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Blood Death Knights in the release of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic were some of the most versatile tanks ever. There is a wide variety of builds that they can choose from as either the Main Tank or Off-Tank and by choosing to focus on Single-Target, Multi-Target, and how much mitigation they'll need.

Many of the talent builds for Blood DK's don't go all the way down the Blood talent tree and instead spread their points out into the Frost and Unholy talent trees. While a full Blood build can DPS, a Frost or Unholy DPS Build would be better for that purpose; in fact, they are Top-Tier DPS for the entire expansion.

Best Talent Builds For Blood Death Knight

The image below shows the most common build for main-tanking as a Blood Death Knight. It is a Single-Target build focusing primarily on damage mitigation.

Best Glyphs For Blood Death Knight
There are a lot of Glyphs that players can choose depending on the content they face when tanking as a Blood Death Knight. The three most common glyphs are Glyph of Disease to maintain disease uptime, Glyph of Dark Command to guarantee Dark Command will successfully taunt (this is crucial in early phases when lacking Hit Rating), and Glyph of Vampiric Blood to improve Vampiric Blood for times when more healing is needed, do not need too much WOTLK Classic Gold.

Stat Priority For Blood Death Knight
Death Knight Tanks have 2 main priorities when it comes to Tanking: Survivability, Threat Generation.

*Threat Generation
Generating Threat as a Blood Death Knight relies heavily on Hit Rating, as the majority of the damage comes from Spells. It is necessary to reach 263 Hit Rating for Special Attacks to always land. Early usage of the Glyph of Dark Command will guarantee that it will always land until more Hit Rating is obtained from better gear. Past this threshold lies the Spell Hit Cap at 446 Hit Rating. If there is a Balance Druid or Shadow Priest present they can provide an extra 3% chance to hit with Improved Faerie Fire and Misery and Draenei for an additional 1% with Heroic Presence.

*Blood Tank Survivability Stats
Defense Rating is the most important stat to reduce damage taken. The minimum threshold to guarantee that an enemy will not land a Critical Hit against you is 689 Defense Rating or 540 Defense. 400 Defense is obtained through the Defense Skill that is passively leveled up when taking hits, the remaining 140 comes from gear.

Stamina not only increases the total health pool but also increases the effectiveness of cooldowns such as Rune Tap, Death Pact, and Vampiric Blood. Armor is important due to the fact that Blood Death Knights cannot wield Shields to Block attacks. Dodge, and Parry are other ways to improve survivability too.
Dec 06 ,2022

There are many endgame setups in Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder, and with the Sundering Charms added in Ladder Season 2, some of the builds have shifted. More unique builds have become possible, while some builds remained strong or have become even stronger. Here is the endgame for the Frost Nova Sorceress.

Basically, the Frost Nova build requires at least 92 skill points, so you'll be done by Lv 80. However, it's not over, as you'll need to distribute additional skill points on Cold Mastery depending on how many additional skills you have from your equipment. If you've made -195% to enemy cold resistance, use your remaining skill points on Energy Shield or Warmth. The reason you master Telekinesis is that it's a valuable synergy skill for the Energy Shield.

Energy Shield is a unique skill in Diablo 2. When the Energy Shield is activated, all damage is filtered through your mana. Some damage will be absorbed, and only a portion of the damage will affect your health. This is a great advantage for the Sorceress as she isn't as tanky as other characters, but the biggest advantage of the Energy Shield is that you don't need to think about all the resist stats. The only resist stat that matters is Poison Resist, which drains your HP slowly.


