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How to Track My Order after Payment?+

There are several ways for you to track and check your order after payment:

(1) Fill your Order Number in the checking box on the top of the navigation bar of the website page, you can also find it to the right of the MMOWTS icon.

(2) If you have a registered MMOWTS member, you can track and check more order details on your member account.

(3) You can get notification emails from MMOWTS both after your payment and our delivery.

(4) You can contact us via Live Chat to check your order easily with the help of our reps.

How To Get Instant Customer Support On MMOWTS? +
  1. Live Chat: You can click “Live Chat” on our site and talk to us directly. Our professional and patient Live Chat agent will provide 24/7 online service if you want to know more information about your order or other inquiries.
  2. Email: [email protected]

How to place an order?+

Here's how you can place an order:


Step 1: Select/Click the Games


Step 2: Select/Click the Platform/Server


Step 3: Select the amount you want


Step 4: Click the BUY NOW/ADD TO CART


Step 5: View Shopping Cart or Continue Shopping


Step 6: Fill in the information and checkout.



What Payment Methods Do You Accept?+

We provide various payment methods, such as PayPal, Credit Card, and so on,the more methods are as follows:

The limit of taking gold for characters in Diablo Ⅱ+

In Diablo II, characters can carry 10K gold per level. For example, a 10th-level character can carry up to 100K gold,a level 99 character can carry 990K gold.

But You can put gold in personal stash and shared stash, with a maximum capacity of 10 M gold(Each stash can only carry up to 250K)

ex:If you are Level 60, and ordered 1000K gold, after we trade 1000K, you need to carry 600K first and put it in stash,

then take the left 400K gold.(If you take 1000K at first time, the excess 400K will be recycled by the game and you will lose the gold)

Monster Hunter Rise - How to download Nintendo Switch save files or data from cloud+

There are three convenient ways to download your game data. If you're ready, these are the steps to download Nintendo Switch save files:

Method 1: Download Nintendo Switch save files from the game menu.

1.Go to your Nintendo Switch Home screen.

2.Highlight the game tile.

3.Press the + button.

4.Select Save Data Cloud.

5.Select the desired User.

6.Select Download Save Data.

Method 2: Download Nintendo Switch save files from System Settings.

1.Go to your Nintendo Switch Home screen.

2.Select System Settings.

3.Scroll down to Data Management and select it.

4.On the right panel, find Save Data Cloud and select it.

5.Select the desired User.

6.Select the backup save data you want to download.

7.Select Download Save Data.

Method 3: Download Nintendo Switch save files using automatic save-data download.

1.Make sure that your Nintendo Switch is connected to the internet.

2.Go to your Nintendo Switch Home screen.

3.Select the Sleep Mode icon or Power icon to put the console to sleep.

4.Leave the console in sleep mode for an extended period, preferably overnight. The download speed varies depending on your own local network speed.

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