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Mar 22 ,2023
Lost Ark: How To Build Your Full Moon Soul Eater? - Detailed Build, Engraving & Preference

Here, I’d like to introduce Lost Ark’s newly released Soul Eater class and detail her build, skills, and preferences.

Because Lost Ark hasn’t released Soul Eater globally yet, and the course they have released it not long ago. So some composition, engraving, combat stat settings may change in the future. So, check out this guide with these considerations in mind and use this guide as a reference on your journey to Lost Ark.


Soul Eater is a newly released class on a Korean server on July 19, 2023. Because the course was released so recently, most of her skill building is now being worked on.

As you know, there are two types of her identity. We can use Soul Stones when using purple skills. The possession meter below is more like the transformation of Soul Eater. Technically, it’s more like Slayer Burst Mode, and a bit of Igniter Sorceress Magick Amplification meter.

This increases the damage of Soul Stones while active. But unlike Igniter Sorceress and Slayer, it increases the overall damage of the skill. Soul Eater identity activation only enhances purple skills.

Class Engraving

Class Engraving I want to introduce here is Executioner of Full Moon Engraving. As I mentioned in the basics section, this Class Engraving is more like using a possession meter merely.

Executioner of Full Moon will increase Soul Eater’s critical hit rate, and the purple skill will also increase when the identity is activated. Of course, when possession is active, it will reduce the cooldown of purple skills.

However, unlike Sorceress Magick Amplification, which only reduces the cooldown, Soul Eater Possession refreshes the entire purple skill’s cooldown and fills up the entire Soul Stones. Compared to Igniter, Igniter can pour skills more freely than Full Moon Soul Eater.

Combat Stat & Engraving

As you might expect, her main combat stat is Specialization. With critical properties, it has great synergy with Keen Blunt Weapon and Hallucination set. Therefore, you can use this identity at any time.

Personally, I think these three Engravings are relatively stable to use, Grudge, Keen Blunt Weapon, and her Class Engraving. You can also choose to use Adrenaline, Cursed Doll, Hit Masters and Raid Captain. And when paired with support, she can also be fully effective with Raid Captain.

In Nightmare setting, the skill rotation can be a little simpler than Hallucination setting because you need to wait for Nightmare buff. But this means you have to wait for Nightmare buff to turn on and activate Reaper form.

To be honest, I think Nightmare build is pretty mainstream right now and the best representation of Full Moon Soul Eater build. But you’ll need to put more Lost Ark Gold into your skill set and rotation before she can show you her full DPS performance.

Pros & Cons

Unlike other classes, where overall damage depends on status, Soul Eater has more freedom. She can more freely execute her identity during her skill cycle.

And I think Soul Eater’s design is also very balanced. I mean, it’s no more OP than the first Slayer released. And unlike Soul Eater’s complex explanation, Slayer’s structure is fairly easy to understand. Beginners can use her skills with great ease.

Also, cost is another issue for Soul Eater. Of course, it’s come down a lot now, but if you’re going to go straight to the ancient engraving setting, this might put some weight on you. But I still think that Soul Eater is a very popular profession among current players.

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Skill Composition

Soul Eater’s skills can be classified by color, blue and purple. And the function or effect of color is quite fixed. The blue skill is Dead skill. Dead’s skills are often used as a source of identity. The purple skills or pink skills are all Reaper skills.

Just like other Specialization build classes that have some specific skills that provide identity, Soul Eater blue skills serve that role throughout the experience.


Like we mentioned before, Soul Eater's movement speed is pretty good. She can gain full effectiveness from Raid Captain Engraving. Because of the short cooldown, she can almost maintain the movement speed buff even with the level 7 Crimson gem.

Plus, I think her mechanics are valuable. The mechanics are quite a plus for the actual game. She easily handles her abilities and rotation throughout the actual raid.


That’s it for this guide. Hope this guide is a little helpful on your journey to Lost Ark and have good luck with your Soul Eater! Have a great day!

Sep 21 ,2023
WOW Classic Hardcore: How To Earn Massive Gold With Alts? - 3 Goldmaking Methods

Today we are going to discuss how to Goldmaking on Alts in WOW Classic Hardcore. This is a very helpful guide for anyone interested in making gold.