Helm: Nightwing's Veil / Harlequin Crest

Weapon: Death Fathom / Heart of the Oak (KoVexPulThul) / Doom (HelOhmLumLoCham)

Shield: Spirit (TalThulOrtAmn)

Armor: Chains of Honor (DolUmBerIst) / Skin of the Vipermagi / Ormus'Robe

Gloves: Magefist / Trang-Oul's Claws / Frostburn

Belt: Arachnid Mesh / Snowclash

Boots: War Traveler / Rare resist boots w/ poison length reduction

Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope / Magic +3 Cold skill+FCR(+10%) amulet / Crafted FCR(+20%) +2 skill amulet

Rings: Stone of Jordan / Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band / Rare FCR ring

Swap: Call to Arms (AmnRalMalIstOhm) & Spirit (TalThulOrtAmn)

Cold spell Sorceresses share the same equipment build, as their goal is to maximize the damage of their spells. As the Cold Mastery skill reduces enemy cold resistances, it goes perfectly with the Sundered Charm: Cold Rupture. Due to Cold Mastery and Cold Rupture, the build is powerful even without the aforementioned equipment, but it is quite expensive to set up the endgame builds as the D2R Ladder Items supply doesn't meet the demand.

All stats should go to Energy as long as you can wear all the equipment. Since you'll need to equip the Spirit Monarch on your off-hand, you'll need 156 Strength, including all the additional stats from Hellfire Torch, Annihilus, and other equipment. You can invest some stats on Vitality for more stability, but keep it to a minimum.

Act 2 Holy Freeze / Prayer
Helm: Andariel's Visage / Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest / Vampire Gaze / Crown of Thieves

Armor: Fortitude (ElSolDolLo) / Treachery (ShaelThulLem) / Gloom (FalUmPul)

Weapon: Insight (RalTirTalSol on Polearm)

There are several choices for the helms and armors, but Andariel's Visage and Fortitude should always be your no.1 choice. The additional attack speed and life steal from Andariel's Visage, and the enhanced damage from Fortitude is too big to ignore. Make sure you make a socket on Andariel's Visage to equip a Ral rune or a jewel with +30% fire resist and 15% attack speed to make up for the -30% fire resist.

Dec 05 ,2022

Aside from weapons, trinkets are arguably the most exciting and impressive gear upgrades available in all of Wrath of the Lich King Classic. The combination of the on-use effects on some trinkets alongside huge procs (procedurally generated effects) on others makes trinkets especially memorable items due to the way they augment your character.

In modern times, you may wait to fire off some of your most important abilities until all of your trinkets have already gone off. One such example of this is Unholy Death Knights unleashing their gargoyle pet after all of their trinkets and cooldowns have been triggered in order to provide the pet with an utterly ridiculous damage boost.

Grim Toll
Grim Toll is a strange item during phase one in many regards. However, it is also one of the very few items that maintains its usefulness into phase two. Due to the way armor penetration works, Grim Toll becomes an incredible on-use trinket once more armor penetration gear becomes available with the release of Ulduar.

Until that time though, Grim Toll is a great trinket for any DPS that relies on armor penetration to increase damage in later tiers, but it's not necessarily the best trinket available at the moment. Consequently, securing this item early will pay dividends later, as it becomes a much more contested trinket.

Soul Preserver
Despite coming in at only blue rarity, do not need too much WOTLK Classic Gold, Soul Preserver is still the best in slot trinket for most healers in Wrath including Holy Paladins, Holy Priests, Restoration Druids, and Restoration Shamans. It only comes with a two percent chance to reduce the mana value of your next healing spell cast, but when you're firing off spells like a magic machine gun, it triggers a lot more often than you might expect.

When looking at this item, it's important to consider that a larger mana pool effectively increases the amount of healing a single healer is capable of putting out. Thankfully, this item is easily obtained from the last boss in the normal Culling of Stratholme dungeon.

Figurine - Monarch Crab
Yet another trinket that's fairly easy to get your hands on if you've taken the right profession is the Monarch Crab. This is the best in slot trinket for all tanks in phase one. If you plan on primarily tanking, you should plan on picking up Jewelcrafting as well.

Aside from providing a large amount of stamina and gem sockets, Monarch Crab's on-use effect makes for a great additional emergency cooldown. If we're being honest, tanks can never have enough of those.

