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Last Epoch: How To Traverse The Vault And Win? - In-Depth Guide To Keeper Vault Quest

There are a lot of quests to conquer in Last Epoch, and completing them is a great way to help you earn loot and XP early in the game. These resources will be of great help to you later.

In this guide, I’ll cover one of the key quests in Last Epoch, Keeper Vault. It involves crossing the vault with the help of an old man NPC.

Accept Quest

As you make your way through the starting area, you need to find Keeper Balthas, who is located in Keeper Vault, which requires you to complete Keeper Vault Quest. This is a main quest that starts after you enter Keeper Vault while completing your previous quests.

The mission can be challenging and requires you to navigate a dungeon. This may take some time, especially as you deal with the initial challenges.

When you complete the mission and know where to go, you can move on to the next part of the game. I need to remind you that don’t forget to prepare some Last Epoch Gold before you start.

Find Keeper Balthas

Once you’re in Keeper Vault, you’ll take the path to the left or right and down the stairs, where you’ll fight Forged Soldier.

This mini-boss is simple, with just a few fire attacks. This includes a spinning fire attack, causing continuous damage to surroundings, launching fireballs and dashing forward. But when you use your most powerful moves with a health potion, it should die quickly.

Next, go northeast through the golden door, where you will meet Keeper Balthas and talk to him.

Kill Brightblade Palarus

It should be noted that there will be waves of Osprix and some Eyes of Rahyeh attacking you here. While you fight them off, Keeper Balthas will stick to the center left of the arena, so stay close and protect him until Brightblade Palarus appears.

Its attacks primarily consist of a dual-sword attack, which communicates the attack by the appearance of glowing circles on the ground. At this point, the player must leave the circle immediately, as the attack will cause a lot of damage and can easily kill in one hit.

After killing Palarus, you’ll be rewarded with plenty of loot. Talk to Keeper Balthas afterwards and he will instruct you to leave Keeper Vault and follow you.

Leaving Keeper Vault

First, you’ll head northwest up a set of stairs, then north along either path in the next room. The corridor will circle around, so take the fork north, then follow it to the south bridge.

Watch out for enemies in the room and fight them off, then head southeast. Go over the tree and continue east, fighting off the enemies in the next room.

Then go south, then west, and you’ll find Keepers’ Contingency chest. Walk northeast and you’ll reach Northern Road.

Talk To Keeper Guard & Return To Town

Upon entering the new area, you will follow a path, cross a wooden bridge and encounter a Keeper Guard. After talking to Keeper Guard, you’ll see a cut scene of Haruspex Orian kidnapping Keeper Balthas.

You will talk to Keeper Guard again and will be prompted to return to Keeper’s Camp. You can do this by using the teleport point you pass before the bridge or by using the town portal.

After returning to town, head northwest and talk to Keeper Leena. After completing the dialogue options, you will complete the mission and receive Passive Points and 30 XP.

Anyway, that’s it for this Keeper Vault Quest guide. I hope it will be helpful to you.

Mar 02 ,2024
Skull And Bones: How To Complete This Heist PVP World Event And Get More Loot? - Cutthroat Cargo Hunt

Skull and Bones contain many multiplayer game features, which meet the needs of many players to interact in the game, explore the ocean together, and collect resources.

World Events are the group content in Skull and Bones, and you can participate in competitive PVP or cooperative PVE. If you enjoy snatching high-value loot from your opponents, then Cutthroat Cargo Hunt must be your best choice. The event pits players against each other to collect treasure maps and race to a designated finish line.

In this guide, I’ll cover everything you need to know to complete Cutthroat Cargo Hunt, a heist PVP World Event, to help you loot more resources!

How To Enter The Event?

It is important to note that Cutthroat Cargo Hunt is not always available in Skull and Bones. They are randomly generated events that can appear at any point during a session and pop up at any given time on the game map. To participate in one event, you simply hold down the indicated button to fill the meter and enter.

There are two ways you can participate. First, by holding down the indicated button, a prompt will tell you that Cargo Hunt is now available. Second, open the game map, hover the cursor over Cargo Hunt symbol, and then enter it manually.

Once you’re in, you’ll be able to check how long you have to wait before the activity starts and where the starting point is. Therefore, I suggest you better use fast travel to reach the starting location.

