World Of Warcraft Classic: How To Reach Max Level Only Through Killing Boars?

As a nostalgic game, Blizzard did not add a 120-level cap to World of Warcraft Classic, but the maximum of 60, which means that players only need less time to reach the maximum, but each level they upgrade creates more difficult challenges than the old game.In each game of World of Warcraft series, the upgrade is related to many aspects, such as completing daily tasks, defeating monsters, gaining XP, leveling up equipment, etc. Surely, if you only want to upgrade in a single way, it would be a very long process, especially in World of Warcraft Classic.However, there was a video with high traffic on YouTube recently, showing that Dr Five who has reached max level of World of Warcraft Classic with a character, and in the entire process, he did only one thing, killing boars.This has been tried by other players when they spent a lot of time killing countless low-level boars in Elwynn Forest and making their own characters stronger, but their bodies have also deteriorated a lot.In order to prove that this is feasible, Dr Five did the same work, leveling up from 1-60 through only killing the boars, fortunately, he has gotten it, and this did not cause much harm to his body.According to statistics, in 9 days and 18 hours, Dr Five killed more than 10,000 boars and accumulated a large amount of XP to reach the maximum level. Even so, ordinary WOW Classic players will never advocate upgrading in this way, because in this game, it will be extremely difficult to get XP again after you always work repeatedly for a certain number of times.In order to upgrade quickly, WOW Classic Gold is also essential to purchase advanced equipment. While Blizzard does not allow too many players to trade gold in WOW Classic, players can still get from many marketplaces outside the game to give the characters a boost, such as, which is an honest store to sell all kinds of MMORPG virtual currency and equipment.This is an online store that has been operating for many years, has accepted and believed by gaming lovers, and more than 99% of customers have rated it well. What's more, its price is cheap, never been higher than the market price to let you save money while playing. Or, you can visit the store in person to prevent yourself from being deceived before the trading, and here is  quick access to it.

World of Waecraft Classic Layering Mechanic Is Removed

When the release of World of Warcraft Classic in August last year, Blizzard had to add more servers and use the layering mechanics to prevent players from queuing for too long due to the inability of existing servers to carry a large number of players.It is one of the most pressing issues of insane queue times in World of Warcraft Classic. This is very common that you need to wait for several hours when you want to enter a character of WOW Classic, and once you are disconnected due to any network problems, you'll have to start waiting again, as a result, players have already complained a bot about it.Speaking of layering mechanic, it essentially puts players into different phases from one another, which greatly wolves the overload issues in World of Warcraft Classic.By then, Blizzard has announced they will remove the layering mechanic from all US realms in World of Warcraft Classic, as it has analyzed that the current realm populations have justified returning to the intended population arrangement for each realm, that is, the number of players in each realm is now appropriate. At the same time, Blizzard unlocked any realms that were locked for new character creation.Until then, the layers would be contracted from two to one, and all paid character transfer restrictions temporarily remain to keep players from transferring to and re-overpopulating some realms.Blizzard made World of Warcraft Classic a nostalgic game, bringing it closer to the original World of Warcraft. While playing, if you need WOW Classic Gold, is the best place. As a top secondary market supplier, it is believed that it can be your assistant through providing various virtual currencies and equipment.Here it can give worry-free shopping, with ultra-fast delivery relying on reliable supplies and sufficient inventory. In short, it can make you play better without any worry.
2020-05-19 Why It Is The Best Place To Buy Wow Classic Gold?

Since Blizzard released World of Warcraft Classic in the summer of 2019, awaking many old customers' memories of the old times. In order to play this game well, many players are looking for WOW Classic Gold to get rapid progress in the game. In general, gold can be obtained through two types of methods, farming and purchasing.Here are some common methods for you to make WOW Classic Gold, including:Choose the right professions and characters in World of Warcraft, some of which are good at gathering up a variety of resources to make money and craft.All the items you accumulate can be sold in exchange for WOW Classic gold, usually ordinary items, and as your level continues to increase, you can get more and more. Take them out of your pack, especially some you don't need and sell them to those who are engaged in more traditional crafting professions to earn profits.These are all related to hard work, here is another way to get your quick WOW Classic Gold, and you are recommended to, this is the best place to buy WOW Classic Gold. Why is it?As an e-commerce operator who has been in the business for many years, it could serve every customer well and has gained an excellent reputation.Shopping here, you can completely enjoy ultra-fast delivery, friendly service and cheap goods. Besides playing World of Warcraft Classic well, you don't have to worry about anything. Moreover, there is a security system in the store to protect the rights and interests of all consumers without information leaked.Now, if you buy WOW Classic Gold from the site, you'll get 8% extra ones. More importantly, its base price will never be higher than the market, with 100% safe goods which completely made by real men, to save your money while playing.

Blizzard Announced A Board Game: Small World Of Warcraft

Since its release in 2004, World of Warcraft has successfully created a lot of derivative games, and as early as 2005, it had the first Board Game by Fantasy Flight Games based on World of Warcraft.  This was a long gap in the board game for more than a decade, and this year, Blizzard announced that there will be another WoW board game to be released teaming up with Days of Wonder.The game is called Small World of Warcraft, combining the Small World game mechanics in 2009 with Warcraft universe.With Small World of Warcraft, players can choose combinations of special powers and races from the Warcraft universe, and vie for control of Azeroth, where you must fight for achieving dominance through occupying legendary terrains and seeking control of powerful artifacts.Small World is a game telling a too-small world for a bunch of competing fantasy races, licensed by the game, Small World of Warcraft would be a very nice game, featuring a variety of new and exclusive artwork to capture the feel of the colorful and vibrant Warcraft universe, along with races and special power designs.Blizzard is very good at digging into the depth of a game, so this board game can definitely surprise us, what's more, it is not a social game, only 2-5 players can complete it in about one hour, which will not make people stuck into it.Small World of Warcraft would be available this summer in North America and Europe for $59.99, along with multiple languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Slovak, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.While playing World of Warcraft, it can really make you play better with the assistance of WOW Gold, especially for some high-level players. We provide cheap WOW Gold for you to buy on MMOOWTS during a long term, it is a trusted store, never deceiving any consumer, and the WOW Gold it offers is 100% safe to deliver quickly in a short time. You are suggested to try it with a small amount for the first time, it will bring you a satisfying experience.
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