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Elden Ring: Moonveil Katana - Where To Find, How To Get & What It Does?

Moonveil Katana is a powerful and interesting weapon that will appeal to players who like to stack Intelligence stat. Thanks to its solid base Intelligence scaling, players who like to use sorceries will have a reliable melee weapon that can deal with extra damage when their FP is low.

Acquiring Moonveil Katana can be quite difficult for players who have never gotten their hands on it. And in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC that will be released on June 21, new and old players are looking forward to whether the Moonveil Katana will be added or modified?

It is located in a tough area for players and is guarded by a very powerful boss that makes it difficult to get close to it. This guide will cover the specific location of the Moonveil Katana and what you should do to get it.

As of right now, Moonveil Katana is arguably one of the most powerful samurai swords in Elden Ring. There is only one way to get Moonveil Katana, and that is to go to Caelid, enter Caelid side of Gael Tunnel, and defeat a dungeon’s end boss named Magma Wyrm. The specific location and required items will be answered one by one below.

Where To Find Moonveil Katana?

To obtain Moonveil Katana, players first need to head to the edge of Caelid, where the infested zone meets the jungle-covered Limgrave. If you follow the navigation on the map, you will encounter two Radahn guards. They carry large tower shields, and players have two options: one is to charge them head-on, and the other is to follow the path into the nearby Gael Tunnel to avoid them.

It should be noted that Site of Grace in this area is located at the bottom of the shaft you enter, so you need to enter very carefully, otherwise you will fall and your health will be greatly damaged.

The easiest way to enter Site of Grace is by defeating the two guards at the entrance to Gael Tunnel and then slowly descending to the bottom of the mine, using the small ledges on the wall. You should be able to jump from one ledge to the other easily, as they are very large and easy to grab. Once you enter Site of Grace, venture into Gael Tunnel and head towards the room at the bottom.

There are quite a few miners in this area, which are difficult to defeat with traditional weapons, and even more difficult if you carry the attributes of Dexterity and Intelligence. Because lighter melee weapons have a hard time breaking through their hardened exterior, two-handed weapons and heavy blunt weapons can easily cause damage.

There are also numerous Radahns Guards in this area who have a variety of weapons. You need to be careful of their attacks or you will be incapacitated.

If you get tired of fighting, you can simply choose to run forward and run down the slope into a nearby tunnel. There is a ladder in the room. After reaching the bottom of the ladder, you can go through the corridor and enter a large room with two large wooden doors on the right and a small wooden door in front of you.

Here comes the point! Do not touch the enormous doors on the right, they will automatically trigger the boss station for you. You should carefully go through the small door in front of you to unlock the second Site of Grace located outside the room.

How To Defeat Magma Wyrm?

Entering Site of Grace is only the first step to get Moonveil Katana. You also need to fight the menacing Magma Wyrm. This huge and powerful boss wields a big sword and can spit lava from its mouth. It is very fast and aggressive, and to make matters worse, you have to fight it in a fairly small boss arena.

Besides this, it has a series of punishing attacks that can sap health without you noticing. If you get close to it, you will fall victim to its spinning slash attack, which covers a large area around Magma Wyrm. This damage can be fatal if you are not in full health.

It can also raise and slam its enormous sword, causing a shockwave attack to those who are not prepared, causing huge AOE damage.

It will also raise its abnormally gigantic sword, causing huge AOE damage. The most unbearable attack is the lava that sprays from its mouth, which can not only cover a large area of ​​the ground, making it impossible for players to get close to it, but also cause a lot of damage.

Sometimes it will also enrage, causing it to run around the entire arena and spray lava in all directions. Once you are cornered by it, this can be very dangerous, so be sure to avoid being squeezed into a corner.

Although Magma Wyrm is very durable and has a lot of health, it is more vulnerable to magic attacks, making it a prime target for players who use magic. If you’re a melee player, you’ll want to apply Magic Grease to your weapons before the fight to increase your power.

It’s great to have any fire resistance, as a fire-resistant talisman can save your life if you accidentally step on lava while dodging or running.

Back to the point, to defeat Magma Wyrm, you should try to stay to the side or back of it, and avoid its mouth as much as possible. This mainly puts you in a better position to dodge the incoming lava, and you have a chance to escape before it starts enrage.

The two skills you need to watch out for are the sweep attack and the downward smash. The sweep has a slight electric wave when used, and the Magma Wyrm will use this as a signal to start winding up. Dodging too early can cause you to get seriously injured, so you need some practice to get the timing right.

The other downward smash is a little harder to prepare, and the gap is much shorter. If the you see Magma Wyrm raising its front face, you should deck as soon as possible, otherwise you will be hit by Greatsword and the incoming shock wave.

Because of its speed and powerful attacks, the best strategy is to just run in and attack its sides and back, then get out of the way before it swings. Patience will help you out when you’re not familiar with these maneuvers. Defeating Magma Wyrm will reward you with 7500 Elden Ring Runes, a Dragon Heart, and Moonveil Katana.

What Does Moonveil Katana Do?

Moonveil Katana is a magnificent weapon for players with a high Intelligence stat score. Its base level interacts with Intelligence to create a powerful melee weapon for those who primarily use magic.

Moonveil Katana’s ability lets you choose between a normal attack or a heavy attack, both of which create a white flash. It looks interesting, and if you use the right build, it can potentially do a lot more damage.

To use Moonveil Katana effectively, you’ll need to have 12 Strength, 18 Dexterity, and 23 Intelligence. Besides this, its passive ability also increases blood loss, causing additional burst damage.

After introducing Moonveil Katana, do you know more about this mysterious weapon? But don’t worry that it will be difficult to defeat Magma Wyrm. Be sure to be prepared. I wish you a merry game in the upcoming Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC!

Jun 13 ,2024
Fallout 76: The 6 Best Items You Can’t Miss In The Latest Minerva’s Big Sale!

Minerva is back! As always, she’s bringing some really nice items to Fort Atlas between June 10th and June 12th. Once you reach Atlas, turn left and walk past the truck, and that’s where she’s located.

Just a quick reminder, my server is operating on US Eastern Time, so you may have to wait a while. Try after Daily Challenges reset and you’ll find Minerva there. So let’s briefly discuss Fallout 76 items she’s selling. As usual, I’ll start from best to worst.

6. Secret Service Jetpack

If you’ve acquired Secret Service chest piece in the past few weeks, this is the utility mod you’re looking for.

Jetpack lets you fly for a while by consuming Action Points, so it’s particularly useful for low health players with a full Unyielding Set.

Bird Bones and Marsupial mutations also let you stay airborne for longer. And you can refresh your Action Points while moving and fly longer.

Unfortunately, no matter how many AP you have, the game forces you to land after a while. Because gravity gets stronger for some reason, you eventually lose all your forward momentum. So how long you can fly is not just based on how many Action Points you have.