Event Target

To win Cutthroat Cargo, you need to acquire cargo, deliver it to its destination, and find hidden treasures.

The competitive part of the campaign is only in the first two parts, as once you dock at a settlement, you’ll be victorious and able to slowly hunt for loot.

While the objectives are relatively simple, PVP elements of the event make it much more difficult than it sounds. To win, you need to get your ship to the finish line with its cargo first. Since the player holding the cargo will be the primary target of other players and receive a lot of attacks, it is important to prepare some Skull and Bones Items to increase your ship’s defense.


To win, you need to be strategic, resourceful, and know when to act aggressively against other players. Here are some tips on how to achieve victory in this PVP Event.

Reach Starting Position Quickly

Players will typically choose to participate in Cargo Hunt a few minutes before the event starts and will be notified of the location of the loot. To give yourself the best chance of standing out, you could make the most of this time and head to designated areas as soon as possible.

Take A Circuitous Route

In Cargo Hunt, you need to cross a lot of water to get to the finish line, but going straight there will probably result in a lot of attacks from other players.

The map is dotted with many islands, passages, and detours that you can use to escape enemy players and put distance between you and them. This is a risky strategy, and although it’s a waste of energy, it will also buy you some time to recapture the loot.

Manage Crew Stamina

Cargo Hunt events have longer durations, so you’ll need to manage your crew’s stamina or risk being overtaken.

First, it’s a good idea to stock up on a variety of different foods on board to refuel during the trip.

Another consideration for maintaining endurance is wind. When you’re facing strong winds, you might consider furling your sails to avoid wasting energy. When the wind is blowing, the sails can be furled, which is the most energy-efficient way to move.

Repair Ship

While you and your fellow players will be equipped with a variety of cannons, ballistics, and other weapons, you’ll want to make sure you have enough resources for quick repairs. You can do this by visiting vendors or looting some shipwrecks to make sure you have enough repair tools to repair any damage to your ship.

Although completing Cutthroat Cargo Hunt is difficult, it will give you an excellent opportunity to harvest more resources and help you realize your pirate dreams.

Feb 29 ,2024
WOW Classic SOD: How To Find And Craft This Paladin’s BiS Gear In Phase 2? - Reflective Truesilver Braincage

Gnomeregan raids are the source of nearly all BiS gear in WOW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2, including Reflective Truesilver Braincage. This massive Plate Helm is one of the best but hardest-to-get items in Phase 2.

WOW Classic SOD Phase 2 redesigns the classic Gnomeregan dungeon into a 10-player raid with more powerful bosses and better loot.

It should be noted that Gnomeregan’s best equipment is not looted, but crafted. Although the process is much more difficult, the gear is well worth the trouble, and that goes double with Reflective Truesilver Braincage. Here, we will talk about how to get this powerful Reflective Truesilver Braincage in WOW Classic SOD Phase 2.

What Is Reflective Truesilver Braincage?

Reflective Truesilver Braincage is the best-in-slot head item in SOD Phase 2 for many melee classes wearing Plate.

This item provides +14 Stamina and +15 Intelligence, and has several unique effects: Damage and healing done by magic spells are increased to 21 whenever the helmet is worn. This item also has an active ability, making you immune to Pushback, Silence and Interrupt.

For a melee class like Paladin, this is a required course in Season of Discovery.

How To Get Reflective Truesilver Braincage?

In WOW Classic Season of Discovery, you can get Reflective Truesilver Braincage by purchasing the blueprint of Ziri “The Wrench” Littlesprocket in Gnomeregan. Gnomeregan is the latest re-released dungeon in Season of Discovery, located in Dun Morogh.

Ziri “The Wrench” Littlesprocket is a Gnomish NPC that you can find in Clean Zone. This is the area between the third and fourth bosses, and can provide you with a brief respite from dealing with the many hostile monsters surrounding you. After you talk to Ziri and complete one of her brief quests, you can start obtaining her items, including Reflective Truesilver Braincage Plans.

This plan, like other pro recipes or orders sold by Ziri, will cost you 25 WOW Classic SOD Gold, although finding the right reagent materials may cost more.

