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Hey guys, today I would like to show you some tricks and leveling methods you can use in Wrath of the Lich King, let's have a look.

When you start leveling in Borean Tundra, there might be a lot of competition in the starting area, therefore I recommend you to head to other locations, to pick up some quest that way there will be way less competition, and it will be easier for you to leveling. Honestly, there's a lot of these locations in Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord, for example here in Borean Tundra you can also pick up two additional quests at the same time.

In here location you can find this dragon that allow you to fly to Coldarra, where you can pick up so many different quests.

There are so many different locations you could go to in Borean Tundra, for example right here in between the Horde and the Alliance camp you can unlock a ton of quests.

The last neutral location I like to use in Borean Tundra is at this murloc. There will only be one quest at the beginning, but when you complete this you will unlock a ton of other ones.

When you're leveling, you might find a lot of different materials, for example from your professions, but instead of spending a lot of travel time going all the way back to the main city to post these on the auction house or maybe put them into your bank, now you can save a lot of time just by sending these to a bank character.

For those of you that doesn't have an epic flying skill and reached level 77, you can go to Storm Peaks. Because in Stone Peaks you can talk to this npc to receive your flying mount. Now you can fly with this in either Icecrown, Storm Peaks, in the future you can fly in all the different zones, this will also help all the people that are slow on gold farming, so you can fly around and start questing all the way up to level 80.

Back to the neutral questing areas, if you had way more to the west in Howling Fjord, you will find this big tree that offer you a quest.

Nearby you will also find an additional npc that gives you a quest, this one is located close to the alliance camp, but don't worry both factions will be able to start this, all you'll need to do to complete this quest.

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Sep 30 ,2022

Hey guys today let's talk about the new Genshin Impact character Candace, I am not going to exaggerate anything, so first of all, Candace is a support, she does not heal or restore energy but she does offer a couple of benefits that I think are unique.

Her burst actually grants 20% damage boost to Elemental Normal Attacks, which is absolute an powerful buff for Ayato or Yoimiya. And on top of this, her 2nd passive also will provide additional 0.5% boost for every 1,000 health she has. So in a team with Ayato, who lets her activate Hydro Resonance for 25% Health increase, her HP sits around 46,000 so this comes out as 23% boost from passive, which totals up to 43% when her burst is activated.

How about her damage? Unfortunately, her damage at C0 is almost non-existant. Even though both her talents scale with Health, her skill works very similar to Yun Jin's, so you can either charge it up or use it when an enemy tries to hit you, which will then unleash the more powerful attack. But the reason why you want this better attack is solely because she generates 3 Hydro particles instead of 2. So no matter how you look at it, if you build her with a full Health loadout, this is already the best for Candace .

Now you might be asking what if giving her a Hydro Goblet, Critical Rate or Damage Circlet and maybe buff her up. Sure it can buff her a lot, however the thing is besides first constellation which increases Candace's burst duration, nothing else will ever help her improve Normal Attack damage. So, as a support is her biggest selling point, at least in my opinion, then let's talk about what kind of teams I came up with.

First one was Ayato, Candace, Fischl and Kazuha. Candace seems like a very good support for Ayato, since Ayato's skills could fully utilize Candace's burst buff.

Candace, Yoimiya, Yelan and Zhongli is also a good team for normal attack, but obviously someone like Benny boy or even Yun Jin would be a better choice if you have them.

Xingqiu, Beidou,Sucrose and Candace team is also a proper one, Xingqiu is already built with Hydro damage in mind, so gaining that infusion improved his overall performance.

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Sep 29 ,2022

Hey guys, after Wrath of the Lich King Classic released, I believe that lot of people already enjoyed a lot in those new content. So today I would like to introduce some tricks that other players may ignore in WOTLK, anyway let's have a look.

Firstly in Wintergrasp, you can go to this location, where you have the opportunity to go into the base as long as jump on your mount, or even without your mount. Thus you have a way to get behind the enemies walls and start bumping them, at the same time, you can also use this trick to get some additional honor by killing the players inside the base.

Secondly I still see a lot of players who like to use the Ghetto Hearthstone, but when they do this they always invite a player you don't need, actually there's a macro so you can do this manually. For those of you who don't know what a Ghetto Hearthstone is, basically when there's a cool down on your hearthstone, you can go into a dungeon, leave the group, and that way be teleported to where your hearthstone is set, even when there's a cooldown on the hearthstone. The trick to make this work, you need to make a macro that invite a player, in my case I just add numbers to make sure there's no player with that name, and then I make a script with leave party, if the script doesn't work you can always just right click on your portrait and leave the party, but all you need to do now is just to spam the macro and this will put you into a party, you leave the group and use the Ghetto Hearthstone.

