Genshin Impact: What's The Spiral Abyss? What's It For? How To Unlock It? All The Answers Are Here!

As a new game, Genshin Impact quickly attracted many players. Players can collect resources in any corner of the world in Genshin Impact, and explore dungeons to defeat enemies.Also, when your Adventure Rank is high enough, you can start the online multiplayer mode. Therefore, if you want to fight side by side with other players, you need to level up your Adventure Rank. Areas like Spiral Abyss can help you improve your Adventure Rank.If you want to visit Spiral Abyss, your Adventure Rank needs to reach 20. When you meet this condition, you can find the entrance at the Cape Oath located in the lower right corner of the map. You will see a wormhole in the sky with three Seelie statues under it. You only need to defeat these enemies to access Musk Reef. Now, you can visit Spiral Abyss and collect the rewards inside.The game content will be updated regularly, which can bring freshness to players at all times. Genshin Impact plans to release on Nintendo Switch soon, and release new story content before the end of the year. Those players who have completed the main prologue story are looking forward to the next story. For new players, this is when you experience the exciting content of the game, just enjoy it.Genshin Impact's character is based on a 5-star system, which means that it is difficult to obtain a 5-star hero, but once you have a 5-star hero character, your gaming experience will be improved. If you have enough time to grind your character, that would be great, but for those players who just want to experience the game core, go to MMOWTS to buy a Genshin Impact Account with 5-star hero is the best choice. Some people may worry about buying accounts online is risky, but MMOWTS guarantees that the Genshin Impact Accounts for sale are made manually, because there are always talented players who can quickly grind a hero become a five-star hero ( so jealous of them!), and then they choose to sell their accounts, and MMOWTS will buy their accounts at a reasonable price, so we can 100% guarantee the security of each account.

Genshin Impact: All Details About Original Resin You May Want To Know

A feature of Genshin Impact is that there are many different quests that players need to complete, and the value of these quests is not to be underestimated, they can even become part of the storyline. But the advantage is that there is no time limit for these quests, which means you can complete them at any time. The premise is that your adventure Rank is high enough or your character is strong enough.But there are always unique quests, and some quests require players to have Original Resin. You can use this resource in specific quests. Once you run out of it, you will not be able to start these specific quests. This also highlights the preciousness of the Original Resin. So many players also pay more attention to it. So, the next article will tell you how to get more Original Resin.How can we use it correctly?If you want to use it, your Adventure Rank needs to be rank 8. When you meet this condition, you can start the quest of using the Original Resin. You will have 120 Original Resin at the beginning, which is the maximum you can have at any time.You can use the Original Resin to start the Leyline Outcrop quests. You can find those around the world, and when you get through the quests, you can get more other resources. Under normal circumstances, you will get EXP boosting materials through these tasks, thereby gaining levels on characters or weapons. At the same time, this is also a good way to improve your Adventure Rank.When you play Domain quests, you also need to use the Original Resin. If you want to get rewards from these quests, you can't do without the Original Resin. After completing these quests, you can obtain ascension materials for your weapons and characters.How to get Original Resin again?It is different from other resources that can be found all over the world. All you can do is wait and let the Original Resin regain over time. You can get one Original Resin every 8 minutes, which means that if you want to get all 120 pieces of Original Resin, you'll need to wait 16 hours.If you urgently need Original Resin, you can also spend Primogen to regain up to 60 points, up to 120 at once is a maximum. But there are restrictions: you can only do this 6 times each day, and each time you will spend more Primogen. So our suggestion is: If you don't have a last resort, don't use this method. The best way is to let the Original Resin regenerate itself.This is all we know about the Original Resin. If you think this is useful to you, don't forget to pay more attention to MMOWTS in the future. We will update some game news or game guides every day!If you are a new player of Genshin Impact and you don't have much time to grind your character, you can choose to buy a Genshin Impact Account with a 5-star hero from MMOWTS. All Genshin Impact Accounts sold on MMOWTS are all made manually by experienced players. Our staff will contact players who want to sell their accounts online every day, buy their accounts at a reasonable price, and then sell them to players in need! Therefore, MMOWTS 100% guarantees the safety of every account!