For Official Hardcore Servers, WOW Classic Hardcore Gold is an extremely valuable resource. Gold mining of any kind is incredibly valuable. Leveling up Alts is a very safe way to make money as long as you know how to level up safely.

Here, I will focus on 3 different goldmaking methods on Alts. This is mostly for limited supply items, but we’ll cover them all.

Passive Goldmaking

Let’s start with Passive Goldmaking, which is going through Crafting Cooldowns and making gold from those cooldowns. The major way this works is that you have an item that has Crafting Cooldowns. You simply acquire a character who meets the level and skill requirements to craft the item. Then based on demand, people pay for that cooldown.

You can purchase materials from AH, then craft the item and place it on Auction House. Or you can simply advertise selling your cooldown in trade chat.

Arcanite Bar

To do this, you mainly look at three items. First, you can get Arcanite Bar through Alchemy transformation, which has a 2-day cooldown. Here, you can turn a Thorium Bar and an Arcane Crystal into Arcanite Bars. This is in fairly constant demand throughout the game.

Salt Shaker

You can also get Salt Shaker from Leatherworking, which has a 3-day cooldown and turns Deeprock Salt into Refined Deeprock Salt. It is further used to craft Cured Rugged Hide, which is used in many endgame leatherworking recipes and used in every content stage of the game. This one has a 3 day cooldown.


The last item is to make Mooncloth Craft through Tailoring, which can turn 2 pieces of Felcloth into 1 piece of Mooncloth, with a cooldown of 4 days. Mooncloth has baffling spikes in demand during certain content stages. Such as when people started farming to get Bloodvine Set from Zul’Gurub. We can also use it in Naxxramas handoffs to get Naxx Gear.

It is important to note that these crafts require a wide range of skills within these professions. This means you need to have an Alt level of 35 to get your Professions up to the skills required to craft these items. Reaching level 35 is certainly a significant time investment. But considering these are Hardcore Servers, I really think they’re probably pretty profitable and fun to upgrade!

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Profession Crafts

Next are other Profession Crafts. Here you can get really creative and mix and match your own crafts based on Trial and Error. Make some stuff, see what sells well, and then re-supply what sells well.

My best advice is to think outside the box and make and sell things that no one else is doing. Either way, I’ll share some of my best goldmakers that I think will apply to Hardcore as well.

First, we can make Bags through Tailoring. Personally, try selling a few Bags of various types and you can start making good profits very early on. Especially in Hardcore games, where people die and start over, bag space is important for every character.

You can also create Elixirs and Flasks through Alchemy. The nice thing here is that most Alchemy recipes are actually bound to the equipment. This way you can loot them on your primary site, then send them to your backup site and learn them.

Personally, I’ve noticed that the prices of Elixirs and Flasks always increase significantly as people get into raids and the weekly resets occur. So if you can pick up some cheap herbs during the week, whip out some Elixirs and Flasks on Tuesday or Wednesday. You can earn some pretty baffling amounts of gold.

Vendor Flips

Next, we have some Vendor Flips. It’s worth mentioning that most profitable Vendor Flips occur in higher-level areas. So in this case you can use skip logout to your advantage if possible, or you can even let Warlock summon you.

Among them, I think the most profitable vendors are Winterspring’s Mistweaver Xia and Xizzer Fizzbolt. These two vendors sell highly profitable Tailoring and Engineering Recipes. And they’re often very competitive.

In some cases, these recipes sell for as much as 100 gold coins. So here are some gold coins that are very easy to make. If you want to park an Alt here, you might want to get a Warlock Summon, since it’s pretty much a level 55+ area.

Alternatively, Deneb Walker in Arathi Highlands sells First Aid Manuals, which you can resell on the auction house for a markup. Many people easily pay extra for these manuals so that they don’t have to travel all the way to Arathi Highlands to collect them.

Having Alts in WOW Classic Hardcore can actually be a gold mine. But as I just said, upgrading takes time. However, the longer these servers are used, the more profit you make from the time spent upgrading. Because you put in the work once and you’re permanently rewarded, the sooner you level up your Alts, the more gold you’ll get for your time.

Sep 20 ,2023
Diablo 4: Discussion Of How Damage Calculations For Damage Buckets Work - Damage Formula Explained

Sometimes Diablo 4 makes you feel like you need a math degree to play the game. Damage Multipliers, Paragon Board, Legendary Aspects, Equipment Affixes, Gem System and Passive can be seen everywhere in the game. But what does it all mean?