Thirdly there's a location in Northrend where you'll be able to kill enemies, that has a high chance of granting you engineering materials and these you can use to continue leveling your engineering. However, you will need to be an engineer yourself to make this work, because without engineering you will not be able to sample or harvest the materials when you have killed the enemies. You can find these at the marked location right now, of course there isn't 100% chance to get these items whenever you dissample them, but still the chance is fairly decent as well, because we have to remember you can pull a lot of these and aoe them down.

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Sep 28 ,2022

Hey guys, today I would like to give you some quick guides on Druid in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. For the people who loves Druid, the good news is it remains epic as ever, and I don't care what you think of them in TBC, I assure you druid can be one of your top picks in WOTLK.

Restoration Druid's healing has been increased by two additional spells, Nourish and Wild Growth, which make Restoration Druid highly versatile in a single target and raid wide healing, I really like the new Restoration Druid and since it's so strong from the beginning to the end of the expansion.

Balance Druid went to above average dps capabilities especially in the aoe fights with the new most OP AOE ability in the game - the Starfall, next to Moonkin aura, which is raid wide now. They have Earth and Moon which does the same thing as Curse of Elements does. Rotation now includes more than just a Starfire spam, with much better mana region and mana management.

Guardian and Feral Druid were my favorite class and my main for a long time in TBC and I just loved them. In WOTLK they remain what they are, as Guardian, a dodge hp tank that deals a lot of damage, single target threat is amazing as always, but now with 360 degree Swipe you can aoe tank better than before. Surely it won't be uber threat like Paladin's Consecration or DK's DND, but it will still be better than what it used to be. On top of that bear got some new and improved cooldowns to boost its survivability. As a Feral, Kitty dps is amazing but it has the hardest rotation, if you manage to learn it and practice it enough you will see pretty high numbers, especially in late game when you acquire a big chunk of armor penetration, then you will easily compete for the first damage.

I won't go deeper into abilities and how to manage your rotation in this, maybe in the future so please follow the for the latest updates on WOTLK.

Is it possible that a lot of players playing Druids in WOTLK Classic? Yes, of course! who enjoyed raids in tbc will continue to like it, I predict some new players picking it up just because it is so versatile, and if you can't decide what role to play, Druid is one of your best choices and leveling is not struggle as well.

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Sep 27 ,2022

Hey guys, today if I would like to talk about one class in Wrath of the Lich King Classic which is definitely booming in every aspect, it must be a Paladin. Its three specs are viable in any raids and any content.

Protection Paladin has the biggest improvement must sweeps out Warrior off. As a main tank in the raid, Protection Paladin plays an important role even on low gear level due to some awesome cooldowns and talents. DK tank is a league of its own, but Protection Paladin rises in WOTLK from being an AOE tank. Now that paladins are no longer relying on spell power items to dish out threats and damage, it can do much more.

Retribution Paladin as my favorite melee spec in tbc has improved, and it's quite decent in WOTLK. They performance is very well with more haste and crit especially in the end game, they will be doing nice damage in the beginning, however more or less Frost DKs will do better. What makes me happy about Retribution Paladin is that Seal Twisting is a thing of the past, and Retribution Paladin now has a proper identity with rework spells and kept its rate utility along with cooldowns.

Just like any paladin spec I think it's important to know that they do some off-healing while dealing damage, both themselves and others around themselves are quite hard to deal with in pvp.

Still Holy Paladins I won't say much, because I believe they are popular and just a stronger single target healer throughout the expansion, however with Holy Light costing a bit over 1000 mana you might find yourself struggling with mana. After reaching a huge amount of intellect, the rotation will be a little annoying, the amount of spells used will increased so it will be harder to play for many players choosing holy paladins as their main.

So do I think there will be a lot of Paladins in MOTLK? Yes definitely, Protection, Retribution and Holy alike will be all popular throughout the expansion. The amount of rework spells for paladins is huge starting with blessings, there is a reduced amount of it to the point where you almost don't even have to use a pally power, but please do still. Same goes for seals, the biggest change being taking out the entire seal of the crusader and some others along with some blessings were converted into hand spells.

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Sep 26 ,2022

Recently, New World official has imposed certain restrictions on the transaction method of in-game currency (Coin). MMOWTS has also made changes to the delivery method of New World Coins on the website in accordance with the changes in the official policy.