A Clarification On Some Rumors About Buying Genshin Impact Accounts on MMOWTS

This is MMOWTS. Recently we have seen some rumors online about our Genshin Impact Accounts, so we felt it was necessary to clarify as we don't want these rumors to put our customers at odds with us, and these rumors are also disrespectful to our employees who take their jobs seriously.Rumor 1: Is MMOWTS a Liar? Are your Genshin Impact Accounts all fake?Answer: MMOWTS is not a liar, but a professional game service provider. All of our accounts are made manually or purchased from other players. Because our staff work in shifts and are online 24/7, if you still think this is impossible, then I just want to say "work hard leads to success". You can't disregard others' efforts at will.Rumor 2: Are you guys all hackers? Do you hack into Genshin Impact and help consumers tamper with the game data?Answer: Dude, if we are hackers with superb computer technology, the first thing we want to do is to hack into Trump's phone. Cause we really want to know what he is doing every day.Therefore, we are ordinary employees. We look for players who are interested in selling Genshin Impact Accounts on the Internet every day, then talk to them, pay them in exchange for their accounts, and then sell to other players in need. If there are not enough sellers, our staff will grind five-star accounts by themselves, which takes a lot of time. By the way, if you want to sell your account, remember to contact us, the money we offer will not let you down~Finally, if you insist that we are liars, then please show us the evidence, otherwise, I guess somebody will get into trouble.LOVE & PEACE

Genshin Impact: Want To Get The Nameless Treasure? Follow The Guide!

In the previous article, we also mentioned that in Genshin Impact, you need to find a lot of treasures, and the Nameless Treasures is one of them. To get treasures, you need to have skills in puzzle-solving, cause every place demands you to complete certain things.You can find these Nameless Treasures in three different places. Here is how to get them:Dunyu Ruins Nameless TreasureTo unlock it, you need to activate four Geo torches. You'd better hit them with a fire-based character and get them started. Once the torches are activated, you return to the locked switch. Turn it over and you will find that the water below has dried up, revealing a new area. In this new area, you will see a chest protected by a barrier. To open the barrier, you have to make the three spirits back to their holders. The following are the specific methods:The first spirit and the chest are in the same place - on the western side of the lake. The spirit will be released after completing a challenge and return to its holder.The second one is close to one of the Geo Torches, which is close to the torch hidden in the cavern-like area with two openings.The third one is where the Runeguard enemy is about to appear. Once these three spirits are in their holders, the chest will open.Lingju Pass Nameless TreasureTo find the Nameless Treasures in Lingju Pass, you need to start from the west of this area. You need to clean the camp on that side of the map first. After the cleanup is complete, you will see a chest with a key in it. Use it to open a door and start a quest, and then you can get the Nameless Treasure. After completing the quest, you can dig in the ground under a tree in the southeast of Lingju Pass, where there is a bridge leading to an island. If you dig at the tree, you will find a chest containing the second Nameless Treasure.Qingxu Pool Nameless TreasureTo get this Nameless Treasure, you need to use an earth-based character. Use this earth character to activate five earth symbols. These symbols surround the tower. You need to light up all of them, and then you will see a chest with the last Nameless Treasure inside.Give the treasure you got to Liyue Harbor. After 21:00, the Antique dealer Linlang can exchange these Nameless Treasures for 100,000 Mora and 40 Primogems.If you want to get the Nameless Treasure, you can follow the above methods to implement it, I wish you success.If you do not have some suitable characters, you can choose to buy the Genshin Impact Accounts with 5 stars you need from MMOWTS. This saves you much time to grind characters, you can directly use them to start your adventure. And MMOWTS guarantees that these accounts are made manually and are completely legal, and we 100% guarantee the security of the accounts. If you doubt, you could have the first try with a small amount of money!
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