Darkmoon Card: Greatness
A reward for handing in the Nobles Deck at the Darkmoon Faire, Darkmoon Card: Greatness is the best in slot trinket for the majority of character classes and specs, all the way up until phase three of Wrath. This is due to the card's availability in multiple forms that are useful for strength, agility, and intellect-based classes. The good news is that you can purchase one of these bad boys right out of trade chat.

The bad news is that they're going for anywhere from six to 8000 gold depending on the server and time of the month. If you are interested in picking one up, they are likely to be the cheapest right after the Darkmoon Faire leaves town for the month, as players won't be able to cash in their decks until the following month when the Faire returns. If you're interested in pushing the bounds of what your character is capable of in raid environments, you should prioritize grabbing your Darkmoon Card as soon as possible. It's no overstatement to say that this is the single most important item for most, if not all, classes interested in wielding it, better get to farming.

Dec 02 ,2022

As one of the most popular MMORPG in the world, WoW Dragonflight as the latest expension brings lots of updates and interesting in-game content. It is important for player to choose a good spec, otherwise your game experiences would not be as funny as your wish, so today I would like to introduce some specs may not powerful so far.

Playing as one of these specializations is going to be a challenge for most players. Their damage is low for both AoE and Single-Target and other specs would likely provide more utility or just the fact that their damage is higher would mean faster kills.

Arms Warrior
Arms Warriors are unfortunately lacking due to having to choose between Single-Target or AoE. For this reason, depending on their build choice, they excel on some fights but fall a bit behind in other fights. View this as you will, but it does mean less flexibility in many situations.

Their damage has been consistent in the Beta, but they rely on Windfury Totem from Enhancement Shamans to be worth bringing.

Arcane Mage
Arcane Mages do get a buff from a utility perspective by being able to spec into Dragon's Breath and/or Blast Wave. This specialization still lags behind Fire in terms of overall damage, even though they have some improved single-target burst damage.

The one thing that really sets Arcane back a lot is the lack of mobility and needing to hard cast all their spells. This ranks them much lower on the list and they really suffer in a fast-paced Mythic+ setting.

Frost DK
Frost Death Knights gameplay has not changed much since Shadowlands, but with the new talent system revamp, there are many ways to customize and improve the builds. Breath of Sindragosa synergizes with some other talents to keep its uptime up even longer, which means more sustained high damage periods while it is active. All this to say they are great at cleave damage, but poor at Single Target.

Affliction Warlock
Affliction Warlocks, despite seeing ridiculous numbers in Shadowlands Pre-Patch, are near the bottom due to only excelling at AoE. They will not likely be amazing in Mythic+, as their single-target damage is going to be severely lacking in their AoE build.

Survival Hunter
Survival Hunters are not dealing great damage in either AoE or single target currently, and have to attack in melee range. They do not offer much utility to the group compared to a lot of other specializations, especially after the talent overhaul.

If you enjoy the gameplay of this spec, go for it and hope it improves, but if you are looking to top the meters as a hunter in Dragonflight, move on to Beast Mastery.

MM Hunter
Marksmanship Hunters are at the bottom of the tier list. Their skill ceiling can be very high and therefore usually a harder specialization to master. They do offer some good burst damage with Careful Aim for the beginning of encounters, but that's about it. They also don't have really anything to provide good survivability and utility.

More game updates and cheap WOW 10.0 Dragonflight Gold you always find in MMOWTS.

Dec 01 ,2022

Today we comb through all of the specializations for every class in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight to predict who will come out on top for the launch of the new expansion. This DPS Tier list is based on the Dragonflight Beta but will be continuously updated as the game will likely see more balance changes in the near future. Now that some features from Shadowlands are going away we can get an accurate picture of how classes will perform in Mythic+ and Raids in Dragonflight proper.

Those specs below are the Best DPS Specs in Dragonflight for Raids and Dungeons are going to be at the top of the damage meters in practically every encounter, both in Single Target and Multi-Target, and they provide important utilities for the group.

