WoW Shadowlands expansion: Level cap will return to 60

Players who have reached max level at modern WoW will be reduced to level 50 and will be upgraded to level 60 as they gradually experience new extensions.Blizzard revealed a lot of new information about well-known IP on BlizzCon 2019, such as the latest expansion of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. For the players, the good news is that in the new expansion, the level cap will be compressed, they can more easily rise to max level and experience the end-game content of the game. For players who have reached the max level, Blizzard's measure is to compress its level to 50, and provide enough experience in the new content to level up to 60.In the Shadowlands, when players enter the game with a new level 1 character, they will be born in a brand new area. There will be a variety of NPCs in the area that will guide you, and will also provide you with a wealth of tasks to help you understand the basics and core systems of World of Warcraft. When you reach level 10, you can travel to the new area and officially begin your adventure. In the process, you need to work hard to raise your character to level 50. Once the mission is complete, you can head to the development of the core area - Shadowlands and experience the most interesting content in the game.World of Warcraft was first released in 2004. The game has undergone several updates and expansions in more than a decade, and each time a new development is released, the level cap of the character is upgraded. In the expansion of Azeroth, the player's level cap was raised to 120, and many players expressed dissatisfaction with this. A higher level cap means you have to spend more time upgrading your character level to experience the most interesting end-game content such as team raid. To make matters worse, Blizzard did not provide enough high-level skills and leveling rewards for players, which made the upgrade fun a lot less.If you're not familiar with WoW, a level squish simply means changing the way a player's power scales as they earn experience and gain new levels. With the reduced level cap, it will now be easier to reach endgame content like raiding and players won't have to spend as much time questing in older zones. It'll also help Blizzard balance and adjust character stats a little better.

World Of Warcraft Classic Beginner Guidance

As we all know, World of Warcraft Classic(WOW Classic) is going to be released in 17 days, before that, if you haven't spent some time experiencing the stress tests, the brief guidance is just prepared for newcomers to WOW Classic like you, it covers the basic gameplay, character creating, classes picking and other more essential character skills of WOW Classic, hoping to help you by it.What's World of Warcraft Classic?WOW Classic is the latest server option of World of Warcraft, which looks like a copy of WOW in 2006, and it is scheduled to launch on August 27, 2019. Even so, WOW Classic has dramatically changed the gameplay on the basis of the past one. In a word, it must bring a brand new experience to the players.How much will WOW Classic cost?As long as you pay $15 a month for the subscription of WOW Classic, you can enjoy the server option for free.Character CreatingEarlier we have mentioned that Blizzard allowed players to reserve names of WOW Classic characters on August 12, and choose class and race for the character. There are four Alliance and four Horde races in all, and each one has nine classes for you to choose from, each class has some specific skills, but once you choose one of them, you can't change it any more, so think twice before making a decision.We will keep up to date on how to pick up the suitable classes in the coming days.Incidentally, don't always be addicted to collecting WOW Classic Gold, although it does help you a lot in the game. At the beginning of WOW Classic, what you need to do is collecting resources as much as you can, and farming for some gold when necessary. When your level is high enough, it is also allowed to buy some WOW Classic Gold from some reliable stores like MMOWTS to enhance your character skills and equipment.Skills Improving Each class starts with skills, and every few levels, your class will unlock more new skills, and accordingly your character will also acquire new abilities.In addition, during World of Warcraft Classic, the number of weapons equipment determines your success or failure, each weapon has specific skills, if you want to play better in the game, you need to constantly level up your weapon level by asking the weapons masters in your capital or gold.Once you join WOW Classic, it means that you will face numerous challenges, soon some dungeons and raids would be the first part of challenges, anyway, be sure to be patient, it is just the beginning of your adventure, good luck on your WOW Classic.