How To Craft Reflective Truesilver Braincage?

Reflective Truesilver Braincage is a BiS head item for many Plate wearers in SOD Phase 2. To craft this item, you need to reach 225 Blacksmithing, and you need to collect the following items:

  • Polished Truesilver Gears
  • Mithril Bar x25
  • Low-Background Truesilver Plates x4
  • Hyperconductive Arcano-Filament x2

Low-Background Truesilver Plates and Hyperconductive Arcano-Filaments are two formulas sold by Ziri.

Low-Background Truesilver Plates require 200 Blacksmithing to craft, while Hyperconductive Arcano-Filaments require 200 Leatherworking to craft. This means you may need help to craft this powerful item.

However, it is not difficult to find Mithril Bars. You can usually get a bunch of 25 Mithril Bars at Auction House for a reasonable price, but you can only craft it if you reach 175 Miner. Finally, Reflective Truesilver Braincage can be crafted at level 200 Engineers. Therefore, in order to craft this item, you need to level up these four required professions.

The above is our complete guide to find and make the best-in-slot head item, Reflective Truesilver Braincage, necessary for this Paladin class in WOW Classic SOD Phase 2. Hopefully this guide will help you find this unique item and make your Paladin even more powerful!

Feb 27 ,2024
D2R Ladder: The Best Tips You Need To Know To Level Up Quickly In Season 6! - Leveling Area, Gear & Runewords

With D2R Ladder Season 6 going online on February 22, 2024, we will face a new demon army, and there are plenty of battles to look forward to. But if you have any hope of surviving this new season, you need to know how to get stronger and faster.

Luckily, that’s exactly what this guide is for. Below we will discuss some tips and useful information you can use to level up quickly in D2R Ladder Season 6.

Choose A Suitable Leveling Area

There are many ways to level up in D2R Ladder, but here we will give you some of the more efficient ones.

First, it is crucial to choose the right area for leveling. You can get the most XP bonuses by killing specific enemies, such as the elite monsters in each area, instead of wasting time on mobs.

While this seems simple, it can be the difference between wasting hours farming and gaining huge XP in a short amount of time.

Here is a list I put together of all the best leveling areas you can find in D2R Ladder:

  • Stony Field
  • Tristram
  • Clear enemies in Forgotten Tower
  • All Tombs at the end of Act 2
  • Farming Secret Cow Level
  • Complete Throne of Destruction
  • Defeat the elite in Chaos Sanctuary

We also noticed that if there are specific enemies, you could focus on farming each area and ignore the rest. It is important to note that before you start farming, make sure you have completed the quest line and reached level 5.

Get Leveling Gear

Having the right gear is almost as important as knowing where to farm for XP. Because they increase your experience gain, give you an advantage in combat, and make your farming more efficient.

Here are some of the best gear options for quickly leveling up in D2R Ladder:

  • Health, Mana, And Stamina Potions
  • Tome of Town Portal
  • Tome of Identify
  • Low Resistance Wand
  • Teleportation Staff

Many of these D2R Ladder items cost quite a little of gold, and repairing them is also expensive. So, to achieve this goal, be sure to pick valuable sets among your loot and sell them for a profit.

You can also take cheaper items and buff them with Horadric Cube to create more powerful and valuable items.

Also, it’s worth noting to keep an eye out for specific sets that drop in the world during battles that can be very helpful in how you build and farm.


Finally, we can also enhance your equipment and items by using Runewords.

Runewords can only be equipped with non-magical items, and, once completed, can produce powerful magic items. These items can be sold to earn gold and are also very useful for combat and farming.

There are a variety of Runewords at your disposal, so try ones that provide a boost to what you need in combat, whether that’s movement speed, resistance, or buffs.

While there are some specific items, runewords, and magic that are powerful, I still recommend that you choose and match sets of Runewords based on your build and play style, as this will greatly enhance your gaming experience.

Still, based on everything we’ve provided above, you should now have the best location and gear. These tips can help you grind and level up quickly in D2R Ladder Season 6. Looking forward to meeting you in the game!

Feb 18 ,2024
Elder Scrolls Online 2024: Everything You Need To Know About Anniversary Jubilee Event

ESO Anniversary Jubilee Event is one of the largest and most popular events. During the event, you can enjoy double XP boosts and earn new event-specific rewards.

