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  • Recipe|spooky treats basket

  • Recipe|spooky tree

  • Recipe|spooky trick lamp

  • Boba coffee

  • Boba green tea

  • Boba mango tea

  • Boba milk tea

  • Boba strawberry tea

  • Chocolate frozen treat

  • Orange frozen treat

  • Ramune-soda frozen trea

  • Melon cotton candy

  • Plain cotton candy

  • Ramune-soda cotton can

  • Strawberry cotton candy

  • Chitose ame

  • Cucumber horse

  • Dango

  • Eggplant cow

  • Glass handheld lantern Stained

  • Marigold decoration

  • Moon cakes

  • Songpyeon

  • Handheld lantern



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ACNH: You Can Catch These Critters Before February Ends

2021-02-24 11:18:01

February is coming to an end, which means that some animals in ACNH will disappear, so make sure to catch them before they disappear. We also made a list of things you need to find for filling out the Museum.

The southern hemisphere is losing a large number of critters, including cicadas and almost all exotic beetles. There are not many critters farewell in the northern hemisphere, and some only diving can catch sea creatures leaving.

Northern Hemisphere

Southern Hemisphere

If you still have a creature that you’re not caught, you can refer to the information in the above list to catch the critter you need. With the coming of March, many new events will come, including Girls’ Day, Pi Day, and Shamrock Day, so now you can prepare for the new events in the future. If you need ACNH Bells, you can come to MMOWTS to buy them.

MMOWTS also provides fast delivery, and many players also gave feedback that they received the purchased Animal Crossing Bells within 10 minutes after placing the order. So this can also prove that you can trust MMOWTS 100%.

ACNH Guide: You Can Expect These Upcoming Events

2021-02-20 11:02:35

In ACNH, you can participate in many special events. The Festivale just past has also excited players for a while, and in the next few months, you will participate in many events.

In New Horizons, there are holidays, village birthdays and various competitions almost every day. Nintendo will often add new events in big game patches.

Based on the 2020 events, we have speculated on the upcoming new events in 2021, which should be useful to new players.

Girl’s Day (February 25-March 3)

To celebrate Girls’ Day, you can purchase a Girls’ Day doll set during this period: a tiered set of Japanese Hinaningyou dolls and a Bonbori lamp.

Pi Day (March 1-14)

This date matches the first three digits of Pi (3.14). In ACNH, you can choose a Pi-themed pie from Resident Services during the period from March 1-14.

Shamrock Day (March 10-17)

You can buy Shamrock Rugs, Shamrock Door Plates, and Shamrock Sodas. You can celebrate St. Patrick's Day through Shamrock Day from March 10 to 17. You can also wear Shamrock-themed costumes, which are available at Able Sister.

Cherry Blossom Festival (April 1-10)

Between April 1-10, you can find the DIY recipes of cherry blossom petals. All the hardwood trees on the island have become cherry blossoms. You can catch them with your net. For players in the southern hemisphere, you have to wait until October 1-10.

Bunny Day (April 1-12)

During this period, a rabbit called "Zipper" will come to your island, it will ask you to find the colorful eggs hidden around the island, and then use them in special DIY recipes.

Weeding Day (April 30)

On the Weeding Day, many village names will gather together to weed. Leif, the host of this event, will reward you with flower furniture in exchange for weeds.

May Day (May 1-10)

During the May Day event, you will be able to get a special ticket, you can take a trip to the island with a hedge maze. If you can complete the maze, you will receive a special prize.

International Museum Day (May 18-31)

If you visit the museum during this period, Blathers will invite you to a Stamp Rally to celebrate International Museum Day. You have to visit specific exhibits to collect stamps, which can be exchanged for wall-mounted furniture.

Wedding Season (June 1-30)

Throughout June, this is the wedding season, a bunch of married alpacas needs help to take anniversary photos, you can complete their request to get special ACNH wedding furniture.

Summer Solstice (June 20)

The Summer Solstice occurs on June 20 (December 20 in the Southern Hemisphere). On this day, the sun never sets, so you can catch nocturnal bugs during the daylight.

These are the upcoming events, so you can refer to these times to prepare for the upcoming events, which means that players will have new expectations almost every day. As for the ACNH Bells and Nook Miles Tickets needed in the game, you can buy them on MMOWTS. If you are coming to MMOWTS for the first time, you can get a 5% off coupon at the coupon center. This way you can buy Animal Crossing Bells at a lower price. And we can guarantee fast delivery. You will receive the ACNH Bells you purchased within 30 minutes after you place the order.


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