You Can Reserve Your Character Name Of Wow Classic From August 12

We have been waiting for it for a long time, yeah, World of Warcraft Classic is going to land on August 27 this year, before that, you'd better be well prepared. In general, WOW Classic is getting legacy servers that emulate Azeroth as it existed back in 2006, it is coming soon. We will offer you the latest messages of WOW Classic in the future, just like today, you may need to be reminded to reserve a name for your character.In the constant propaganda, the beta of World of Warcraft Classic is nearing the end, but it can't stop the fans' desire for it. It is clear how important it is to be able to manage their own account in advance, just on August 12, two weeks before the official launch of World of Warcraft Classic, the name reservations will begin in one week, which is mentioned in a recent announcement of Blizzard.If you still don't know the importance of name reservation, you'd better read the following. In World of Warcraft Classic, the players' names are not allowed to repeat, if you create a satisfactory name for your character in advance, you don't need to add a suffix for your name after the process starts. You are allowed to reserve a name, following the rules below:An account can just create three characters A maximum of 10 characters per WOW Classic realmA maximum of 50 characters across all WOW Classic realm in your regionTo sum up, if you want to play better in WOW Classic, you'd better make a reservation on time, and remember all of your characters until the official release of the game on August 26.But what is not bad to know is that the original characters in World of Warcraft will not affect your mane reservation this time, because they are relatively independent systems, you should think twice for your name first.MMOWTS is created to offer virtual gold and equipment of WOW Classic for all of you, and it is a trustworthy site to help you stock up WOW Classic Gold and save much time.MMOWTS's mission is to create a more quality and safer global gamer service platform for all customers, it can be guaranteed that all the orders can be delivered within 10 minutes. All prices of the goods are indeed reasonable with good service and fast delivery based on satisfying-full inventory and reliable suppliers.At present, MMOWTS accepts any amount of WOW Classic Gold quick orders at a low price to thank for your support. Here is quick access to, want to buy as soon as possible.

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Update With NPC Was Delayed Until 2020

Knowing that you are still waiting for the next free update Wastelanders of Fallout 76, which is the plan that Bethesda announced at E3 2019, but we have to tell you the bad news, Bethesda admitted that it will put off the release of Wastelanders until the first quarter of 2020 in order to make the update meet the quality standards and the players' requirements, that being said, we will see this "near-perfect" update at the latest on March 31 next year.It is said that this is the first time Bethesda adds human NPCs in Fallout 76, the main point of Wastelanders, but we have to see them later. Oh, better news is that the private servers are coming next week in order to make up for the regrets of players. If you completed Fallout 76 quests and are free now, it will bring you a lot of exciting content. Just as Bethesda Game studio itself said: in the future, the players will be able to mod these worlds too (by updates).However, the private servers are prepared for those who pay for them, not those who just want to play them according to the developers, I don't know what you are feeling after hearing about the news, this might be imaginable, after all, Fallout 76 is never a free-to-play game.Until then, you can play with your friends in the private world, which is also the adjustment that Bethesda made according to the requirements of fans before. Relatively speaking, you have more free time to play your own game, replacing spending a lot of time communicating with your teammates.Beyond that, Bethesda made some adjustments to Atomic Shop, targeting the players' previous complaints and anger. In the beginning, players just bought cosmetics from the shop, but more monetized goods in the shop made them have to pay from some time this year, which caused the players to complain. Bethesda has taken the issue seriously and comes up with that the players can get atoms, in-game currency through quests and real money since next April, as well as the types of items that are unlocked in the Atomic Shop would be adjusted.From what Bethesda said in the announcement "to keep Fallout 76 fresh and exciting for all, we needed to rethink our approach to the Atomic Shop." Hopefully the atoms can not only make the game easier for paid players, but also for others.Surely, another fixed currency in the game, Fallout 76 Bottle Caps also play a vital role, which might allow you to buy most of the food and equipment outside the Atomic Shop. Similarly, you can also get some Caps through daily quests or using real money.mmowts is a trustworthy store that always lets you get the MMO items you want.
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