Havoc DH
Havoc Demon Hunters have changed their gameplay style up quite a bit since Shadowlands with the revamp of the talent trees. Their middle-of-the-pack damage has been considerably buffed since the last expansion and therefore will likely do more damage than before.

From the testing on the Dragonflight Beta, we believe it will be a top spec for both Mythic+ and Raids. They provide really great utility with Chaos Brand and Darkness and have great survivability with Netherwalk

Windwalker Monk
Windwalker Monks have been dominating the DPS meters in season 4 of Shadowlands and we don't expect that to stop. Most of their core gameplay remains intact and even becomes faster with the Pre-Patch changes to the talent system.

They mostly excel in AoE situations and therefore are expected to be amazing in Mythic+ content, while they have also received a buff to their single-target damage vs. Shadowlands. The utility they provide is Mystic Touch, Generous Pour, and Close to Heart. They also have great survivability with Touch of Karma, Fortifying Brew, Dampen Harm, and Diffuse Magic

Outlaw Rogue
Outlaw Rogues are looking quite strong from a DPS perspective so far, with the focus of their damage largely being Single-target. The best outlaw rogues are currently beating out assassination rogues on the DPS meters, but the skill ceiling seems to be pretty high with the outlaw specialization. You really need to be able to keep up with hitting all the right skills at the right time to maintain high levels of performance, which perhaps takes this specialization down a notch for the average player.

The outlaw rogue does gain a ton of flexibility with the new talent revamp, gaining the option to take a lot more talents than have ever been possible in the past. They provide the Atrophic Posion debuff and have a lot of various survivability cooldowns at their disposal.

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Nov 30 ,2022

Blood Death Knight's are a fantastic tanking spec option in World of Warcraft since their debut and that isn't changing in the era of Dragonflight. Players can rely on Blood Death Knights to take on tanking responsibilities in Mythic+ and Raids, assuming that the player piloting the DK has done their talents, rotation, and stat homework ahead of time.

Tanking can be a stressful job, but the upside is that finding a group is rarely a problem for those can fill the role well. Before diving into the world of tanking in WoW Dragonflight players need to understand their own spec stat priorities in order to boost their threat, survivability, and DPS. Blood Death Knights are a great option for tanking in Dragonflight, as long as the players have their stat priorities in order.

As always, exact stat priority does shift around a bit depending on each situation and strategy while playing this top tier tanking spec. There's a general stat priority order that should be pretty safe though, so players will want to follow these guidelines as they reach the endgame and start making tough decisions around gear and stats for their Blood Death Knight. Blood Death Knight (DK) Stat Priority: Strength, Armor, Haste, Critical Strike, Mastery, Versatility.

Blood Death Knight (DK) Stats Explained
Strength is the primary stat for Blood Death Knights. It's going to have great synergy with Bone Shield and damage and parry chance. Stack as much of this as possible.

As a tank, Armor is going to be very important. The Armor primary stat increases physical mitigation. At this point, there is no cap to worry about for Armor.

Haste is the most important secondary stat for Blood DKs. Stacking Haste will increase Attack Speed and Rune regeneration.

Critical Strike
Critical Strike has a lot of value for Blood Knights (like most Tanks) and is useful not just for increasing DPS, but also for increasing Parry chance. This ends up being a crucial damage reduction stat for tanks in Dragonflight.

Mastery is another stat that has some crucial synergies with essential DK tanking abilities and talents. Blood Shield, Death Strike, and Mastery: Blood Shield all benefit from stacked Mastery.

As usual, Versatility boosts all damage and healing done and decreases all incoming damage. This is a pretty low priority stat for Blood Death Knights.

Ideal Stat Caps
For now Blood Death Knights do not need to worry about stat caps in Dragonflight content. At some point in the future Dragonflight meta game it's possible that might change.

That should be everything that Blood Death Knights need to know as they figure out their stat priorities and begin dominating the WoW Dragonflight endgame content. Be sure to check back for more WoW Dragonflight news, updates, Cheap WOW 10.0 Dragonflight Gold and strategy guides in the near future.

