guaranteed 12 - 15 draws )

  • Starter Account-New X 10 ( AR5 Guaranteed 12 - 15 draws )

  • [ An Account ] with Five-Star Hero Ganyu

  • [ An Account ] with Five-Star Hero Albedo

  • [ An Account ] with Five-Star Hero Zhongli

  • [ An Account ] with Five-Star Hero Diluc

  • [ An Account ] with Five-Star Hero Keqing

  • [ An Account ] with Five-Star Hero Klee

  • [ An Account ] with Five-Star Hero Qiqi

  • [ An Account ] with Five-Star Hero Mona

  • [ An Account ] with Five-Star Hero Jean

  • [ An Account ] with Five-Star weapon Wolf's Gravestone

  • [ An Account ] with Five-Star weapon Skyward Blade

  • [ An Account ] with Five-Star weapon Skyward Harp

  • [ An Account ] with Five-Star weapon Skyward Pride

  • [ An Account ] with Five-Star weapon Skyward Atlas

  • [ An Account ] with Five-Star weapon Skyward Spine

  • [ An Account ] with Five-Star weapon Aquila Favonia

  • [ An Account ] with Five-Star weapon Amos'Bow

  • [ An Account ] with Five-Star weapon Primordial Jade Winged-Spear

  • [ An Account ] with Five-Star weapon Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds

  • [ An Account ] with Five-Star Hero Ganyu & Diluc

  • [ An Account ] with Five-Star Hero Ganyu & Keqing

  • [ An Account ] with Five-Star Hero Ganyu & Qiqi

  • [ An Account ] with Five-Star Hero Ganyu & Mona

  • [ An Account ] with Five-Star Hero Ganyu & Jean



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Finally! The Release Date Genshin Impact 1.3 Version Has Been Confirmed, And We Can Expect These!

2021-01-23 15:54:36

Finally, the release date of the Genshin Impact 1.3 version has been confirmed by Mihoyo in a new trailer. In addition, the trailer also showed us a lot of new content.

New Character

There is a high-profile character - Xiao in the trailer, which means that he may become the latest playable character. Besides, the upcoming update will finally introduce the previously promised buffs in Zhongli and changes to the Geo element. This will also affect other Geo users.

New Resin System

Although Genshin Impact is very popular, some players still think that it can be better. Players hope that Mihoyo can improve the Resin system. The developers have also tried to adjust before, so the upcoming version 1.3 is expected to finally fix Resin. If this can be completely repaired, it will undoubtedly satisfy more players.

New Story

The latest trailer released by Mihoyo revealed that the release date of version 1.3 is February 3rd. It also showed us the Lantern Rite Festival, which is the event that the new story and content will center around. Although only Xiao appears in the trailer, this is different from the previous trailers. The previous trailers showed more than one character, such as Albedo and Ganyu both appearing in the 1.2 Update, but we can still expect to see other new characters appearing in 1.3 Update! Hu Tao is likely to be one of the upcoming characters, so fans can still remain curious.

The upcoming version 1.3 is getting closer and closer, so Genshin Impact fans are about to get new game content, which is exciting. So far, Mihoyo has maintained the 6-week new content release plan, which is absolutely delightful for fans. Hope that developers can always maintain this advantage so that they can continue to bring players fresh game experiences.

If Mihoyo releases more related news later, MMOWTS will also broadcast it as soon as possible.

MMOWTS, as a Genshin Impact Accounts seller that has been following the trend, we often release related Genshin Impact Accounts when new characters appear. This is for players who need them, because not every player has enough good luck to get the character they want in the game, for them, buying Genshin Impact Accounts may be the most time-saving way, but also the most economical way. So, if you don’t have the patience to wait for your favorite hero in the game, you can buy it on MMOWTS!

Genshin Impact: More Details About A Upcoming Character - Xiao

2021-01-21 15:53:06

January is coming to an end. For Genshin Impact players, this is good news, because it means that version 1.3 is coming. Previously, there were rumors that Xiao would be one of the playable characters in the upcoming version, and he would appear in his own banner for the 1.3 version. If all this is true, it is necessary to know more about Xiao in advance.

About Xiao

Xiao is a five-star character, so he is very difficult to get, you can only get him through the Wish system in the game.

He is an Anemo user, which means that his attacks are based on wind.

His weapon is a polearm, so his best character builds should be focused on increasing damage output, because he is good at DPS.

His attacks

Xiao can produce a lot of interesting attacks, but the most attractive one is Bane of All Evil. This elemental burst allows him to wear the mask of a wolf and become a well-trained warrior against the demons - yaksha. Although this will slowly consume his HP, it can indeed increase his damage and attack stats.

One important reason why he was able to become yaksha is that he is a member of Adepti, which is a major faction in Genshin Impact. It is this clue that makes him play an important role in the story.

His background story

Xiao is an Adeptus, he is one of Liyue's protectors. This team is composed of humans and gods. Xiao has already appeared in version 1.0, if he will appear in version 1.3, then he will play a more important role. Because as an Adeptus, he will have close connections with some important characters, such as Geo Archon Rex Lapis.

In addition to Xiao, there are also rumors that Hu Tao will also appear in the 1.3 update. These rumors are generally reliable. Although Mihoyo has not issued an official statement, fans can still look forward to it. Because the story of version 1.3 is related to Liyue’s Lantern Rite Festival, and Xiao is one of Liyue’s protectors, version 1.3 is the best time for him to appear.

Once Mihoyo officially releases news about the 1.3 update, MMOWTS will also update related articles in time, and will also update related game guides, such as Xiao's best character builds.

Once version 1.3 is released, MMOWTS will also launch Genshin Impact Accounts with Xiao as soon as possible. This is because some players who have not had enough luck to meet Xiao in the game, then buying Genshin Impact Accounts is the most time-saving way.


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