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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bells


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    3M Bells + 50 Nook Miles Ticket

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ACNH: More Information About Tom Nook, He Was Failed Before!

2021-01-08 15:53:17

In Animal Crossing, Tom Nook has become an important role, from a real estate entrepreneur to a store owner. He runs Resident Services in New Horizons, which provides you with house loans, and when you have paid off the previous loan, he will help you expand your house.

His Dream

Although his role is quite simple, he has become an integral part of AC and has his own life before he became a businessman. He will also occasionally tell you about his past life, and then tell you to forget what he just mentioned.

When he was young, he was a dreamer full of fantasy, and he firmly believed that he would achieve success, fame and glory in the big city. He and Sable the hedgehog have a deep friendship. But then he abandoned his family and friends and just wanted to fulfill his big dream.

His Interpersonal Relationship

With Sable

But life in a big city is not easy. He gradually realized that he could not realize his dream, so he returned to the town and started to run a shop. Although he and Sable did not reconcile, they would often mention each other. They still care about each other.

With Redd

At some point in the past, Tom Nook has worked with foxes, so he will often ask players if they have worked with a fox before, and he will tell players that foxes are not trustworthy. Many players guess that the fox in his mouth is Redd, after all, he is really suspicious.

With Timmy and Tommy

Some people say that he is the uncle of Timmy and Tommy, but in Wild World, Tom Nook said that the two of them are just his employees. Others believe that Tom Nook adopted the two of them, but it has not been confirmed. Tom tells players that he donated most of his income to an orphanage, so this guess is also possible.

With Villagers

Villagers have different opinions about him. Some villagers think that he is not a raccoon, but a person in a fur coat. Others think that Tom's actions are criminal, but Tom claims that these are rumors.

From the current point of view, Tom Nook seems to have gradually approached his original dream, because he has created a good life in his hometown. Whenever there is a need, he will take on a position of leadership. If he continues to work hard, he will achieve success.

It can be seen that ACNH is not just a game that makes people happy, the story behind it is also very warm, which is enough to attract more loyal players.

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ACNH Guide: How Can We Visit Our Friends' Islands?

2021-01-06 15:56:03

ACNH has been released on Switch for a long time, but new players are still joining. One of the most notable features of this game is to allow players to visit friends' islands through the in-game airport, which makes the game closer to real life.

To visit another island in the game, you need an online connection. If there is no stable connection, it is impossible to go to other islands. Once completed, you need to get the Dodo Code from your friends.

How to get Dodo Code?

To get this Dodo Code, you need to talk to Orville at the local airport and tell him you want visitors. Once completed, a Dodo Code will be distributed, and then you can tell this code to your friends who want to visit your island. Similarly, if you want to visit your friend's island, you have to ask your friend for this Dodo Code.

How to visit your friend's island?

You can talk to Orville, you tell him "I wanna fly", you can choose an island that can accept tourists, and then input the Dodo code. Then you can go to your friend's island. What you need to pay attention to is: ACNH Online connection has strict requirements for what can and cannot be done.

Some restrictions

If you visit your friend's island, your friend will not be able in the menu, nor talk to villagers or NPCs. Your friend can't even move any furniture, whether indoor or outdoor. But you can hang out on the beach or run on the island freely.

How many players can visit at once?

ACNH supports up to 4 players on a system locally and up to 8 players online. This means that if there are already 8 friends visiting your island, then your other friends will not be able to visit your island until someone leaves your island.

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