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  • FFXIV Gil NA-Adamantoise 1M 1 M

    FFXIV Gil NA-Adamantoise 1M


  • FFXIV Gil NA-Adamantoise 2M 2 M

    FFXIV Gil NA-Adamantoise 2M


  • FFXIV Gil NA-Adamantoise 3M 3 M

    FFXIV Gil NA-Adamantoise 3M


  • FFXIV Gil NA-Adamantoise 5M 5 M

    FFXIV Gil NA-Adamantoise 5M


  • FFXIV Gil NA-Adamantoise 6M 6 M

    FFXIV Gil NA-Adamantoise 6M


  • FFXIV Gil NA-Adamantoise 8M 8 M

    FFXIV Gil NA-Adamantoise 8M

    $ 48.70 / $48.21

  • FFXIV Gil NA-Adamantoise 10M 10 M

    FFXIV Gil NA-Adamantoise 10M

    $ 60.88 / $60.27

  • FFXIV Gil NA-Adamantoise 15M 15 M

    FFXIV Gil NA-Adamantoise 15M

    $ 91.32 / $89.49

  • FFXIV Gil NA-Adamantoise 20M 20 M

    FFXIV Gil NA-Adamantoise 20M

    $ 121.76 / $119.32

  • FFXIV Gil NA-Adamantoise 30M 30 M

    FFXIV Gil NA-Adamantoise 30M

    $ 182.64 / $177.16

  • FFXIV Gil NA-Adamantoise 50M 50 M

    FFXIV Gil NA-Adamantoise 50M

    $ 304.40 / $295.27

  • FFXIV Gil NA-Adamantoise 60M 60 M

    FFXIV Gil NA-Adamantoise 60M

    $ 365.28 / $350.67

  • FFXIV Gil NA-Adamantoise 80M 80 M

    FFXIV Gil NA-Adamantoise 80M

    $ 487.04 / $467.56

  • FFXIV Gil NA-Adamantoise 100M 100 M

    FFXIV Gil NA-Adamantoise 100M

    $ 608.81 / $578.37

  • FFXIV Gil NA-Adamantoise 200M 200 M

    FFXIV Gil NA-Adamantoise 200M

    $ 1217.61 / $1156.73

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  • 2020-08-10
    Very very satisfied, after a hour of order, received gold in the game. Always my pleasure.
  • 2020-08-10
    Super good, super fast service, 100% recommend!
  • 2020-08-10
    ordered 300 NMT's and they arrived within 6 minutes!! amazing! tysm! will use again :)
  • 2020-08-09
    Very grateful ☺️

About Final Fantasy XIV Gil

Final Fantasy XIV Is The Fourteen Entry Of Final Fantasy Series, Developed In 2010. As The In-Game Virtual Currency In It, Final Fantasy XIV Gil Plays a Very Important Role, Which Could Buy Equipment, Food And Potions. Or You Can Enhance Your Character With Them To Succeed.

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Square Enix Revealed To Add Patch 5.2 To Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers In February, 2020

Following the latest expansion Shadowbringers, its second major update has finally determined to Final Fantasy XIV, Patch 5.1, introducing a series of new content. Here is what we could get part of information of the upcoming patch from Naoki Yoshida, the director of Final Fantasy XIV.However, before its release, Final Fantasy XIV plans to release Patch 5.18 on December 24, removing the Eden raid's weekly restrictions, allowing you to get all the loot you want. What's more, you can also buy the Deepshadow Solvent with Manufactured coins, which is a currency in the game. And you can level up your character during the process.In celebration of the upcoming Christmas holiday, Square Enix has postponed the release of Patch 5.2 until mid-February 2020, naming it as Echoes of a Fallen Star, including a bevy of new content and modifications to some of the formulas.New Story ContentNew Dungeon "Anamnesis Anyder" They have made the commitment that there will be a dungeon added with every patchQitari Gathering Beast Tribe in Rak'tika GreatwoodNew Chronicles of a New Era Quests "The Sorrow of Werlyt"New Trial "The Ruby Weapon"New Extreme Trial "The Ruby Weapon (Extreme)"New Raid "Eden's Verse"New Savage Raid "Eden"s Verse (Savage)"New Upgradeable Equipment Series of Quests Begins (Eureka 2.0?) Focused on Bozja Citadel, home of the HrothgarJob AdjustmentsPVP AdjustmentsIshgard Restoration Updates High-end content will start to roll outDiadem is being redesigned exclusively for gatherers at level 10 and items are used to restore Ishgard and their own scripsExpert Recipes and New Collectible ItemsKupo Fortune: Scratch-off Tickets after contributing a certain number of items to gain rewardsRanking System per week for both Gatherers and Crafters Gain Special Titles, Achievements and RewardsAdditional changes to Crafting New ActionsNew feature to estimate effects of your next actionEasier to desynth stacked itemsParty Requirements for Company Crafting Removed (Finally)Fishing Updates New Open Fishing content exclusive to Fishers Board a ship and fish at high seasAdjustment to Ability Level RequirementsTugging Animations Easier to DistinguishAll-Purpose Lure AddedSkysteel Tools Primary Tools that can be upgraded in future patchesMateria You no longer will lose a weapon when crafting materiaAny crafter can meld/affix materia to gear provided they meet the level requirementMiscellaneous New Allagan TomestonesAdditional New Game+ ChaptersRank Increase for Free CompaniesNew Leap of Faith CoursesFellowships can be viewed in the Companion AppUmbrellasSurely, the above is not the entire content of Patch 5.2, and even some of these may be adjusted according to the later development if it does not run smoothly as expected.Everyone is looking forward to Patch 5.2, take it easy, it will come in February.In order to play Final Fantasy XIV, you need to use Final Fantasy XIV Gil as an investment, and the best place to buy FFXIV Gil is MMOWTS, because it is safe enough to always provide you with the in-game currency you need, come and get what you need, you will always not regret your choice.