I’ve done my research on this and have a simplified understanding of Diablo 4’s damage calculations. Understanding how its damage is calculated may help you use Diablo 4 Gold more effectively to maximize character damage.

How Does It Work?

First, we need to fully understand the damage. We can discover the best way to maximize damage in Diablo 4 by understanding how Damage Buckets work. Diablo 4 has 5 Damage Buckets: Main Stat, x Damage, Critical Strike Damage, Additive Damage, and Vulnerable Damage.

Damage Formula

The damage formula in Diablo 4 is this: Each Damage Bucket is multiplicative, and each multiplier within a bucket is additive. This basic concept forms the basis of your damage dealing strategy. In order to do the most damage in Diablo 4, we have to find as many sources of multipliers as possible and fill those Damage Buckets as high as possible.

Additive and Multiplicative can be confusing concepts. Additive means we simply add the multipliers before multiplying them. Multiplicative means that the multipliers will compound each other, which may seem negligible at first glance. When larger multipliers are added and then multiplied, the result is exponential.

Vulnerable & Critical Strike Damage

Let’s review the different sources of multipliers by category. Considering they have their own buckets, Vulnerable and Critical Strike Damage are necessary. Vulnerable and Critical Strike Damage will also appear on Diablo 4 items like weapons, rings, and amulets. Without them, we lose two additional ways to increase damage, which is a significant loss later in the game.

Certain weapon types have an inherent weapon affix that always makes them vulnerable to attacks or deals with critical damage. Weapons with the inherent Vulnerable and Critical Strike Damage affixes may also roll the second affix below.

Other ways to find these are to use passive skills, such as Rogue’s Malice. And use Rare Glyph Exploit or critical damage on Paragon Board, such as Rogue’s Legendary Node, Deadly Ambush.

x Damage

We also known damage percentage multipliers as global multipliers. This multiplier should not be confused with the plus percentage multiplier. The source of the global multiplier comes from anywhere there is a multiplier symbol next to the damage percentage.

You’ll find global multipliers in Legendary Aspects and even Unique Aspects. But we rarely find it on equipment like Chest Armor, and on rare nodes like Paragon Board.

Additive Damage

We can also find Additive Damage in affixes such as amulets. But mainly from gear affixes using the phrases “Damage with”, “Damage vs” and “Damage to.” Also, percentage damage is also the most common form of damage multiplier in Diablo 4.

The problem with such Damage Buckets is that their conditions are extremely limited, and we may not gain damage from them.

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Main Stat

The last buckets are the main statistics. To find your primary stat, hover over each stat until you see the stat for “Increases Skill Damage.”

Don’t overlook the main stat, we increase skill damage by 10% for every 100 points invested. Primary statistics can appear on any piece of equipment, as do all statistics. We can also find main statistics on this Paragon Board of normal nodes, magic nodes, or rare nodes.

Overall, mastering Diablo 4’s Damage Buckets is the key to dealing massive damage. It is crucial to understand how these buckets interact and where to find the multiplier.

Apply Vulnerable to increase your critical chance and critical damage, and allocate your points wisely for optimal performance. Hopefully, this ultimate guide to maximizing damage output has been helpful. Good luck on your path to becoming a Diablo 4 powerhouse!

Sep 19 ,2023
Elder Scrolls Online: A Complete Guide To City Of Ash I Veteran Dungeon - All Bosses Mechanics Explained

This is a guide to City of Ash I on Veteran difficulty in Elder Scrolls Online. This is a simple dungeon. But this tough boss may distress some people. Therefore, I will cover all bosses mechanics in this guide. Let’s start at the entrance. The first boss on your face is Infernal Guardian here.

Infernal Guardian

He’s in a room, and some tank likes to pull him out. But there’s no problem fighting him inside. He primarily performs melee combat against tanks. But occasionally he’ll signify a Ground Slam by quickly rolling a red circle to avoid wobbling.

He sometimes staggers around and throws up Fireballs everywhere. Staying close to him can avoid being attacked by Fireballs. But you want to stay out of his attack range at all times, as it has a red circle and deals with damage during this ability.

Still, players should stay close to him no matter what, as he will pin you in place if you go too far. Once he’s down, you can turn around and head south to face the second boss.