It’s worth noting that people have been using Spike Traps to get more forward momentum and fly across the map. If you’re out playing Power Armor, this is an absolute must-have.

However, one problem new players will run into after acquiring the plan is that you need Cobalt Flux and Violet Flux to make Jetpack. Unfortunately, making a stable Flux is a bit complicated, especially Cobalt Flux, which requires dedicated farming.

5. Stealth Armor

Stealth Armor is a set of gear that makes you invisible when you crouch. Unfortunately, since it’s armor, this means you lose all the benefits of legendary pieces and everything your Underarmor gives you.

It makes you harder to detect, but there are some limitations. So you shouldn’t expect to just roam around enemies undetected.

A side benefit is that it has a hidden 98% radiation reduction and a huge radiation resistance rating. So it’s like an advanced version of Hazmat suit. This makes it our top choice when entering nuke zones. It also protects you if you happen to go swimming.

On top of that, it’s best suited for a Stealth Sniper build, helping us use powerful silenced weapons to eliminate enemies from a distance while focusing on staying stealthy.

The downside is that enemies in Fallout 76 have group detection, so if you get into danger with one enemy, the rest of them will automatically turn hostile as well.

Overall, it’s definitely feasible to use it to eliminate a group of enemies one by one. Also, Flamer is technically a “silent” weapon, and it can have great synergy with Stealth Armor if you don’t mind the bursts of very bright flames.

But I have to say, this is not something you have to get at this point. The reason I say this is that as part of Gold Vault raid questline, you get a Stealth Suit and its plans.

If you haven’t already, make sure you complete all the preparatory quests for both sides, and by doing so, you’ll get Stealth Suit from Foundation quest. This means you won’t have to waste your gold any more.

Even though you can only do the actual Gold Vault raid with one side, all the quests before that can be done with both sides, so make sure you do so and get the most out of it.

4. Chicken Coop

Next, let me stress here that the helmet is purely cosmetic. So, unless you’re really eager to complete this look, don’t get the helmet. Therefore, Chicken Coop isn’t something you have to have either.

Chicken Coop can produce quite a bit of fertilizer, up to 10 copies. This means you’ll get 10 copies every 20 minutes or so. Not only is this useful for people who grow crops frequently, it’s also a must-have for people who make a lot of explosives like Grenades or Dynamite.

3. Gauntlet

Gauntlet is an Unarmed weapon that requires Legendary Modules to craft, but you gain random legendary properties.

By default, it’s a bleeding weapon, but you can also try plans for an energy mod. It plays very similarly to Power Fist, but with different legendary properties. They have the same speed rating and you can do all the same attacks.

Obviously, it’s not a terrible weapon, and it’s not too expensive if you want to try something new. But I have a hard time recommending it when you can already get a Power Fist.

2. Cryo & Plasma Cutter Mod

During this Minerva’s Big Sale, you can try Cryo mod and Plasma Cutter mod. Cryo mod has a larger and longer slowdown than most Cryo Weapons, so you should be able to keep enemies frozen, even if the weapon is a slow-swinging melee weapon.

Most enemies lack Cryo resistance, so swapping physical damage for Cryo damage is more effective against stronger enemies. Like all other War Glaive mods, Cryo mod is effective in combat, and you can kill enemies with two shots or a headshot.

Plasma Cutter mod gives you an energy component instead of pure physical damage. One minor quirk with this weapon is that it has different animations than the other Glaive mods. It has no gameplay effects, but is still a very effective weapon overall. I would recommend skipping it though, as the new Skyline Valley update will give you a similar weapon for free.

1. T-65 Power Armor Mod

T-65 Overdrive Servos on the legs allow you to Sprint faster for more Action Points. However, there is a cap on sprint speed, and if you have Speed ​​Demon mutation, you will not get any benefit from this mod.

Frankly, everyone should get Speed ​​Demon mutation. The reload speed bonus alone makes it a must-have mutation.

Torso Medic Pump mod is not bad if you play at full health. It automatically applies Stimpak if you drop below 50% of your max health. In that sense, it works like Born Survivor perk and Auto Stim legendary effect. One quirk, though, is that it does not work with sustained damage. So if you think it will save you from getting burned by a Cremator, think again.

It will work with normal damage, but the damage will need to be healed manually over time. While there is a delay in healing, it is very minor.

I have to say that for players with full health, it can be useful. But for players with low health, Emergency Protocols mod is better, as it is better to reduce the damage taken than to heal damage.

Stealth Boy mod gives you camouflage while crouching, but it is broken when you move, so it is not as useful as Stealth Suit. The biggest downside is that it consumes your Action Points even if you are not moving. In Power Armor, this means you are losing fusion core power every second.

Frankly speaking, if you use T-65, you should focus on shredding enemies instead of hiding from them. If you like stealth, then Stealth Suit is a better choice.

These are the 6 most worthwhile items in this Minerva’s Big Sale that you should invest in, and they may help your build go further!

Jun 11 ,2024
Fallout 76: Which Archetype Build Is Worth Picking?

Choosing the right attributes, build, and gear is a key aspect of any game’s gameplay, and this is no different for Fallout 76. Fallout 76 is a multiplayer game that lets players explore the wasteland and fight alongside friends in the heavily irradiated Appalachian Mountains.

Similar to other Fallout games, Fallout 76 uses SPECIAL system, which lets you upgrade various parts of your character by investing a total of 56 points into seven attributes: Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck.

In addition to these attribute points, cards also allow you to experience different ways of playing. You can invest and upgrade different cards that give you some extremely powerful bonuses at the highest level.

Whether you choose to adventure with other players or face the wasteland alone, you should have a build that best suits your play style. This article will show you six Archetypes so that you can choose the best attributes and cards to dominate the battles in the wasteland.

1. Melee

Melee Warriors focus on using fists, swords, daggers, or other Melee weapons to deal most of their damage. If you invest in this build, your character will maximize their abilities in dangerous situations. Therefore, your SPECIAL attribute investment will be more in Strength and Endurance categories.

The most important cards for a Melee build are Blocker and Incisor in Strength category, which will help you shred armor while blocking attacks. To reduce the damage you receive, you can also spend action points to invest in upgrading Dodgy and Evasive in Agility Tree.

2. Commando

Investing in Commando build allows you to use Automatic Assault Rifle. Investing in Perception and Luck will maximize your damage output, but this will make you a full Glass Cannon.

If you invest in Commando build, you should upgrade both Commando card and Master Commando card, which will increase your damage with Assault Rifle by 20%. You should also fully upgrade Adrenaline card in Agility Tree, as this allows you to deal up to 60% more damage after killing an enemy.

Since Commando uses Automatic Assault Rifle, it will consume your ammunition quickly, and you will need to craft or get a lot of ammunition before long journeys. If you need more ammunition, Fallout 76 Items will help you.

3. Shotgunner

Investing in a Shotgunner build will allow you to engage enemies at close range without using Melee weapons. To easily take down enemies in VATS, most Shotgunners invest their Perks into Agility and Intelligence attributes.