This year, ESO celebrates its 10th anniversary. Anniversary Jubilee will be unlike any other holiday before. This year’s introductory quest will be changing. You can not only get boxes through daily tasks but also by re-clearing some Forgotten activities. They can bring you generous ESO Gold and some special rewards.

The activity is now available on the test server. We will explain and show everything in this ESO Anniversary Jubilee Event guide.

How To Start Anniversary Jubilee?

Let’s start with the introductory quest. You can get Ache for Cake quest for free from Crown Store.

After accepting the quest, you need to travel to one of the festival locations located in Stonefalls, Glenumbra and Auridon. Here we will meet the adopted son of Chef Donolon and complete the mission.

Jubilee Cake

As a reward, you will receive a Jubilee Cake. During the event, you will receive three Event Tickets when you eat a slice of Anniversary Jubilee Cake for the first time each day. Experience rewards are now passive during the event. But you won’t see this bonus in active effects. The developers say they will showcase it in the future.

How To Get Jubilee Boxes?

To get the event boxes, you need to complete all daily tasks. You can now also earn Jubilee boxes while playing the game through the following activities:

  • Kill and loot any final dungeon boss.
  • Defeat the final Trial Boss and World Bosses.
  • Complete any Incursion event, such as Dolmen, Geysers, Dragons and more.
  • Rewards for some Worthy mails.
  • Tales of Tribute Reward Bags.

The first event box you get in a day will be of Gold Glorious Quality, and any subsequent boxes completed each day will be of Purple-Quality.

There is a guaranteed fragment for Jubilee Steed in Glorious boxes. You need a total of 25 fragments to collect this mount.

You won’t be able to get the required number of fragments during the event, but you can continue to collect them next year or purchase missing fragments in Impresario Store for 3 Event Tickets each.

Unique Style Page

Besides, you can get some unique results at this event.

For Fishing, you can get Unique Sword Style Page. Any Dolmen reward chest has a chance to contain Style Page of Staff of Worms Replica.

Unfortunately, I could not find this and the subsequent Style Page on PTS. They haven’t dropped yet. But I want to show you some events that will give you a special Style Page during the event.

All Geysers in Summerset may drop Style Page for Staff. Additionally, all World Bosses in Vvardenfell may drop one of two Style Pages.

Impresario Store

It’s time to visit Impresario Store. Throughout Anniversary Jubilee Event, she will be stocked with the following items:

  • Bag of Jubilee Yesteryear
  • Bound Style Pages for Bonemold Outfit Style
  • Companion Guild Commendations
  • Impresario’s Group Repair Kit
  • Replica Jubilee Event Cakes from this year and previous years
  • All fragments for Passion Dancer Blossom Pet
  • All fragments for Passion’s Muse Personality
  • The first fragment of Meadowbreeze Memories Skin

Among them, the cake will only be displayed in the year you are attending the celebration.

I skipped Assistant and Indrik Vendor stores because their stores were empty and hadn’t changed since Jester’s Festival. You will most likely need to visit them during the event to view the merchandise.

Anyway, here are all the details you need to know about this year’s Anniversary Jubilee Event. Happy 10th birthday ESO! See you next time!

Feb 17 ,2024
Diablo 4 Season 3: 5 Top Sorcerer Builds To Easily Dominate The World Of Sanctuary!

In Diablo 4, Sorcerer is one of the best class options if you like a challenging gaming experience. Across three subclasses, you can master the elements of Ice, Fire, and Lightning Abilities, giving you unique combat mechanics and the ability to summon and command the elements.

Also, each class in Diablo 4 Season 3 has its own specific mission, after which you can unlock that class’s unique specialization to help you realize your character’s full potential.

With that said, if you enjoy using Sorcerers in your game and are looking for the most powerful Sorcerer builds, this guide with the five best build options is sure to satisfy your requirements.

1. Elementalist Sorcerer

Elementalist Sorcerer in Diablo 4 is aimed at beginners, helping them control combat mechanics and properly use the skill tree. This build is great for World Tiers 1 and 2 as it clears mobs faster and has survivability that other builds lack.