They named this Infernal Guardian Set after it, although it does not drop any shards. However, it has a chance to drop some ESO Gold and a unique item called Wildmaul.

Golor The Banekin Handler

Next up is Golor The Banekin Handler. He has low health and the fight won’t last long, but he has a lot of adds. His 360° slash will damage everyone standing within the red circle. You can avoid this by not standing too close or far away from it.

Like most heavy attacks, this boss attacks in melee first so that the tank can prepare for the incoming blow. It also deals with a lot of physical damage, knocking the tank back if it doesn’t block. He will also periodically summon more mobs, which damage dealers should clear out promptly to avoid being overwhelmed.

Warden Of The Shrine

When you reach the top of this mountain, the next boss will appear. He is Warden of the Shrine. He has a fierce attack, and the tank should block it in time. Just to be sure, move the boss slightly into the platform. This way, if the tank misses a critical hit, he won’t be thrown off the platform.

He’ll also leave fire pools here and there, but look around and there’s always a safe place to stand. If a player stands too far away, the boss will teleport to that player, dealing massive damage to them and stunning them. You can block this attack if you notice in time, but it’s best to avoid it.

Dark Ember

Dark Ember will appear after you kill the first three bosses. She could do a lot of damage to the team if they didn’t know about all the fire going on in this fight.

During the battle, the boss will summon Flame Pillar under each player, causing considerable fire damage to the players. You can easily avoid these problems by stepping out of them. When the boss dies, it explodes. A red circle will represent this. Just get out of here to avoid moderate damage.

Rothariel Flameheart

You will then encounter the fifth boss, Rothariel Flameheart. Her heavy attacks deal massive damage and knock back players with her aggro. Tanks can block this attack or dodge it.

She also performs a 360° slash shown in the red circle, which can again be blocked by tanks. But everyone else should get out of it.

At some point, she will create three Flame Pillars and disappear, then three of her clones will spawn from the flames. Players should kill the clone first and then proceed to kill her.

Razor Master Erthas

The last boss you will encounter is Razor Master Erthas. He will summon Flame Atronach, which tends to stay away from the group and harass you with Fireballs.

If your DPS is not high, you need to kill them in time. Otherwise, when the boss only has about 20% health left, the boss will summon 4 Flame Atronach at the same time.

The boss will hit you with a Blazing Arrow, which will take a lot of damage. If you find yourself burning, all you have to do is step into one of the smaller rivers and swim across it. This will automatically clear your debuff.

Also, don’t forget to dodge his ground target AOE, Lava Pitch, in time. This will spread out into 4 lines of fire, and you can avoid these attacks by walking out of them. If you activate Hard Mode, no new mechanics are added, the bosses just gain extra health and deal more damage.

This is the complete boss guide for City of Ash I on Veteran difficulty. Hope it helps you. Good luck.

Sep 18 ,2023
WOW Classic Hardcore: How To Earn More Gold By Investing & Flipping Items?

Today I want to talk about how to make more gold through investing and flipping. Imagine you have 100 unwanted gold coins in your bag. If you do not invest in these golds and continue to hold these 100 golds, you will still have 100 golds after 2 months. However, if you invest that gold into something of value, you’ll get back over 100 gold just by letting inflation do its thing.

By investing in the right items, you can also combine aspects like inflation with supply and demand indicators to achieve insane returns. So today, I’m going to show you some items that I’m considering putting into my WOW Classic Hardcore Gold for Hardcore Servers.

But investing is a pretty dangerous game. You always have to evaluate the current price of the item versus the price you think it will reach. And you have to account for peaks in supply and peaks in demand constantly.

Hardcore Servers differ slightly from most other versions of WOW Classic so far. They are not progressive, all content is available from the beginning. But we can still make some educated guesses about which materials will be popular at which times.

For example, there won’t be more people playing Naxxramas within the first few months, but there will be many people who may start farming Molten Core early on. This means you can make faster profits by flipping Molten Core-related items. While Naxxramas items may give you a higher profit margin overall, they will take longer to reach their full price.

Elemental Fire

The first item I would invest in is this Elemental Fire. This is a very simple item, as its price always goes up when people start raiding. The math behind this is simple.

While leveling, many people will inadvertently discover Elemental Fire. This means supply is high, but demand is low because no one is raiding. When people stop leveling and start looting, supply drops, but demand spikes and prices rise.