Meanwhile, Strength Tree gives Shotgunner some extra protection. There are many cards in the Strength Tree, such as Shotgunner, Expert Shotgunner, and Master Shotgunner. Since these cards all increase the damage of Shotgun by 20%, you will want to invest in them.

In addition, to make your Shotgun knock back enemies more consistently, you can upgrade Enforcer card in Agility.

4. Rifleman

If you choose Rifleman build, you will want to invest most of your stat points into Perception category. Because even though Rifleman can one-shot enemies with a Long-ranged weapon, it is also vulnerable to damage.

By upgrading Rifleman, Expert Rifleman, and Master Rifleman, you can increase the damage of Rifle by a total of 60%. Fully upgrading Covert Operative card in Agility Tree can increase the damage of your stealthy ranged attacks by 50%, after all, you are attacking from a distance.

It can be said that with these upgrades, you will be able to kill almost any enemy in the game with one shot, as long as you remain undetected.

5. Stealth

Investing in a Stealth build will allow you to quietly eliminate enemies with a few rapid shots without letting other enemies notice your presence.

If you choose to complete Stealth build, you will want to invest most of your stat points into Agility and Luck, as well as a silenced weapon (usually a Pistol).

Sneak and Ninja Perks allow you to enter Stealth faster and deal up to 90% more damage with Stealth attacks. It can be said that the core of Stealth build. In addition, in order to increase the range of Pistol by 30%, you should also Crack Shot card.

6. Heavy Gunner

Usually, Heavy Gunners serve as designated tanks when fighting in a team with other players. They increase Strength by wearing Power Armor. In addition, they will sacrifice Endurance to gain more damage to meet their low health play style, so they need to invest most of their attribute points in Endurance.

Since you invest the most points in Strength Tree, you should focus on upgrading all three Heavy Gunner cards. These upgrades will increase your damage with heavy weapons by 60%.

In addition, considering that most heavy weapons have a very fast rate of fire, Stagger phenomenon is very likely to occur. However, One Gun Army card can increase Stagger time of your heavy weapons by 12%.

By understanding these Archetypes, you can choose the build that best suits your play style. And choose the best attributes and cards to upgrade, prepare for your battles and travels, and enrich your gaming experience!

Jun 07 ,2024
New World: How To Efficiently Get All The Loot In Rabbit’s Revenge Event 2024?

The exciting Rabbit’s Revenge event is finally back! The event kicks off on June 4th and runs until June 18th.

In this guide, we’ll cover the rewards you can get from it and how to get them, giving you some tips and tricks to get the most out of this event. In addition, I’ll also show you some of my favorite places to grind rabbits so that you can hunt all the prey for Rabbit’s Revenge event as quickly as possible. Now let’s get started.

Event Rewards

With the start of Rabbit’s Revenge event, all rabbits in New World will become Corrupted Rabbits and have a chance to explode and die. Luckily, there will also be new event rewards to fight for, which can be obtained by killing these rabbits.

This event will last for two weeks, and all rewards have a chance to drop as long as you kill rabbits. What’s more, all rewards except emotes are now implemented with Pity system, so you will definitely get them, eventually. However, it should be noted that the rewards reset at 5 am local time.

Here is a list of rewards that can drop from killing Corrupted Rabbits:

  • Corrupted Rabbit Mask is guaranteed to drop after 200 kills, with a 1.5% chance of dropping.
  • Corruption’s Peak Weapon is Flail, which is guaranteed to drop after 300 kills with a 1% chance of dropping.
  • Corruption’s Barricade Skin is guaranteed to drop after 350 kills with a 0.5% chance of dropping.
  • Defiled Storage Chest of the Hare is guaranteed to drop after 400 kills with a 0.25% chance of dropping.

This Storage Chest is definitely what you want to get the most, as it’s a top tier chest that you can only get once a year, so you’ll want to make sure you grab it while you can to increase your storage space. Of course, there are other chests that can increase storage space, but they’re very expensive. If you don’t have enough New World Coins, it’s best to grab it while it’s free.

There will also be daily rewards here. You can get up to six Diamond Gypsums per day by killing rabbits, with a 66% chance of dropping. There is also a Defiled Rabbit’s Foot, which you can get up to five per day, with an 80% drop chance.

Hunting Tips

Now let’s quickly go over a few tips and tricks before we get into the hunting spots.

First, when you are ready to kill rabbits, you may wish to wear some Skinning gear to increase your chances of getting better rewards when skinning rabbits.

Also, you should hold on to the rare Rabbits Meat you farm for a while before selling it, as the prices of these items will drop significantly during the event.

For the same reason, everyone is hunting rabbits during this event, and even if you have already obtained all the event rewards, it is still worthwhile to hunt rabbits every day in exchange for all Defiled Rabbit’s Foot and Diamond Gypsum.

Because if you hold on to them for a few months, their prices will usually increase significantly after the event is over. Since this is the only time of the year you can get them, the longer you wait, the higher their prices will be.

If you are adventurous and play the market, you can even get a lot of high tier Rabbits Meat and Defiled Rabbit’s Foot when the prices are at an all-time low, and then sell them a few months later for a profit.

When you’re out hunting rabbits, always keep an eye on your radar if you find yourself having a hard time finding a rabbit, because even though it may be right next to you sometimes, you won’t be able to see them if they’re hiding in the bushes.

I like to move my camera left and right while I’m running, always keeping an eye on the rabbits on my radar to be more efficient at hunting.

However, don’t forget to skin the rabbits you kill while you’re out. If you don’t, they’ll still show up on your radar and the radars of other players, which can cause real trouble for your fellow rabbit hunters. And the resources you gain from skinning rabbits will also net you some New World Coins.

If you really want to maximize your efficiency when killing rabbits, you’ll also want to use some Ranged Weapons, especially Musket. Because of its long range and high accuracy, it allows you to quickly kill a few rabbits before you go skin all the rabbits.

Best Farming Locations

With all that said, it’s time to start grinding. So, let’s take a look at three locations I like to used to grind rabbits before showing you a method to find more locations.


The first location we’re going to look at is in Brightwood. You can teleport to the major city and then follow the path north to Tempest Valley Shrine before continuing on to Imperial Shrine. As you can see from the map, there are tons of rabbit spawns along this path and you can kill a lot of them here.


Next up is Everfall. You still have to teleport to the principal city and then slowly wiggle left and right to make your way to Amrine Excavation dig site. Here, keep an eye on the map of rabbit spawn locations and try to stay in the areas with the highest density. But because this is a low-level area, any wandering monsters won’t be much of a threat, so this location is always crowded.

Ebonscale Reach

The third and final location is Ebonscale Reach. If you are a high-level player, this will be the perfect farming location for you because higher-level monsters will scare off new players. You simply teleport to the major city and then follow the path outside of the city and kill all the rabbits on the way, then return to the city once you have killed enough rabbits.