Besides, it is considered the most balanced build, allowing you to complete the campaign with ease. This gives you support in terms of burst damage, crowd control, mana and health regeneration, easily turning the tide of combat.

However, you need the right timing and patience when using this build, as it can be powerful if used correctly.

2. Arc Lash Sorcerer

Arc Lash build in Diablo 4 is one of the most beginner-friendly builds as you can deal massive damage to enemies by spamming your skills and can single-handedly lead entire groups in raids and dungeon crawls.

You’ll need Glinting Arc Lash for a faster cooldown so you can continue spamming your enemies with your skills.

However, you need to stun enemies as often as possible for this skill to work, as it only reduces the cooldown after hitting a stunned enemy.

Also, having Overflowing Energy can help you increase uptime. Because it will provide Crackling Energy for each attack and reduce the shock skill cooldown on elites from 0.1 seconds to 0.25 seconds.

3. Flame Sorcerer

Flame Sorcerer is one of the best self-sustaining builds because it can cast a variety of abilities, damage enemies, and restore your lost mana.

You also need Elemental Achievement. This passive skill allows you to have a faster cooldown time for each Lucky Hit. You can only use this passive ability to its fullest in order to be effective in combat.

For the core skill, you can use Flickering Fire Bolt, as it regenerates more mana on impact and allows you to fire more Fireballs.

If your Diablo 4 Gold budget is enough, you can also purchase Staff of Endless Rage. Since it can cast three Fireballs after every three hits, this makes a vast difference when using this build.

4. Ice Shards Sorcerer

This Sorcerer build is powerful and with it you can easily pass level 100 content. It can freeze everything in your path and deal massive damage to elite mobs and bosses.

However, implementing this Sorcerer build early in the game can be quite a challenge. Getting Aspects you need will allow you to dominate the game faster. Here are the key skills you need to build the strongest Ice Shards Sorcerer in Diablo 4.

First, you need Elemental Dominance, which will give you the most mana. And your primary source of damage is Destructive Ice Shards. Because it’s able to cast five Ice Shards at once, making enemies vulnerable for two seconds to knock down any enemy with ease.

5. Charged Bolts Sorcerer

Charged Bolts Sorcerer in Diablo 4 is the most powerful build in PVP combat as it can immobilize enemies and deal massive damage at the same time. However, you will need some Diablo 4 items to make this build work, such as Staff of Lam Esen.

Its passive skill, Charge-bolt Pierce, adds extra damage to your basic attacks and can easily weaken your enemies. Also, with the right Aspects and Glyphs equipped, it can even one-hit elite mobs and bosses.

Those are the 5 powerful Sorcerer builds in Diablo 4 Season 3. Picking a build that suits your play style and mastering it will help you dominate every World Tier with ease!

Feb 07 ,2024
WOW Classic SOD: Everything We Know So Far About The New Blood Moon PVP Event In Phase 2

Recently, the developers announced that Stranglethorn Vale’s new PVP Event, Blood Moon, will be added to WOW Classic SOD Phase 2. This has players excited as it looks to be a vast improvement over Battle for Ashenvale World PVP Event. Meanwhile, Season of Discovery Phase 2 will also feature many other changes and additions.

Although PVP event in SOD Phase 1, Battle for Ashenvale, was popular, it was also severely criticized by players for its issues. Now, after a lot of feedback, the developer says Blood Moon can fix its issues.

Without further ado, here’s everything we know so far about Blood Moon World Event in Season of Discovery Phase 2.

What Is Blood Moon PVP Event?

Blood Moon Event is a wild ride in Stranglethorn Vale. Contrary to Battle for Ashenvale, player actions do not actively trigger it. Instead, it happens automatically every three hours for 30 minutes.

Every 3 hours, Blood Moon will project an eerie red mist over the area, turning it into a PVP melee. Therefore, players will attack and kill other players of the same faction.

You need to kill other players to capture some special currency. There are tons of unique rewards and gear in this event, all of which can be purchased with the currency you’ve worked hard to earn.

It’s worth noting that Blood Moon doesn’t welcome team raids, it’s all about solo or squad tactics. But the exciting PVP battles and sweet loot here will surprise you, so please bring your top players.