Nov 29 ,2022

Activision Blizzard is currently under investigation following accusations of harassment, discrimination, and fostering a hostile work environment. You can read more about the investigation here. World of Warcraft's Dragonflight expansion looks to restore a little lost glory to the most successful MMORPG series ever. While it remains to be seen if the expansion will live up to the hype, but you won't be able to start your own Dragonflight adventure until the expansion is properly released.

Due to various time zones around the world, players may have just a bit of confusion about exactly when they will be able to start their Dragonflight adventures. Luckily, Blizzard has released a helpful map and guide to explain when the content should go live in each region of the globe. MMO fans should be able to use this guideline to help calculate when they'll be able to start playing the new content.

We alter the pic into the word version, here is the list:
*Americas (PST)
3:00p.m. - November 28

*Europe (CET)
12:00a.m. - November 29

*Taiwan (CST)
7:00a.m. - November 29

*Korea (KST)
8:00a.m. - November 29

10:00a.m. - November 29

11:00 p.m. - November 28

As noted above, the current version of World of Warcraft does allow you to access some Dragonflight features. Specifically, you'll be able to create a Dracthyr (the game's new race), explore the Forbidden Reach (the Dracthyr's starting zone), play with the expansion's revamped skill tree system, and more. Once the expansion is properly released, though, you'll be able to hit the expansion's new level cap (Level 70), try out some of the game's new skills, explore all the new dungeons/bosses/areas, start farming WOW Dragonflight Gold and generally partake in all of the content you'd expect to see in a WoW expansion.

While Dragonflight's headline features have stolen the show so far, it's actually some of the game's smaller QoL updates that have longtime fans most excited. Said updates include the long-awaited ability to fully customize the game's UI without mods and the ability to play as a Mage, Priest, or Rogue of any race. Of course, the promise of Dragonflight's expanded flying system already has some fans dreaming of recreating a time when the simple act of exploring Azeroth felt more substantial than it has in recent years.

Ultimately, that's what makes Dragonflight such an exciting expansion. It features this compelling combination of big ideas and necessary updates that already feels a little more cohesive than previous expansions have. Whereas some recent WoW expansions crumbled under the weight of their own ambitions, Dragonflight seems more interested in rethinking and tweaking fundamental concepts that have long needed a refresh.

There's a very good chance that Dragonflight's successes and failures could very well help reshape the game over the short and long term. At the very least, it will offer WoW fans that glorious fix of new content that they have come to crave as much as a tank who knows where to stand during a raid. Be sure to check back soon for more WoW Dragonflight news, updates, and strategy guides in MMOWTS. Until then, For the Horde!

Nov 28 ,2022

Who needs sleep when you can piece together your best Genshin Impact Layla build and give your party one of the anime RPG's best defenders and supporters. The perpetually exhausted Akademiya student in the 3.2 update occupies a unique role in the Genshin Impact roster, with her sturdy shields and icy stars.

Whereas most recent characters since the Sumeru region released tended to fill DPS or healer roles, Layla is a defender whose shield ranks among the strongest out there. She's also a reliable source of Cryo and a catalyst for powerful freeze and vaporize reactions, and while her HP-scaling abilities have few ideally suited weapons, Layla benefits from an Artifact set you can acquire fairly early in the game. Meanwhile, just make sure to stock up on Nilotpala Lotus while you're traveling around Sumeru. Layla needs it for her level-up ascension.

Should I Pull for Layla?
If you don't have a reliable way to spread Cryo, need a sturdy shield character, or both, then the answer is absolutely yes, you should pull for Layla. Genshin Impact still has comparatively few characters who generate strong shields, with Noelle, Xinyan, and Diona's shield strength ranking at approximately half of Layla's.

Outside of a Diona and Ganyu rerun, Cryo characters have also been short supply lately, so Layla is a good opportunity for newer players to add a strong elemental support character to their Genshin Impact Accounts.