New World Maps

If you tried all of these locations but there were too many people taking over all of the rabbit spawning sites. Then you can check out a very cool resource called New World Maps.

If you hide everything on the map and only show rabbits, it will show you all the places they spawn on the map. You just have to go to any area where there are a lot of rabbit spawns and grind until your heart’s content.

That’s all for this guide. Good luck during Rabbit’s Revenge event and don’t have to grind too long to get all the rewards!

Jun 05 ,2024
FFXIV: Which Minions Are The Hardest To Get?

Final Fantasy XIV offers Warriors of Light a ton of collectibles, and one of the most popular ones is the minions. There are hundreds of minions in Eorzea right now, and some of them are hard to catch, which makes players want to explore. If you come across those hard-to-get minions and don’t know how to deal with them, then you must read this guide.

10. Cerberus

  • Owned: 8% of player population (61,000+)
  • How to Obtain: PVP

Cerberus is recognized by FFXIV players as one of the coolest-looking minions, and ranks as the hardest to get minion in this guide. To get it, you need to defeat enemy players in Crystalline Conflict at least 300 times. This can be obtained not only in the official PVP mode but also in casual mode. Cerberus can be unlocked when you get"Mama Said Knock You Out III"achievement.

Everyone’s PVP prowess in FFXIV varies, but one thing that is common is that this quest takes quite a while. So make sure to set aside some time for Crystal Conflict quest.

9. Exciting Dynamite

  • Owned: 1% of player population (7,800+ players)
  • How to Obtain: Excitatron 6000

Treasure Maps are one of the best ways to get a lot of FFXIV Gil, as well as some rare treasures. Treasure packs will have crafting items, minions, and orchestrions waiting for you. Exciting Dynamite is one of the newer and rarer minions that drops in Excitatron 6000. It can be accessed through the level 90 Timeworn Kumbhiraskin maps.

FFXIV Items such as minions usually drop in map portals on deeper floors, most of which start from the third floor. However, these drops are very rare RNG, and you may need to walk dozens of maps to encounter one.

Timeworn Kumbhiraskin maps mentioned above can be obtained through Market Board, or collected from all open Endwalker areas with a level 90 Miner, Botanist, or Fisher. But remember that you can only collect one map of any type every 18 hours in the real world.

8. Shiromaru

  • Owned: 2.5% of player population (19,000+ players)
  • How to Obtain: Mount Rokkon

Some unique Variant and Criterion Dungeons in FFXIV have special treasures. If you are very lucky, these treasures will drop. One of these treasures is a cute Shiromaru minion. You can find a Shiba Inu dressed as a ninja at Mount Rokkon Variant Dungeon. That’s it.

Specifically, Shiromaru can be randomly dropped from treasure chests spawned on any path in any direction you walk throughout the dungeon. The probability of minions dropping in a Variant Dungeon or Criterion Dungeon is the same as the probability of dropping in a regular dungeon, which is 2%. This means that you will have to spend a long time walking every path in Mount Rokkon before you can see Shiromaru appear.

7. Penguin Prince

  • Owned: 2% of player population (9,000+ players)
  • How to Obtain: Lord of Verminion

Besides Hellpup, who is notoriously difficult to obtain, the other minion is Penguin Prince. Although he has a very cute name, he is locked behind the most annoying challenge in the whole FFXIV, Lord of Verminion. Of all the games available through Gold Saucer, Lord of Verminion is probably the most difficult one. Because this challenge requires many minions that you have already unlocked, it also means that you may do this challenge after collecting the remaining minions.

There is quite a lot of preparation before obtaining Penguin Prince. First you need to complete at least the second stage of Verminion challenge, and then you can register for Lord of Verminion tournament. After completing 4 Lord of Verminion tournaments, go to Minion Square to talk to Tournament Recordkeeper. It will give you an achievement “The Road of Verminion I”, and finally you can get the lovely Penguin Prince.

6. Chimpanzee (Faux Leaves Minions)

  • Owned: 0.8% of player population (6,500+ players)
  • How to Obtain: Faux Leaves currency from Unreal Trials

Chimpanzee is the newest minion to appear, but because of the difficulty of obtaining Faux Leaves, Chimpanzee and other minions that require Faux Leaves are rare. Chimpanzee requires 400 Faux Leaves to exchange, so even with good luck, it will take several weeks to obtain it.

If you want to own Faux Leaves, you must first complete Unreal Trial offered via Raid Finder. After completing Unreal Trial, you can then pass on your experience to Faux Commander, who will give you some Faux Hollows mini-games to play. If you succeed in the flip game, you will be awarded an additional Unreal Trial and a larger number of Faux Leaves.

You can only complete Unreal Trials twice a week until the missions refresh every Tuesday morning. Each refresh gives you two chances to play Faux Hollows mini-game. If you find this too time-consuming, you can spend FFXIV Gil to complete them, though it will be more expensive than usual.

5. Golden Beaver

  • Owned: 0.9% of player population (6,900+ players)
  • How to Obtain: Shifting Oubliettes of Lyhe Ghiah

Golden Beaver may look cute and shiny, but it’s still a rare minion that’s hard to get. It appears in Shifting Oubliettes of Lyhe Ghiah, which is accessed through a portal on level 80 Timeworn Zonureskin maps.

Lyhe Ghiah is a special instance of a multi-layer instance that’s different from a traditional multi-layer instance. In multi-layer instances, there are pairs of locked doors, but when multiple convocations are initiated in a single-layer instance, a roulette-style rotation will be triggered and a potential boss will be triggered. After defeating the potential boss, you’ll get a treasure. If you’re lucky enough to land on a golden placard, a special boss will be triggered that will drop Golden Beaver.

4. Wind-Up Philos & Aidoneus

  • Owned: 0.9% of player population (6,800+ players)
  • How to Obtain: Shifting Gymnasion Agonon

The reason for putting Wind-Up Philos and Aidoneus together is that they usually drop together in Shifting Gymnasion Agonon. In addition, Shifting Gymnasion Agonon is also a special instance that needs to be entered from the level 90 Timeworn Ophiotauroskin maps.

As with Shifting Oubliettes in Lyhe Ghiah just mentioned, the solution to Shifting Gymnasion Agonon is roughly the same. Players will fight the boss after initiating convocations on a single floor to obtain those treasure chests. If you are lucky enough to land on the golden placard, then you have a chance to get one or two Wind-Up Philos and Aidoneus at once.

3. Copycat Bulb

  • Owned: 1.2% of player population (9,800+ players)
  • How to Obtain: Gold Happy Bunny Lockbox in Eureka Pagos

Copycat Bulb is not only the hardest minion to get in the game, but it’s also one of the hardest rewards to get in Eureka. If you want to get Copycat Bulb, you’ll have to go to Pagos, which is considered by players to be the hardest area to level up, and is also the second island in Eureka.