Elemental Fire is used to craft various items related to Fire Resist and Pre-BiS items. But most notably, they are often used to make Greater Fire Protection Potions. These are always in high demand when raiding Molten Core and Blackwing Lair.

As you can probably appreciate, anything used for survival will be used more frequently on Hardcore Servers, where you only have one life.

Small Flame Sac

The next item is based on the same principle, and that is Small Flame Sac. It is used to make Dragonbreath Chili and is often used by certain classes to increase DPS output.

We can use flame Deflector for survival. Regular Fire Protection Potions are for players who are too cheap to purchase this Greater Fire Protection Potions we just talked about.

I could get multiple of these items for 10-50 Silver each. And at the peak of Molten Core, I sold them for 6 Hardcore Gold each.

This item has a lot of potential because it’s something people keep discovering while leveling through WOW Classic. So if you can purchase some of these items cheaply from people who are leveling, you can earn some WOW Hardcore Gold easily.

Elemental Fire and Small Flame Sac are both short-term investments. This means you can purchase them immediately and plan to sell them for a quick profit over the next few months. You can then use that profit to invest in other items with higher profit margins.

Elemental Earth

You can also invest in Elemental Earth. This is very similar to Elemental Fire and is used to craft unique items. But I like to focus on crafting the consumables here, Elemental Sharpening Stone and Greater Nature Protection Potion.

Because they have a high sales rate and are always in high demand. Crafting both items requires Elemental Earth, which will make the item in outrageous demand.

Elemental Water

I guess while we’re on the items of Elemental, you’ll want to try Elemental Water, as well. This item has very high potential. Because almost no one purchased them in the early days. But when people start Naxxramas raids, their prices go up like baffling.


After introducing Elemental and Small Flame Sac, let’s talk about something else, Felcloth. This is usually obtained from level 50 to level 60, so demand may be high in the first few weeks. As more people reach level 60 and start focusing on their gear and classes, this item becomes more and more in demand.

This is mainly because Felcloth is used in Tailoring, and is used to improve Tailoring skills. It is also used in making Mooncloth, and further used in making a Bloodvine set.

I think this item will probably become really cheap again in the first few weeks. And then the price will skyrocket after a month or two when people hit level 60. This is also because Crafted Sets can provide people with some pretty powerful gear without requiring them to step into a raid.

For more people, raiding on Hardcore Servers with only 1 life can be downright scary. But they still might want to equip their character by doing some additional content.

Arcane Crystal

Finally, we can also try Arcane Crystal. It’s almost exactly the same principle as before. Demand will start to spike once people reach level 60 and start improving their career skills.

We primarily used Arcane Crystal in Arcanite Bar’s Alchemy Transmute, which is further used in most of the best Blacksmithing Crafts. If you can get them cheap enough, this could end up being very profitable.

So, here’s a quick recap of what I personally would do. While leveling up, try to save as many coins as possible and earn as many coins as possible. Invest any remaining gold you have in items. Once these items reach a profit margin that you’re personally happy with, consider selling them and reinvesting in items that you think will be more profitable down the road.

Sep 16 ,2023
Dark And Darker: The Best Strategies To Cheese Every Mini-Boss! - Applies To All Classes

Welcome to my comprehensive guide on how to cheese every mini boss. I’ll cover various ways to deal with each boss with ease. And this guideline applies to all classes. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Skeleton Champion

First, we meet Skeleton Champion. If you’re fighting a Skeleton Champion on flat ground, the best way to deal with it is to lure out its first swing. You need to stay relatively close at this point in order to lure Champion into continuing his combo. Then punish until you see a shield bash.

This attack has more resilience than others, giving even slower classes time to be punished safely .

Champion has a fast, forward slash that makes these short punishment windows dangerous. So always remember to turn around and move sideways or forward to avoid injury, rather than backing up. If your class is faster, you can punish after a combo ends early. But this is risky for slower classes.

The best way to deal with this monster is to climb on top of it, so you can handle it easily. You can also attack Skeleton Champion by standing lower than it. But sometimes you need steep stairs to make it work, and we still took a little damage. So, don’t forget to spend Dark and Darker Gold at the merchant in advance to get some Shields and Healing Potions.


Next we will encounter Wraith. It’s very scary, but with this strategy, it becomes one of the easiest enemies in the game. No matter which attack it makes, just crouch down, look straight down, and move forward and left. You can keep repeating this process until Wraith dies.