Now when you place an order to buy New World Coins (any server), in the shopping cart interface, in the "DELIVERY INFORMATION" column you need to fill in, the original "Face To Face" has become the current "Auction House". You need to be aware of this change or we may not be able to successfully deliver your order.

Additional Notes:
1. Please List An Equipment (Such As Clothes, Shoes, Weapons)
2. We Do Not Cover The Listing Fee And Sales Fee

Screenshot of the existing delivery method:

Currency is the foundation of the in-game economy and an important part of your gaming experience. MMOWTS will continue to provide you with strong support in this regard. Visit MMOWTS and buy New World Coins, you will have the best shopping experience!

Sep 23 ,2022

About Priests, it goes from extreme to extreme, this cooperates next to useless in TBC, but now in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, it will be a must to have one priest class.

Preventing or absorbing damage before Boss bites a part of character's HP pool is what they excel at, so everyone want to prioritize a Discipline Priest for their raids. Their cheap flash shields is going to be less effective for example in dungeons, but in dungeons damage is not that great, they are still needed even though their spells are costing a lot of mana. They also have nice replenishment for mana from talents and abilities, such as Hymn of Hope and all-time popular Shadowfiend. With more and more intellect, Discipline Priest becomes quite self-sustained and can carry out fights without any worries. On top of that it has two awesome cooldowns, one which resembles Hysteria from DK, but does not stack with Bloodlust, and other one for naughty dps who over aggro.

Holy Priests, the healing class of TBC just carrying both aoe healing and single target, but now in WOTLK it just falls behind new Resto Druids and improved Holy Paladins a little bit. It still has the potential and really strong cooldowns, even Lightwell is kinda viable now. The holy priest strong side is its weakness at the same time, being able to cover any type of healing needed and working synergy with other healers makes, holy priest good at everything but not strongest in anything. Raid healing with Prayer of Mending, Prayer of Healing and Circle of Healing is great, but mana intensive.

Shadow Priest found a new power in the form of new spells, like Mind Sear for example. Shadow Priests will be quite decent dps throughout the entire expansion from start to the end, and it's going to make some of us main shadow priest players in TBC quite happy. The DoT ability, which is huge since the vast majority of shadow priest damage comes from DoTs. With the AOE ability and the multi DoTs, you get really strong caster dps that has some awesome utility in form of debuffs on target. DoTs can be stacked in great composition to boost overall dps, heals while doing damage. It's overall really fun to play with changing and interesting rotation, which is modified by stats and gear you have.

Can I see a lot of players playing priests? I'd say about the same amount as now, maybe a tad bit more as shadow priests since it will have a nice output at the beginning, but healing specs of it won't be stacked and will count at least one, either holy or discipline. Overall in what look, priest is not a bad choice if you are into this things.

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Sep 23 ,2022

Hey guys, the WOTLK Classic is about coming, so today let's have a quick guide on a well reputation class, Shaman.

The most wanted class of a raid in TBC is by far is Shaman. One of the biggest reason is the party-wide Bloodlust can be the best ability in the entire game. Even though you might think the reason is Shaman is probably the most played as well, I want to say yes...but no, you can find there is always a shaman missing, because nobody liked to play them due to simple rotation and totems with low output, so Restoration Shamans were peace in the last phases.

However in WOTLK, with changes implemented for shamans, their bloodlust is raid wide, along with raid totems which means you need 1 or 2 shaman's maximum for raid. Restoration shamans are not bad, but due to no more downranking in WOTLK, they are quite mana unsustainable at lower gear, It's something that I found obnoxious from time to time. But later on, the Restoration shamans were incredible nicely optimized in gears in the future, if you want to choose one or the one out of two shamans in your raid is definitely Restoration shaman.

About the Enhancement Shaman, if you liked it in TBC you surely will like it still in WOTLK. As it's awesome from the start, and they also good towards the end game though. His rotation is so interesting as long as without sometimes annoying totem twisting and the way to a good Enhancement is managing your cooldowns and shocks well.

Elemental shaman remains as mid-tire dps at the beginning of expansion, so you might think that they are great that's true to some extent, because they don't rely as much on gears like some other classes. At the end of the expansion they are going to be decent but nowhere near the top of damage meters. Elemental shamans gives the raid is not unique, since beside totems any other utilities are either same as some other classes or even worse than those.

Leveling is best done as enhancement, due to awesome burst potential with rather short cooldown. I think lot of players will play shaman no more than less shamans at the moment. The true mains the general feeling of playing a shaman is subjective, if you like the play style, don't let any other player even try to convince you.
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Sep 19 ,2022

The New five-star character Tighnari in Genshin Impact is quite attractive to players by his capable on Quicken damage delivering, charming outfits and most importantly, his fluffy ears. Anyway today I would like you give some suggestions on Tighnari team building and explain why, so let's have a look.