Once there, you’ll need to complete an Elemental Conflict FATE and get a high enough rating, which will then summon a Happy Bunny and trigger a buff called Down "The Rabbit Hole". Note that this buff lasts for 15 minutes after you complete FATE. If you have enough Lucky Carrots for Happy Bunny, they will help you find some hidden treasure chests.

For those new to the game, Forbidden Land Eureka is an instanced open world zone with a Field Operations style gameplay. Through a separate upgrade system, players can work together to complete various activities in each zone and work together to earn a ton of rewards, including some unique Eureka gear and weapons.

2. Much-coveted Mora

  • Owned: 0.7% of player population (6,000+ players)
  • How to Obtain: Ocean Fishing

While many of the rare minions in this guide require a certain level of combat skill to obtain, the coveted Much-coveted Mora requires a more specific skill in ocean fishing. Not only do you need the best fishing rod and gear, but you also need to unlock the skill of Ocean Fishing.

So how do you unlock Ocean Fishing? Speak to Fhilsnoe in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks area and complete the level 1 quest “All the Fish in the Sea”. When it says you have completed the “My First Fishing Rod” quest, you have unlocked Ocean Fishing.

Once you have completed the above, go to Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks and join an Ocean Fishing adventure with 24 other players. The boat will start once every real-world hour, and you need to check in 15 minutes before.

You will earn points for completing each Ocean Fishing adventure. Once you have earned 1,000,000 points, you can redeem Much-coveted Mora. This is a time-consuming task that is usually only completed by the most dedicated Eorzean fisherfolk.

1. Shalloweye

  • Owned: 0.3% of player population (2,500+ players)
  • How to Obtain: Lord of Verminion

As mentioned in Penguin Prince introduction, Lord of Verminion is the most challenging game mode in Gold Saucer, so Shalloweye minion, which can only be obtained by winning 50 Lord of Verminion games, is the rarest minion in this guide. It has a unique appearance and only has one eye.

If you have the patience and someone willing to help you, there is a good way to help you get the Shalloweye minion. The first thing to know is that Lord of Verminion does not allow you and your friends to fight side by side, but you can be matched into the game at the same time and become opponents. Then both of you can achieve success in the game, resulting in a mutually beneficial outcome.

This may not sound as noble as directly defeating an unknown enemy player, but it is indeed the most effective way. When you get “A Load of Verminion II” achievement, you can get the rarest and most loyal minion in FFXIV.

After reading this guide, did you learn more about these ten minions that seem difficult to obtain? I hope you enjoy reading this guide and hope it can help you have a better gaming experience in FFXIV!

May 30 ,2024
WoW Cataclysm Classic: A Comprehensive Guide To This Throne Of The Tides Dungeon

Throne of the Tides is one of the dungeons in WoW Cataclysm Classic, and it’s a pleasant change of pace from the fire and destruction of similar dungeons. There are some interesting boss encounters and valuable loot here. In this guide, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about playing through Throne of the Tides.


Like the area the dungeon is located in, Throne of the Tides’ unique underwater theme includes iconic enemies, like Naga and Faceless Ones. This, coupled with some impressive rewards, makes it well worth farming in the early stages of Cataclysm.

This dungeon is perfect for players at level 80 and above, and will play a big role in leveling up. Along with Blackrock Caverns, it should form the backbone of your early game dungeon runs.

How To Access Throne Of The Tides?

To access the area where Throne of the Tides is located, you’ll first need to have completed Vashj’ir questline. The questline begins with A Personal Summons quest, which can be completed by both Horde and Alliance. This requires players to speak with Farseer Krogar or Naraat in Orgrimmar or Stormwind, respectively.

From there, the entrance to the dungeon can be found northeast of Abyssal Depths, an area marked as Abyssal Breach on the player’s map.

Boss Encounter

Next, let’s talk about the four bosses you’ll encounter in Throne of the Tides, and how to defeat them.

Lady Naz’jar

Lady Naz’jar makes for a relatively easy start to the dungeon and allows team members to get into the swing of things.

Fungal Spores and Summon Geyser are the two major attacks of the boss. Players just need to pay attention to the cues on the ground, keep an eye out for Spores landing zones and Geysers spawn points, and avoid them. In fact, both are relatively easy to avoid.

Her other attack is Shock Blast, which should be interrupted whenever possible. But to deal with her last mechanic, teamwork is required. Because the boss will head to the center of the room and channel Waterspout, summoning Naga. We must control and destroy them as quickly as possible, as the overwhelming number will quickly lead to a total wipe.

Commander Ulthok

Commander Ulthok controls powerful void powers and dark magic and hits hard. Fortunately, his mechanics are fairly simple.

The first and biggest ability is Dark Fissure, which hits whoever is in front of the boss. Because of the preparation time, everyone in the team can avoid it. But it is also absolutely necessary to invest in WOW Cataclysm Classic Gold in your shield, otherwise you will die once you are not careful.

Another thing you need to pay attention to when avoiding Dark Fissure is Curse of Fatigue, which the boss will cast on random players. This is a significant slowing effect that is easy to catch, so it is useful to curse dispel or operate with caution when affected.

In addition, Ulthok will use Squeeze to randomly target players, reach out and grab the player, and then deal damage. This is usually impossible to avoid when in range, so healers must intervene to heal it.

The last attack is a relatively weak Enrage, but it can be eliminated or largely ignored by Hunters.

Erunak Stonespeaker & Mindbender Ghur’sha

This two-phase boss fight has players fight each enemy individually. When fighting Stonespeaker in the first phase, the main mechanic to watch out for is Earth Shards. These will target random players, and everyone should move out of the area of ​​effect to avoid the heavy damage it causes. Otherwise, this fight relies heavily on the initiative of healers and tanks.

When facing Mindbender in the second phase, players will need to turn the boss’s back to the team to prevent Magma Splash from damaging everyone. His other ability is Emberstrike, and once the tank is hit by this ability, healers will need to remove it as soon as possible.


With at least three phases, Ozumat can be a tricky fight for an underprepared team.

The first phase is mainly about killing some adds. There are three different types of adds that players need to face, and they are:

  • Deep Murloc Invaders: These can be burned quickly with most standard AoE rotations.
  • Vicious Mindlashers: When they are killed, the second phase of the fight will begin. CC is key here as they deal with significant damage.
  • Unyielding Behemoth: Most players will want to burn it as quickly as possible, but for those looking to get Prince of Tides achievement, Behemoth needs to be tanked until the third phase, at which point the team gains Tidal Surge buff.

Phase two is marked by the arrival of three Faceless Sappers. We just need to kill them to advance to the next phase. Fortunately, this is fairly easy. They will wander around the room, so you can take advantage of their slow speed and let your ranged DPS take care of the targets.

The crucial skill to watch out for here is Blight of Ozumat, where the giant Kraken will pump an inky substance into the room that deals significant Shadow damage to the team. So burn it as quickly as possible to avoid the stacked damage from not being able to heal.