You also kill Wraith by standing on top of torches, ledges, and chests. But because it’s taller than Skeleton Champion, you’ll need to make sure the object you’re using is high enough to not get hit.

Demon Dog / Demon Berserker

Next up are Demon Dogs. They do have an interesting mechanic. You may notice that they won’t harass you if you don’t stand in front of them. You can sneak past them to a safe point and then try to kill them.

Whether it’s a Demon Dog or a Demon Berserker, standing on top of them can be dealt with in the same way. But since Demon Berserker is taller, you’ll definitely need something taller to deal with them.

When you spot a Demon Berserker, make sure you don’t stand underneath them or you’ll take a lot of damage. And it really doesn’t work at all. So I highly recommend looking for top ledges to use rather than trying to use stairs or anything.

Then after they attack, you need to go sideways to the left or right side. Then attack them and wait for their next attack.

There is another way to deal with Demon Dog. This is more useful than beating them with terrain or whatever. If you’re going to deal with Demon Dogs, you’ll need to close the door behind them. Because they are on the lower level, the doors will not break.

When a Demon Dog attacks, all you can do is stick their head out. You can stab them in the head repeatedly, eventually killing them, without facing any danger. This is a very reliable way to deal with Demon Dog without any danger.

Demon Centuar

Finally, we have Demon Centuar to deal with. You can enjoy Demon Centuar on high with full cheese. But you need to make sure there is enough space to attack from above. This will allow you to peek and hit him once or twice, then avoid any of his upper attacks.

You can also reduce much of the damage he does by crouching on the stairs in front of him. Note that it still has an attack that will still hit you, but can be dodged.

This boss requires a little patience, and it has a lot of health. But you can deal with him effectively by taking advantage of a lot of high ground.

That’s all the mini-bosses are currently in Dark and Darker. I’ll continue to find more ways to help you deal with new bosses, new enemies. Don’t forget to share this with your friends so they don’t die again. See you next time!

Sep 15 ,2023
Dark And Darker: A Detailed Guide To All Zone Timings And Portal Spawns

What if you want to know the exact time each area in Dark and Darker and its portals spawn, but don’t want to put in the effort to find out? Then you’ve come to the right place. I calculated the exact time information for all areas in Dark and Darker. Here’s everything you need to know. I will share it with you here.

We should note that they may change later, based on IRONMACE adjustments. But here are the current zone times and portal spawns, and knowing them may save you a lot of time and Dark and Darker Gold. The next thing I mention is the timer on the mini map, which should be in the lower right corner of the screen. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Goblin Caves

So let’s start with Goblin Caves. Each Goblin Caves game lasts 10 minutes and 35 seconds. The opening hour of Zone 1 is 8:10 - 7:30. That opening hour of Zone 2 is 5:50 - 5:15, and it generated two portal spots. The duration of Zone 3 is 3:45 - 3:15. From this point on, it will generate no more portal spots.

You should note that game time will be measured by ticks above the mini-map, with each tick representing approximately 14 seconds. But the timer goes off, so Zone 4 will open at 9 ticks to 7 ticks and produce a portal. Then, after about 3 ticks, Zone 5 opens, and it created a final portal. Now we have finished working on Goblin Caves.

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Next, let’s take a look at Ruins. Ruins map lasts slightly longer than Goblin Caves, at 11 minutes and 55 seconds per game. The first opening time of Zone 1 on this map is approximately 8:50 - 7:20, and it generated no portal. Then Zone 2 lasts from 5:20 - 4:20 and has two portal spots. The opening time of Zone 3 will be 3:20 - 2:35, and it will generate four portal spots.

Ticks above the map, with each tick representing approximately 15 seconds, measure game time from 2:35 onwards. Therefore, Zone 4 will go from 7 ticks to about 4 ticks and create two portal spots. Zone 5 will close for the ultimate time around 3 ticks, resulting in a portal spot of zero.

So just always remember if you are on Ruins map. And you reach the last area, please make sure it protected the portal as new portals do not expire. 

Howling Crypts

Let’s move to the last map, Howling Crypts. The zone time here is actually the same as in Ruins. The only difference is the portal spots generation.