Start from the bottom, let's talk about his artifact, weapon and stats. Now there's two main artifact sets that work really well on him, Wanderer's Troupe and the newest Gilded Dreams artifact set. You'll notice there's Elemental Mastery in both of these sets, that's because he could benefit from it by increasing his burst and charged attack damage from his 2nd passive talent.

Spread is a very unique reaction, the amount of damage increase depends on character's level and their elemental mastery. Things like Critical Damage, Elemental DMG or basically anything that can increase DMG, Spread also benefits from this. The only thing that Spread sub reaction doesn't care about is ATK, it has no influence over it. Basically Elemental Mastery is very good on Tighnari, but at the same time you going with something increasing critical rate or damage will be a better optimal way to build him.

So what type of teams can you build with him? Anyway Quicken or should I say Spread, is essential if you want to see him cause big damage, so no matter what the team is, you always want to bring at least one Electro character like Fischl. The remaining two spots are flexible, so I built those teams around Tighnari and one Electro character.

Now, the first team I tested out was Double Electro Double Dendro team, some would call it AggraSpread team because Electro characters will cause Aggravate sub reactions while Dendro will cause Spread sub reactions. Now the good thing about this team is that the amazing damage. Here I recommend using Fischl, Collei, Lisa and Tighnari and because of the way Quicken works, it just keeps getting refreshed on targets, so almost every single hit is guaranteed to be Spread or Aggravate sub reaction. I really liked this team, just by using Slingshot and Gilded Dreams on Tighnari, he can really delivers some nice damage.

There's a new craftable Sumeru bow called King's Squire, which increases EM by 140 at max refinement after using skill or burst and then it also deals some explosive damage, so I put it to use in another team where it was made up of Yae Miko, Collei, Venti and of course, the fluffy archer. The cool thing about Quicken reaction is that if you can cause a Swirl on multiple enemies which are Quickened, the Swirl also will be Aggravated and this can significantly boost the damage, so this team worked very well, although I can't say it was as comfortable to pilot as the previous team.

But what happens if Tighnari is the only Dendro character in the team? I mean, in the previous two teams Collei was using the Deepwood Memories artifact set to shred enemies Dendro resistance but now, there's no one besides Tighnari here. There's two solutions, either give him the Dendro set, or give somebody else like Kujou Sara equips on. Nobody said it has to be a Dendro character using this set, since all they need to do is just hit the enemy with their skill or burst to shred Dendro resistance. And it works really well on Kujou Sara here. I kinda like this team a lot, although my only problem with is that Tighnari can't cause Dendro damage off-field, so it becomes harder for Electro characters like Fischl to cause Aggravate when Quicken disappears on enemies.

So there are the three teams I recommend to you around Tighnari, if you did not get him yet, you can go to and buy Genshin Impact Accounts as well, your waifu is waiting for your purchase.

Sep 17 ,2022

With the updates of Terror Zone in Diablo 2 Resurrected, it may come as no surprise that the Amazon is the best choice for this challenge. As the fastest boss-killing build without any other competitors, she is an absolute and typical glass cannon.

Thus let's talk about her skills build and here is the suggestions about her skill point using.

Lightning Fury and Charged Strike as Amazon's key damage skills, make sure you can max them all as much as possible. Charged Strike is the most important single target dps skills on boss killing, while Lightning Fury could be the greatest and most powerful AOE skills with the interaction of Pierce.

Most of her elemental devastation comes in the form of lightning damage, you can also deal the physical damage to some special monsters but this will rarely be required, as your mercenary's conviction aura which could break the immunity of most monsters.

One thing you have to pay much attention, Amazon is extremely relying on mana, thus you have to prepare enough mana potion especially when you get your end game gear, meanwhile your mana sustain will be unbelievable lower than before. Meditation could help your mana recovery, and you can also use Mana Leech to over come it.

About gear, over here is the recommended list of Amazon on Lightning Damage Build.

Regardless, this is the best boss killer in the game. so when any of the end of act areas get terrorized, this build will be well equipped to deal with the any Act Bosses for that reason.

Alone this build is a very solid choice when you try to reach level 99 with or without terror zones. While she may run into problems with unique monsters that are immune to both physical and lightning damage, it's in your best interest to quickly move on from those ones, and find large packs of enemies that can be taken down quickly with Lightning Fury, or you can find weaker unique monsters that can practically be one poked.

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Sep 15 ,2022
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