These are all the tips you need to know to clear Throne of the Tides dungeon. Give it a try, and mastering this guide will make your adventure smoother!

May 28 ,2024
Fallout 76: Many Rewards For Meat Weak Are Waiting For You In 2024

Hello everyone. Meat week is back in a double helping has started on Tuesday the 21st of May. A t 12:00 p.m. EST and 5:00 p.m. GMT and running for 2 weeks until Tuesday the 4th of June 12:00 p.m. EST, 5:00 p.m. GMT.

This event is slightly different than others. As there are in fact two different events that run simultaneously throughout the double helping of meat week.

Want to get all the rewards in the event? Then invest in Fallout 76 Bottle Caps!

1. Major Event

The main event is titled Grahm’s meat-cook and takes place in the forest region of the map. South of Vault 76 and Northwest of Moonshine is Shack every hour on the hour. Completing this event earns your range of outfits and a ton of different plans with a whopping 18 new ones added for 2024. That I’ll cover shortly.

The second event is called Primal cuts. And although not important to complete, it is very useful. As you’ll earn prime meat on completion. That you can exchange for legendary scrip at Grahm’s meat cook event.

2. Fight With Creatures

Primal Cuts events will begin every 15 minutes. And it can appear in any three of the six regions of Appalachia simultaneously. So you’ll have a lot of chances to gain the additional scrip reward. The event is pretty simple: just head to an event location, bang on the drum at the center of the event to begin and then fight four waves of prime creatures.

The creatures vary based on the region where Wave 1 and 2 contain smaller creatures like wolves and Mongrels. Wave 3 has larger creatures assisted by smaller creatures and the final wave contains a boss supported by both large and small creatures.

The boss has a chance to be a legendary creature, and once it’s killed. The event will end the prime boss can be one of six creatures which will be dependent on the map region the event is played in. For example, a deathclaw in the forest region, Sheepsquatch for Ash Heap and Super Mutant Behemoth for Cranberry Bog. However, Primal Cuts events have one other unique aspect.

Every Prime variant will drop double their standard loot. So, for example, if a legendary Prime enemy is killed, it will drop two legendary items. If you’re wanting to farm this, it’s best to go to the event places that based between Cranberry Glade and the abandoned Bog Town.

As these, enemies will own giant loot inventories than most other creatures as standard. The standard reward from this event will be between 3 and 5 prime meat, 20 caps and 150 XP. The main event Grahm’s cook out is equally simple to complete.

It’ll start every hour on the hour and reward some of the most sought-after plans, including Pepper Shaker and Tenderizer weapons. Don’t forget that Grahm is also a vendor where you can sell unwanted items. Please note there is an additional plan for Chally‘s feed. That is only available during meat week from Grahm and can be useful for this event.

So take advantage of his fixed location to buy as many of these unique plans as you can afford. At the start of the event, Grahm will ask for help with the festivities where players will need to help with activities like picking greens, cleaning up Chally the Moo Moo and various other tasks.

The meter at the top of the screen will gradually fill with each task completed. The rewards at the end will be based on how full the meter is when the event ends. Don’t forget to deposit your prime meat from the Primal Cuts event of either the large cauldron.

Open grills or spit roasting to gain your legendary scrip reward. Please note that prime meat can only be donated in stacks of 5 and only 3 times per meat cook event. In exchange for your prime meat donation, you will be rewarded with five legendary scrip per donation. Max 15 scrip from 3 stacks of prime meat per event.

For every stack of prime meat you donate, you’ll also earn increasing effect buffs that last for 15 minutes.

One stack will give you mild meat sweats where taking damage will result in gasseous discharge and your hunger meter does not decay. Two stacks will give you meat sweats additional plus 15 Max HP.

Three Stacks will give you strong meat sweats, a 30 Max HP and an additional 5% Bonus XP gain.

3. Abundant Rewards

On completion of Grahm’s meat cook event, you’ll be rewarded with the following guaranteed rewards dependent on the performance.

  • 300-500 XP
  • 40-60 Caps
  • 3 Treasury Notes
  • 1-3 Meat Cleavers
  • 0-3 Legendary Cores Alcohol, Cooked Meat, Beer Stein & Stein display Stand Plans & Tato Salad.

Completing the event with the best performance, you’ll also receive a one-star legendary item. In addition, you’ll have the chance to receive some of the rare rewards, including 18 awesome new plans added to 2024.

The chance of the rare rewards is dependent on the event performance, but completing it at a bad performance will give you a much lower chance of a rare reward than the good performance or best performance.

However, with the addition of a considerable number of new rewards. Please bear in mind that this will considerably reduce the chance to receive any particular individual reward. The new rewards added for 2024 are the plans for a Fossilized Megalonyx Dinosaur skull, Torso, left leg, right leg, left arm and right arm.

These are all separate plans and there’s also a plan for a custom display rack to hold all these in place and display at your camp. This is a little strange, but I’ll be interested to see what it looks like and how big it is once all displayed. Moving on, we have the plans for something called a weenie wagon which once built at your Campo dispense canned dog.

4. Food Plans

Food plans for a set of two billboards, advertising Brahmin Flour, a cool-looking Wasteland Hunter backpack plan and 6 new plushy plans including a ground meat plushie and rotted variant, a steak plushie and rotted variant and a Rib plushie and Rotted Variant. There are two more plans that I don’t yet have images for.

One is called Nuka shank knife, and the other is the plan for swarm of flies which I’d imagine will work a little like Fluttering moths we had in Mothman Equinox.

The older plans are as follows: plans for Wilbur Mc Pig, Peppino Pig and punty pig plushies were added last time around. But are still some of my favorites. The remaining plans are a grocery Cart Grill, Meat Week Flag, a Brahmin Grill, a Plastic Fruit Bowl, Decoy Dunks, a Plastic Fruit wreath, a Bloody Rug, a Bloody Curtain Door, a Super Mutant and a Mutant Hand Diagrams Plans and a Mutant Hound Taxidermy figure.

The weapon plans dropped from this event are meat cleaver, flamer shishkebab, tenderizer and pepper shaker.

There are also three mods that drop for tenderizer peppered, salty and spicy. In my opinion, chally the moo-moo outfit and mask are a must for this event.

Tenderizer is a huge two-handed crude hammer made from a street pole and a beer keg and can also drop as the actual weapon as well as the plant craft it. Please note that this is a level 50 weapon and can’t be crafted at lower levels.

The mods available are the peppered mod, which adds a plus 25% damage, the salty mod which adds plus 20% damage, with a chance to and the spicy mob which adds energy damage. Tenderizer is also available for legendary crafting. So you can make this into an absolute beast.