Therefore, the duration of Howling Crypts map is also 11 minutes and 55 seconds. Among them, the opening time of Zone 1 is approximately 8:50 - 7:20, and a blue portal spot appears. The duration of Zone 2 is 5:20 - 4:20, and it generated two blue portal spots. The opening time of Zone 3 will be 3:20 - 2:35, with four blue portal spots and nine red portal spots generated.

Ticks above the map, with each tick representing approximately 15 seconds measure similar to Ruins, gameplay time in Howling Crypts. Therefore, Zone 4 will close from approximately 7 ticks to 4 ticks, and generate three blue portal spots and three red portal spots. Zone 5 will be closed for the last time at about 3 ticks, and it will generate no portal spots.

Here I will summarize the different times for all maps and their portal spots generation. You probably don’t want to memorize every area and portal spot spawn point. Because this obviously requires a lot of work.

Instead, I recommend you keep in mind whether the last area on each map generates portal spots, and how long the tick on the mini map timer represents. Hopefully, I’ve saved you some time with this. You probably don’t need to memorize it entirely, but I feel like knowing this information will come in handy one day. Good luck!

Sep 14 ,2023
Diablo 4: How To Build An Unstoppable Tal Rasha Lightning Sorcerer Without Barber Heart?

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to create a good Lightning Sorcerer build on Eternal Realm Server. Therefore, I wanted to share here a building based on the seasonal Oculus Tal Rasha. I made a few tweaks in it to ensure it would run well in Tier 100 Nightmare Dungeon and dominate Tier 80 NM with face tanks and fast farming.

I’ve invested a lot of Diablo 4 Gold and time into this Eternal Realm Server. Unfortunately, I still haven’t found an Oculus. Therefore, I built this Tal Rasha Lightning Sorcerer build without it. If you have an Oculus, the full DPS build will perform better than this build. Let’s start!

Skills & Skill Tree

Tal Rasha Lightning Sorcerer’s skill tree is identical to Oculus Tal Rasha. We didn’t use any basic skills, but you can add 2 points to any basic skill you like. Then place 1 point on Frozen Orb and choose Vulnerable Passive, Greater Frozen Orb. This is one of the vulnerable sources in the build.

We only use Frozen Orb in the enchantment slot since all skills in this build are non-base. Casting either of these has a 30% chance to fire a Frozen Orb, triggering large AOE damage and vulnerable status.

Then we only add 1 point to Chain Lightning and we put the other points into Fire and Frost to illuminate all 3 elements in the build. Then use Destructive Chain Lightning to get unlimited mana.

Next, let’s add 1 skill point to Teleport and Shimmering Teleport. After Teleport, it will reduce the damage by 30%. This is very important in this build.

Then let’s need Frost Nova and get Frost Nova’s Vulnerable Passive, Mystical Frost Nova. Gaining 1 point of Elemental Attunement every 10 seconds is enough to get us a free Teleport or Frost Nova.

Then we put 4 skill points into Hydra. And choose Summoned Hydra passive to get the burning synergy. Burning Hydra now has extremely high damage proportional to the enemy’s level.

Next, we put 3 points into Devouring Blaze, which increases critical hit damage to burning enemies. Because we have the burning synergy of Hydra.

The next 3 points are Ball Lightning as it is the main AOE DPS for this build. We also only use it in the enchantment slot as this build has a constant 80% critical strike chance. A Teleport can trigger up to 4 static Ball Lightning on the ground, causing baffling AOE damage.

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We then invested 3 points into Hoarfrost. Because we ran Frost Nova, the damage against frozen enemies increased by 18%. Damage to cold enemies has been increased by 9% since we used Frozen Orb.

Finally, we add 1 point for Unstable Currents. Its Overflowing Energy allows all our Crackling Energy to reduce the cooldown of Shock Skill, giving the ultimate skill a 0 cooldown.


Because there is no Barber Heart on Eternal Realm Server. So we built on the full DPS version to make up for DPS loss. Since we don’t have an Oculus, I’m going to help make it easier for us to get infinite mana by using Recharging Aspect. Then I’ll do a quick scan of the gear, checking for stat priority or unique substitutions in the build link.

Paragon Board

Since we use Recharging Aspect, we no longer need Static Surge Node. Therefore, I suggest you can upgrade this Paragon Board from level 50 to level 100 in the order of the walkthrough.