Event Rules

Since Season of Discovery Phase 2 hasn’t launched yet, we can’t explain all the rules specifically. However, the developers did leave us with some leaked information.

In the event preview, the developers noted that this PVP Event will punish players during raids, so large raiding groups may not cooperate. This makes sense, since Blood Moon allows everyone to freely take part in PVP, and allies and enemies alike will become viable targets for you to earn special currency.

Those who wish to opt out of the event can do so by speaking to Zandalarian Emissary somewhere in the area. Once we find them, we will pinpoint his exact location.

On top of that, the event also won’t have any PVE objectives like Battle for Ashenvale. But meanwhile, we are warned to be on the lookout for Chosen of the Blood Loa, who are said to annihilate us.

Event Rewards

Of course, you can also earn WOW Classic SOD Gold by participating in events. And by visiting vendors outside of Gurubashi Arena, you can also earn new rewards using special currencies farmed during events. There are said to be a dozen new class-specific rewards.

In addition, you can also get two new level 40 mounts by participating in the event. Horde players can get Saber-Tooth Tiger Mount, while Alliance players can ride Raptor Mount. So brace yourself, join the fight, and get ready to add some epic mounts to your collection!

Last but not least, new missions will help us earn the reputation of Arathi Basin. This event will have no associated world buff.

Obviously, that’s not much, but it’s understandable that the developers don’t want to reveal everything right out of the gate. Meanwhile, the developers also outlined new Runes, Gnomeregan Raid, and more. More details will be added once Phase 2 and Blood Moon PVP Event go live on February 8th. Looking forward to seeing you in the game!

Feb 05 ,2024
WOW Classic SOD: All Confirmed Upcoming New Content In Phase 2!

The developers say that WOW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2 is going to be grand, with a lot of exciting things going on. It will offer new Runes to discover, challenges to overcome, and fantastic items to discover and craft.

While some players have already begun data mining for the latest upcoming content for Season of Discovery, in this guide, we will only focus on content that the developers have confirmed to be in the game. Everything mentioned here has been revealed in an official capacity.

There isn’t much time to wait, however, as WOW Classic SOD Phase 2 will launch on February 8, 2024, at 1:00 PM PST. When it comes out, fans around the world will be eagerly search to uncover secrets and Runes. With that in mind, here’s what to expect in Phase 2.

Level Cap Increase And New Raid

The level cap for WOW Classic SOD Phase 1 is 25. Relatively easy to reach. In Season of Discovery Phase 2, players will be capped at level 40. This means they will equip new armor types based on class, such as Mail and Plate Armor.

This also indicates that it’s time to start stocking up on WOW Classic SOD Gold, as Phase 2 will introduce new mounts. That is, unless you are a Paladin or a Warlock, you can get an inexpensive mount. Another useful feature is that Phase 2 will provide a 50% XP gain at levels 1-25 so you can catch up quickly.

When you hit the level 40 cap, you’ll also face new raid missions. What awaits players is not Blackfathom Deeps, but another familiar dungeon: Gnomeregan. This will be a 10 player, 6 boss raid on the 2024 Classic roadmap.

QOL Changes: New Runes & Skill Books

As part of WOW Classic SOD Phase 2 preview, officials revealed some new Runes in the game. These are considered spoilers and have not been previously confirmed by the developers. Of course, others will continue to data mine the full list of things to come.

Also, quality of life changes come as Skill Books. Each class will have some items dropped in the dungeon. Each Book will adjust the facet of a specific class.

However, the capabilities of these fresh additions have yet to be confirmed. But many would like to see longer Paladin Blessings unlocked in Skill Books in Season of Discovery Phase 2 update.

Stranglethorn Vale New PVP Event: Blood Moon

Blood Moon will be the name and theme of WOW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2 PVP Event. This event takes place in Stranglethorn Vale, which will be a change from previous content of this type. It will feature mounts rather than focusing on specific PVP objectives.

In this PVP event, players will fight with each other for half an hour. It triggers every three hours. Thankfully, participation is not mandatory. And the developers are actively discouraging raiding groups this time around, with the campaign punishing such groups, but it’s unclear how.

Profession Level Increase And New Gear

Similar to Void-touched Armaments in Phase 1, the upcoming update will see a new quest chain leading to amazing new items in Season of Discovery Phase 2.