Pepper shaker is a large rotary barrel machine shotgun, firing blasts of eight projectiles. It counts as both a shotgun and a heavy gun. So benefits from both of these perk trees. It’s available to craft from Level 35 with legendary crafting also available. There are four mods that can be applied to the barrel, two for the magazine and one for the scope.

The apparel that can be awarded from this event is a bloodied chef hat, a Grillmaster’s hat, a bloodied Chef outfit, Chally the moo-moo outfit, Chally the moo-moo mask and a complete the set, the plan for a Chally the moo-moo backpack Skin.

Please note that there are no plans I’m aware of for Chally the moo-moo outfit or mask. Although a clean version is sometimes available from Atomic Shop. And last but not least, we have the recipe of potato salad.

I hope this information has been helpful and you enjoy the event.

May 23 ,2024
Diablo 4 Season 4: How Did Go From Level 1 To Level 100 Rapidly?

Hello everyone. Today I want to teach you how to go from level 1 to level 100 in a short time.

Leveling is pretty good. The first time around could be a kind of fun. But when you’re on your fourth or fifth time. It’s kind of bit boring and you just want to get to level 100 as fast as possible.

Before I do get into it, though. If this is your first character, if you’re just starting Diablo 4 for the first time. Don’t follow this at all. It’s not the most fun way and engaging way. It’s just the fastest. Don’t scram yourself out of the game that you’ve just bought, play it through, enjoy the campaign and learn things at your own speed.

In addition, you can also recharge Diablo 4 Gold during your upgrade process to enjoy the game more fully.

Let’s get into the guide.


So with season 4, we’re actually very fortunate to receive some very nice Buffs to XP. So regardless of what we’re doing, we’re going to get to level 100 faster than ever before. But they’re not the only changes. We also have the new changes to Helltides.

And Helltides are going to be absolutely cracked for two reasons.

The first is that we’re going to have access to them from World Tiers 1 and 2. It means we can jump right into them.

And second, is the rework of Helltides themselves, Blood Maiden Event and the Threat Meter and just the general increase in monsters within a Helltide. Make this the absolute best place to go to level. If I just told you to go do Helltides. I’m going to give you some guidelines to follow while doing them to make sure you are as efficient as possible.

While you’re here so that you can get to level 100 as fast as humanly possible.

Now the first thing, and I would say the most important thing to bear in mind, is Blood Maiden ritual. This will be somewhere in the middle of the Helltide and when they are activated. There will be like a pulsing on your mini map to indicate. That’s going on. You need to rush there straight away.

These things are cash money. This is where you’re going to get most of your XP, Gear and Cinders. And that’s not even the best part because Blood Maiden Event attracts all the players nearby into this small area to participate. You can also benefit from people when they proc their threat and start spawning lots of monsters.

And what I mean by that is Helltide has like a GTA star system now. The more demons that you kill and a event that you finish, you’ll start generating threat. And when you fill this bar up, you’ll start having a ton of monsters spawn on you. But you can also, of course, kill other people’s enemies that start spawning. And by doing so, you may then complete your threat bar spawning enemies of yourselves.

That somebody else helps you kill and then their spawns and you end up with this domino effect of just tons and tons of enemy spawning. And Blood Maiden Event brings everyone together to keep that cycle going. So it’s an absolute crap ton of XP and then the next golden rule of thumb is always be killing. You don’t want to go back to town at all, especially in Worlds Tier 1 and 2.

I wouldn’t do it once. Like don’t bother if you got some Gear, equip it and just throw the rest on the floor. You’re going to blast through these World Tiers so fast. It just doesn’t make any sense to agonize over Gear, wait until you get into World Tier 3. At that point, in World Tier 3, I would try to farm maybe like a full bag of sacred Gear, go back to town and do one big upgrade. And then just go straight back to Helltide, always be killing again all the way to World Tier 4.

And then go do another re-equip at that point as well, so I would say once at World Tier 3. Go back to town fully upgrade yourself and then once at like level 70. When you first get into World Tier 4, and then maybe once again around like level 85, 90. Because that power curve creeps up quite a bit toward the latter levels in World Tier 4, and the blood Maiden can be a little spicy at that point.

The next thing you’ll want to be doing is making sure that you’re using your Cinders now. This is specifically while there is downtime on the blood Maiden ritual if there’s not one being spawned. If you don’t have enough materials to spawn one yourself, then make sure you’re not just standing around doing nothing.

Go around, open Chests, get Gear, get Potions and you get a ton of XP for opening these as well. Just in general remain busy, go complete public events, find enemies to kill and move around Helltide until the next Blood Maiden ritual is up.This will definitely become more prominent as she move into World Tier 4. The next tip which is if you have consumables, use them. If you have a Flask and Incenses, make sure you pop those you’re getting that XP bonus.

You’ll want to use them during Blood Maiden rituals, not while you’re running around. Because that is the purest, the most concentrated source of XP and you want to make sure that they are up for that. So it’s important as you’re moving around to pick up Herbs and stuff like that. So that you can make these when you do go back to town, which again I would try to limit as much as humanly possible.

And the final tip is to build for movement speed and AOE. These will be your best friends in Helltides.

The above is my best experience from level 1 to level 100. It is very effective. I hope it will be useful for you. Have a nice day.

May 21 ,2024
Fallout 76: These Updates Deserve Players Attention!

Fallout 76 will be updated in June, and loyal players of Fallout 76 are eager to know about the updated content in the game. The focus of this update is the expansion of boundaries of Appalachia. At the same time, many unknown enemies, generous rewards and new questlines will also be added to the game. This is the real first update for the expanded map for Fallout 76, which makes players look forward to June.

The new Fallout TV has received a lot of praise since its launch, and the number of people exploring the world of post-war Appalachia continues to increase. This article will reorganize and review the most unexpected and surprising changes in the game’s upcoming updates.

The increase in Fallout 76 Bottle Caps can enrich your weapon types.

Let’s get started.

1. A Map Expansion

Head South For New Adventures

A new area will be re-created on the existing map for a comprehensive update of Skyline Valley. This is completely different from before. Players were shocked when they first experienced this area. Currently, Skyline Valley is open to players on the public test server. Everyone is welcome to come and experience it.

2. The Story Behind Vault 63

A New Vault To Explore

Vault 63 is a place that few people know about, so few explore it. However, when the game update is released in June, the previously sealed Vault will no longer be a taboo for players.

Then, exploring Vault 63 isn’t as simple as returning home.

In fact, there is not everything in Vault 63. Around Vault, there is a rich questline. Players in Public Test Server like to explore this.

Because this is one of the biggest vaults since Vaults series. Not only is it huge, but it also has its own built-in subway that transports the game’s residents from one place to another.

3. New Enemies

New Enemy Types Have Done Their Way Into The Update

In addition to the updates mentioned above, Fallout 76 also adds different enemy types this time. The new boss, Storm Goliaths is one of them. This is completely different from before in Vaults series. Players who want to defeat them must save ammo in advance. If you have tried to defeat Scorchbeast Queen, Ultracite Titan, and Earl, then you know that this new boss will not be easier than them.