T100 Tips

If you want to complete T100 with this build, I recommend getting a few more consumable Diablo 4 items like Armor and Elixir. This build features burst windows for Teleport and Frost Nova. Try waiting for both skill cooldowns to be ready before engaging an elite team.

I did my first try at T100 on this build and I make a few mistakes. I hope this helps you avoid injury.

At first I thought I was tanky enough, but I got hit by Flame Wave. Then I realized I only had 40% fire resistance because none of my rings were fire resistant. So I removed a Lightning Resistance Paragon Node and used an All Resistance Node. After the change, I still have 50% lightning resistance and I can tank Lightning Balls easily.

Secondly, I underestimated the damage of Shadow Enchanted affix. Although I knock him down before he attacked me next time, it’s safer not to fight multiple elite groups at the same time in T100.

Third, I used my Crowd Control skills too quickly, so that I didn’t have Crowd Control to deal with the enemy in the later stages and got attacked.


After testing it on Eternal Realm Server, I now feel even more strongly the enormous difference Barber Heart makes. In my opinion, Barber Heart mechanism is quite innovative. Hopefully, we see more of this in Season 2. What do you think of this Tal Rasha Lightning Sorcerer build? See you next time!

Sep 13 ,2023
Dark And Darker: The Best Strategy To Kill All Inferno Demons!

Most players may feel intimidated when entering Inferno for the first time because there are many new demon mobs.

But don’t worry. Here I will teach you how to kill the four demon mobs in Inferno, namely Demon Dog, Demon Bat, Demon Centaur and Demon Berserker. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Demon Dog

The most common demon mobs you see in Inferno are Demon Dogs. Demon Dog has only one attack, and that’s Forward Lunge. It targets your upper chest and head. So don’t forget to spend Dark and Darker Gold ahead of time to get some suitable shields.

All you have to do is sidestep to avoid Demon Dog’s attacks. Very simple, but be careful because sometimes they will suddenly trigger Forward Lunge in a short period, which can easily catch you off guard.

Their strategy is similar to Dire Wolf. When it triggers Lunge, it will strafe around and spin forward. In Nightmare, they also gain Electric Collar. Be careful when attacking its head.

Demon Bat

Demon Bat is a rare enemy in Inferno. But they are not mini-bosses, and their health value is only equivalent to Skeleton. Their only attack is Lunging Kick. But this attack is weak against circular strafing.

You’ll need some room to move around to get it to an area with enough space. Once you’ve done this, when attacking Demon Bat, its attacks will flip.

Make sure to attack its body and not its legs. If you only focus on its legs, it can get you into trouble and be difficult to get out of. So just focus on it and you’ll do fine.

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Demon Centaur

Demon Centaur is the next Inferno creature that most new players will probably fear. Demon Centaur has two major attacks: Overhead Swing and Sideways Swing. Overhead Swing can be avoided by dodging and moving to the left, while Sideways Swing can be avoided by simply dodging in the opposite direction.

These are the attacks Demon Centaur will use. This fight will be very simple, but if you’re far away, they may try to charge, which you must avoid.

Demon Berserker

The last monster is Demon Berserker. Demon Berserker has two major attacks, Alternating Diagonal Swing and Sideways Swing, which can hit infinite combos.

For Alternating Diagonal Swing, the challenge of this attack is to react to the attack that occurs first. But once you react to the first move, the follow-ups stay consistent, at least until the end of their combo. 

So be sure to fight in a spacious area. Dodging this attack is more of a reaction speed test, so it may take more practice than usual. But once you get the hang of it, you can handle it with ease.

Demon Berserker can then use Sideways Swing, which they will randomly throw out to end their combo. But you can still dodge it in the same way as Alternating Diagonal Swing.

If you find yourself getting hit by Demon Berserker’s Sideways Swing, stay a little more on the left side of his body since he’s right-handed. So when it contracts from the left, it has to swing wider. This will give you more room to duck. And its right side swing sometimes ends in the middle. This means you have to go further to the left to be fully attacked.

This is definitely one of the toughest enemies in this Inferno. You need to use pure evasive tactics to deal with it. So more creative solutions may be preferred, especially in higher difficulties.


Once you learn all the attack patterns of the different Inferno demons and practice them, they should be easy to deal with. I hope this encourages you to give Inferno a try, and hopefully makes you less intimidated. Looking forward to seeing you in the game!

Sep 12 ,2023
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