Is Layla a DPS Character?
Layla's function as a main DPS is a bit murky for reasons similar to Candace and Kuki Shinobu. Layla's setup makes her shine as a Cryo sub-DPS and support character. Her skill creates a shield with an impressive damage absorption capacity rivaled only by Zhongli and Thoma, and one that gets even stronger based on her max HP. Layla's second passive talent, Like Nascent Light, increases the active character's shield by 6 percent every time her shield gains a Night Star, for a total of 24 percent. While the shield is active, it accumulates these Night Stars and fires them off in rounds of four, dealing Cryo damage that also scales with Layla's HP. Her final passive talent, Sweet Slumber Undisturbed, boosts the damage from the stars her shield creates by a further 1.5 percent of her max HP.

Layla's burst is similar to Ganyu's. It creates an orb that fires Cryo projectiles continously for 12 seconds. These, too, scale based on Layla's max HP. so if you haven't picked up on it already, HP is Layla's most important stat.

The ease and consistency with which she applies Cryo makes Layla a flexible fit for nearly any party. Pair her with Nilou's Tranquility Aura or Xingqiu's Rain Swords for an easy freeze setup or Raiden Shogun, Yae Miko, or Cyno for Superconduct. Layla also makes Melt easy for the likes of Hu Tao, Diluc, Yanfei, and Yoimiya. The only potential drawback is that Cryo has no interactions with Dendro, so if you've been planning a Dendro team with Nahida or Collei, these composition would resign Layla to the role of shield creator and nothing else.

Either way, Layla's skill setup makes her perfect for off-field support, Cryo application, and damage, but you may want to experiment with using her in a main DPS capacity or at least keeping her on field every now and again. Layla's base attack is 18, and her normal attack scaling is higher than you usually get with 4-star characters. If you pair her with a strong sword, she could hold her own with physical attacks and stay safe thanks to her shield.

Nov 26 ,2022

World of Warcraft's next expansion, Dragonflight, aims to ease up on the throttle and offer an experience that's less cataclysmic and more comfortable. After 18 years, the sheer passage of time has changed World of Warcraft, and the game has wandered off into some truly wild territory. Dragonflight is a course correction back into the cozy.

The "Third Place" is a sociological phrase for the spot we go most when we're not at work or home. Whether it's a relaxation station or a social hub, a third place should be chill. For many players over the years, World of Warcraft has been their Third Place. Recent expansions have pulled players into an endless series of epic adventures and endgame content.

We've traveled to the undersea kingdoms of a tyrant Naga queen, gone to fix the realms of death, and even checked out a mind-warpingly alien cosmic cradle of creation. Dragonflight will add on new adventures, but we'll also have time to enjoy simpler pleasures, making it an ideal place.

For all of the faults of past expansions, the launch content of new zones and quests has been well received. It looks like Dragonflight is going to follow in that tradition. These territories in the Dragon Isles are contested by factions both new and old. While leveling up, players will meet centaur tribes and tuskarr settlements. It's a huge step down in stakes after Shadowlands, and a welcome one.

There will still be the usual kinds of quests, like collecting hides and slaying enemies. The endgame sees the biggest deescalation, with max-level activities asking players to hang out and build bonds with new friends in those factions. Instead of holding off the end of the world, we'll be fishing with walrus friends or hunting with new allies.

The player will spend a hefty amount of their time on the back of a drake, which they can customize and upgrade with glyphs hidden around the Isles. The Isles have also been built with tons of open plains, vertical towers and peaks, and immense, ancient architecture. Meanwhile they can also farm WOW 10.0 Dragonflight Gold as a business man, trading with different pople.

Blizzard will need to build on this foundation over the expansion's subsequent patches and ensure that this status quo reset doesn't immediately rocket up to galaxy-ending threats. But ironically, players seem excited for a game that's less on all the time. Dragonflight seems like a calmer, gentler time, while still introducing new conflicts to settle and lands to explore.

Nov 25 ,2022
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Nov 23 ,2022
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