While there isn’t much confirmation on this yet, we do know that there is at least one new potion that will buff players besides healing them.

However, quite a few patterns about the upcoming gear have been data mined. While none of this is confirmed, it’s true that players will have a ton of new gear at their disposal when they hit the level 40 cap.

GDPK Runs Will Be Banned

Finally, perhaps the biggest change in WOW Classic SOD Phase 2 isn’t the new content added to the game itself. This is a ban on the so-called GDKP Runs.

Gold Dragon Kill Points is a run type where players can use WoW SoD Gold to bid on powerful raid gear. Typically, loot is distributed by rolling dice or bidding with Dragon Kill Points, which are earned and managed by the guild leader.

Participating in raids, defeating bosses, and things of that nature tend to affect DKP earnings. However, this is not a thing in WOW Classic. That said, some guilds sell raids for gold, or let players come and bid for items. This goes against the very nature of Season of Discovery.

As a result, the developers will disable this content on all WOW Classic Season of Discovery servers when it opens on February 8, 2024.

The above is what we know about some of the new content that has been confirmed to appear in WOW Classic SOD Phase 2. Knowing these new content in advance will help you get a head start in Phase 2!

Feb 02 ,2024
Diablo 4 Season 3: Everything You Need To Know About Elemental Cores

Each new season brings a host of new mechanics, each of which can include many items and resources. As always, Diablo 4 Season 3 brings many dangerous and exciting new things to the world of Sanctuary.

As an important resource in Season of the Construct, Elemental Cores will become a necessity for you to interact with most of this season’s new mechanics. Here we’ll explain what these Elemental Cores are for, and where you can get more Elemental Cores in Season 3.

What Do Elemental Cores Do?

Elemental Cores are a resource in Season of the Construct used to summon Heralds of Malphas during the open world Arcane Tremors.

Different types of Braziers are scattered throughout the area affected by Arcane Tremors, and you will need 3 Elemental Cores and 50 Shattered Stones to summon Herald mini-boss.

Summoning Heralds of Malphas allows you to complete Whispers of the Dead Favors, while also rewarding you with Pearls of Warding that can be used in new Vault Dungeons.

This makes Elemental Cores a valuable resource. If you want to experience all the new endgame activities, you’ll need to farm in Season 3.


Before players can obtain Elemental Cores in Diablo 4, they must find an active Arcane Tremors event. The events center on Arcane Vault, a new type of dangerous dungeon.

To determine the active location of a mechanical constructs invasion, look for the tower icon with the little green leaf icon on the map.

Once you find these new Obelisks, you’ll have to fight hordes of enemies. Obelisk is a small construct in the open world. Your goal is to get as close as possible to these constructs and touch them.

At the heart of this quest are the periodically expanding and contracting electric fields around obelisk and the projectiles flying in all directions from these constructs.

Approach and interact with Obelisk when the electric field is narrowed or when dodging projectiles, after which you will temporarily disable the construct. Afterwards, you’ll be rewarded with Elemental Cores, Shattered Stones, and Diablo 4 Gold.

There are several points worth noting. First, when obelisk is disabled, rewards will not be transferred to your inventory. Players must collect them manually around buildings.

It’s not worth wasting your time, though, as some obelisks have shorter recovery times, and it will be much more difficult for you to claim your rewards after restoring the electric field or infinite projectiles. But if the obelisk takes a long time to repair, please go to the next building as soon as possible to accumulate as many valuable resources as possible in the limited time.

How To Use Elemental Cores?

After accumulating at least 3 Elemental Cores, the player must search for Braziers. To activate Braziers, you need 3 Elemental Cores and 50 Shattered Stones before you can begin the battle against Heralds of Malphas.

Remember, buffed enemies aren’t your only problem. Like Obelisk, Braziers fire a dense stream of projectiles that deal considerable damage.

This battle will be much more difficult than the previous ones, but the rewards will be worth it.

First, players can get Pearls of Warding. This is an item that can be used in Zoltun Statues to get stacks of Zoltun’s Warding in Nightmare Vaults. Also, by completing these Vaults, you can earn additional Governing Stones that help you upgrade your Seneschal Construct.