A new cultist-type faction called The Lost will play a decisive role in some of the quests in the new areas of this update.

4. New Main Questline

To Find All There Is To know About This New Area

I won’t tell you that Skyline Valley update will have a very attractive little story hidden in the new main questline. Unlike most of the decisions players make in Fallout 76, in the missions of this update, the decisions players make will have some unexpected consequences.

This is exactly what many players have been wanting. Although in other Fallout titles, the decisions made by players can lead to different directions, this update does not have as strong an impact as before, but it can also make players feel different effects from before.

5. New Rewards

Some Fun And Special Rewards For Players To Gain

One thing this update has in common with previous Fallout 76 updates is that players can unlock rich new rewards. In fact, it’s the new weapons that will really interest players. Completing the new main quest will unlock four new weapons. They are V63 Shock Baton, Shattered Grounds, V63 Zweihander, and Ticket To Revenge. This is so exciting. I believe the effects and abilities of these new weapons will give players a big shock.

In my opinion, the Ticket To Revenge seems to be comparable to Railway Rifle in terms of power, ammo capacity, and overall aesthetics. Therefore, after Skyline Valley update, players can not only use new weapons but also get CAMP plans, weapon skins and so on.

6. New Events

Some New Events For Players To Participate

After this update, players can participate in two new large-scale events, “Dangerous Pastimes” and “Neurological Warfare”. Not surprisingly, both of these large-scale activities require teamwork from players to complete.

"Dangerous Pastimes" is a relatively light activity. As long as there are enough players and they are willing to help. Players only need to destroy the enemies that attack again and again, and at the same time collect special parts as much as possible to attract the storm.

Compared with "Dangerous Pastimes", "Neurological Warfare" is a little different from other events, it is much more interesting than I expected. Not only does it start like other endgame boss battle events, but it also requires players to nuke a certain region to start.

Players love opening new events in the game. Because this comes with a lot of rewards. At the same time, these rewards can also encourage old players to continue playing.

7. Enemy Damage Adjustments

Some Much-Needed Fixes For Certain Enemies

In this update, some enemies seem to be very powerful. Players like Anglers, Robots, and Cave Crickets will use multiple attacks to eliminate players. However, Bethesda will be making some moves to change this and rebalance those overpowered enemies.

Although the current weapons currently available to players will also change, they will not change too much. Although the complete list of weapon updates has not yet been made public, any changes will be focused on balancing and adapting to the game.

I hope you all like my ideas.

May 16 ,2024
Diablo 4 Season 4: How To Unlock The Powers Of Tempering And Masterworking?

With Diablo 4 Season 4 just around the corner, we wanted to talk about the crafting system introduced in the new season to help you get a head start. In this guide, we’ll focus on the powers of Tempering and Masterworking, and look at how to enhance your Rare and Legendary Gear with additional affixes to maximize your character’s potential.

This guide covers all the essentials about this Tempering system, from finding Temper Manuals to applying affixes options in Blacksmith. Plus, we’ll delve into the new Masterworking system, which replaces the old Blacksmith upgrade system, and learn how to obtain and use Obducites, Ingoliths, and Neathirons to enhance your gear up to 12x!

Not only that, at the end we will also discuss the basic tips and variations of Player Test Realm. So don’t miss the chance to optimize your gear for the ultimate Diablo 4 experience. Good luck and happy gaming!


Tempering is a new gear system in Diablo 4 Season 4. Rare and Legendary Gear will drop fewer affixes, 2 for rare and 3 for legendary. Tempering allows you to add 2 more affixes to your gear, for a total of 5 affixes.

For example, you could add more movement speed to your boots, some extra armor or elemental resistance to your weapons, or even some new skill augmenting affixes.

Next, let’s take a look at how it works. First you need to find Temper Manuals from various events, such as Helltides, Legion Events, and even events like endgame bosses.

These Manuals provide specific options for different categories. You need to go to a Blacksmith and use these Manuals to randomly apply an affix option to your gear.

Each gear slot has its own restrictions on which categories can work on that slot. Each Temper or Temper re-roll costs some crafting materials. If you don’t get what you want, you can re-roll up to 5 times. Except for unique equipment, legendary equipment must complete Tempering before Masterworking.


Another thing worth noting is that Blacksmith upgrade system is changing and being replaced by Masterworking.

In the old system, you could simply upgrade your gear up to 5 times to increase all affixes by 25%. Here’s how the new Masterworking system works.

First, you’ll need to unlock the new Pit feature by completing Nightmare Dungeon at tier 46 or higher, then traveling to Cerrigar. Cerrigar has a new object that can enter the pit, but it requires a Runeshard to enter.

You can earn Runeshard by completing or participating in various endgames or activities, such as Whispers or opening Helltide Chests. Over time, though, you’ll accumulate Runeshard naturally.

For anyone who has played Diablo 3, Pit is similar to Greater Rifts. When starting Pit, you will start in Tier 1. When you enter, you need to defeat enemies quickly to fill up the progress bar before the timer runs out.

Pit of Artificers will be completed on multiple tile sets connected together through portals. Maximizing the progress bar creates a portal to the boss stage. Eventually, you need to defeat the boss to stop the timer and complete Pit run. I need to remind you that if you want to defeat all bosses as quickly as possible, it is very necessary to spend Diablo 4 Gold to upgrade your gear.

You’ll get some loot for completing Pit, but more importantly, you’ll get 3 different Masterworking Materials, depending on which Tier of Pit you completed.

  • Tiers 1 to 20: Obducites
  • Tiers 21 to 40: Ingoliths
  • Tier 41+: Neathirons

You’ll work with these new materials using the new Masterworking system at Blacksmith. You can Masterwork a piece of equipment a total of 12 times. Upgrades 1 to 4 cost Obducites, 5 to 8 cost Ingoliths, and upgrades 9 to 12 cost Neathirons.

Every 3rd level up, you will get a 5% increase in all affixes, and every 4th level up, you will get a 25% increase, but only 1 randomly chosen affix. These percentage increases are additive in nature, not compounding.

All in all, I tested and found that 76 Intelligence Masterworked 12 times without random selection increased by 25%, for a total increase of 45%. Under the same circumstances, the attack speed changes from 13% to 18.9%, an increase of 45%.

If you’re lucky and hit the same affix on levels 4, 8, and 12, you’ll see a 120% increase for that particular affix.


Some Masterworks have changed since Player Test Realm. The success rate is no longer guaranteed, every piece of Masterwork will be 100%. Because this comes at the cost of spending more crafting materials.

Additionally, some Tempered affixes will be subject to a 100% cap. There is no longer a 5% scaling Masterworking animation, only a 25% scaling animation.

The above is all the information we need to know about the newly added Tempering and Masterworking in Diablo 4 Season 4 this time. Good luck and have fun.

May 14 ,2024
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