That’s everything you need to know about Elemental Cores in Diablo 4 Season 3 and how to find them. Farming some of these resources will allow you to summon more Heralds of Malphas, making any future endeavors in Vaults more manageable!

Jan 29 ,2024
WOW Classic SOD: The Best Routes To Quickly Increase Waylaid Supplies Reputation! - Alliance And Horde

In today’s guide, I’m showing you Alliance and Horde routes that should help you level up Waylaid Supplies Reputation quickly so you’re ready for Phase 2, which launches in two weeks.

With Phase 2 just around the corner, now is a good time to wrap up your Phase 1 to-do list. Improving Waylaid Supplies Reputation is one of them. The guide is divided into two parts: Neutral to Friendly and Friendly to Honored.


As we all know, currently in Friendly, each class has a rune locked behind this reputation. However, the highest reputation level in Phase 1 is Honored. Now I think it’s safe to say that assuming this reputation will play some role in Phase 2, now is the best time to maximize reputation. While there’s little to do, it’s a great idea to spend your time.

Although in WoW Season of Discovery I’m almost strictly a Horde player. But I will show the routes for both factions on the screen. This farm is very straightforward and should be easy to follow.

If you’ve played Season of Discovery, you probably already know that arguably the best way to earn Waylaid Supplies Reputation is by picking up chests. Apparently, you can also get tons of Waylaid Supplies by killing mobs.

But the best way to get Waylaid Supplies quickly before reaching Friendly is to loot chests. Because the probability of getting supplies from treasure chests is much higher than the probability of getting supplies from mobs. So be sure to take advantage of the different levels of Waylaid Supplies.

How To Farm Waylaid Supplies Until Friendly?

We’ll start with the easier items, let’s get into Friendly, and then move on to the more expensive items.

Keep in mind that you can turn in Waylaid Supplies without filling them, then you’ll gain a fairly low reputation. If you don’t want to waste your hard-earned WOW Classic SOD Gold or something similar, you definitely don’t need to do this.

Until you reach Friendly reputation level, you can farm item level 10 Waylaid Supplies in the starting area. Incomplete supplies will give you 100 reputation points. Upon completion, some supplies provide 300 reputation and some provide 450 reputation. These are things that are considered easy to fill on the screen.

Now I will provide routes for Alliance and Horde. You just follow these routes, killing mobs and looting chests until you get Waylaid Supplies.

The very annoying part is that Waylaid Supplies in SoD are unique, so you can only carry one supply at a time. Once you find a supply, you must deliver it before you can collect the next supply. This includes your bank, which means you can’t fill up your bank with Waylaid Supplies and then turn them all in at once.

However, you can carry multiple Supply Shipments. This method can overcome this problem to a certain extent. You can pack as many Supply Shipments as you want in your bag. So in theory you could fill your bag with base materials like Brilliant Smallfish, Light Leather and Rough Stone. Maybe you’ll get lucky with supplies.

So it might be a little difficult to plan ahead, but if you get these types of supplies, it might be faster, and cheaper, to remove them from your inventory and continue farming smaller supplies that require the items. You can save before venturing out.

How To Farm Waylaid Supplies Until Honored?

Now let’s move on to the second part of this guide, which is from Friendly to Honored. This section is more of a mob grind than a scavenger hunt, like the previous sections.

Once you reach Friendly status, you will need to farm Waylaid Supplies at item level 25 to reach the next reputation level. Incomplete supplies will give you 200 reputation. Upon completion, some supplies provide 500 reputation, some provide 650 reputation, and some provide 800 reputation.

However, the filling cost of these is much higher than others. I’m going to show Alliance and Horde’s farm route on the screen.

Now what you need to do is pretty much exactly the same as you did in the previous section. You just need to grind away the mobs and loot the chests you come across. However, like I said, the mob grind is main and the focus of this section.


Running this route should get you from Neutral to Honored the fastest way. You’ll need to spend some Classic SoD gold to do it the fastest way, since most people know that fast usually means expensive.

But we have relevant gold farming guides that you should follow and you should have plenty of gold to spend. So this shouldn’t be a problem. As always, enjoy the great content!

Jan 25 ,2024
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