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  • Payment & Discounts
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  • Partnership Programs
  • How to Track My Order after Payment?

    There are several ways for you to track and check your order after payment:

    (1) Fill your Order Number in the checking box on the top of the navigation bar of the website page, you can also find it to the right of the MMOWTS icon.

    (2) If you have a registered MMOWTS member, you can track and check more order details on your member account.

    (3) You can get notification emails from MMOWTS both after your payment and our delivery.

    (4) You can contact us via Live Chat to check your order easily with the help of our reps.

  • How To Get Instant Customer Support On MMOWTS?
    1. Live Chat: You can click “Live Chat” on our site and talk to us directly. Our professional and patient Live Chat agent will provide 24/7 online service if you want to know more information about your order or other inquiries.
    2. Email: [email protected]

  • Is it Legal To Buy Virtual Currency Or Items?

    Yes, it's perfectly legal!

    Buying gold or other virtual goods is not prohibited by law. We are a professionally run business working for many years. For confirmation from our happy customers who have previously bought from us, you can check out their genuine feedback by clicking on our Trustpilot tab in the bottom right-hand corner of the homepage.

  • How to Place an order?

    Here's how you can place an order:

    Step 1: Select/Click the Games

    Step 2: Select/Click the Platform/Server

    Step 3: Select/Type the amount you want

    Step 4: Click the BUY NOW/ADD TO CART

    Step 5: View Shopping Cart or Continue Shopping

    Step 6: Fill in the information and checkout.

  • How do I sign up an account on your site?

    You can register at checkout or at the top right, clicking the Sign Up button. When registering, you just need to enter your email address and a password. You can also use the convenient Social Login.

  • Do you accept gift card?

    Yes, we accept gift cards but only if it has no limitations/restrictions on international online payments.You can try to add the funds in Paypal to use it.

  • Will My Discount Codes Expire?

    Yes, if you get the discount code from the homepage of our website, you can use it as long as the discount code is on the homepage. If it is obtained from other activities, we will tell you when you get the discount at the same time.

  • How Can I Get Discounts?

    There are many ways to get discounts. First, you can register as a member of our website. You will see VIP policy details there.

    Other ways to get discounts: You can see our discounted games on the homepage and get discount codes, or you can get them by following our Facebook or other online activities. Usually we will also have activities to give back to regular customers. A special discount code for customers placing orders on the website!

  • Why Was I Charged More Than The Total Amount?

    Most payment methods have a handling fee. In addition to the total order amount,you also need to pay an additional handling fee to the payment method, so you are charged more than the order total amount.

  • What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

    We provide various payment methods, such as PayPal, Credit Card, and so on,the more methods are as follows:

  • Do You Have a Refund Policy?

    In most cases, we will try our best to complete your orders fast. But if occasionally, we don't have enough supply of gold, we will refund you as soon as possible.

  • Can I Change My Order Information Before Delivery?

    Yes, before the order is completed, if you find that the order information is wrong, please contact our live chat or email us and send the correct order information as soon as possible. If the order has not been completed, we will correct your order information and complete the order as soon as possible .

  • Why My Order Need To Verification?

    We need to verify the legitimacy of the payment, otherwise we will not approve and deliver your purchase.

    1). We need to verify if the payment is authorized by the owner of the credit card/debit card/payment cards.

    2). There are some buyers under 18 years old who pay with their parents' payment cards without the permission.

    3). Unusual Purchase pattern from you. (large amount or high frequency of purchase)

    4). High charge back rate coming from your country.

    All your personal information will be deleted after the verification.

  • How To Check My Order Status?

    If you want like to check your order status, please come to our live chat onlineservice and one of our customer service representatives will assist you straight away at any time. Or you can contact our customer service by sending email. We will try our best to help you get your game currency as soon as possible.

  • Can I Cancel My Order?

    Yes, If you want to cancel the order after send the payment, please contact our Live chat to explain the situation and send a cancellation request, we will process your request as quickly as possible. Note: If the order is being shipped, the order has been completed or other force majeure factors, we cannot cancel it.

  • The limit of taking gold for characters in Diablo Ⅱ

    In Diablo II, characters can carry 10K gold per level. For example, a 10th-level character can carry up to 100K gold,a level 99 character can carry 990K gold.

    But You can put gold in personal stash and shared stash, with a maximum capacity of 10 M gold(Each stash can only carry up to 250K)

    ex:If you are Level 60, and ordered 1000K gold, after we trade 1000K, you need to carry 600K first and put it in stash,

    then take the left 400K gold.(If you take 1000K at first time, the excess 400K will be recycled by the game and you will lose the gold)

  • Genshin Impact - How do I install the account on my PS4/5?

    A.If you didn't bind any Mihoyo account to your PS4/5 account before

    1.Link the Genshin Impact account to your email address

    2.Log into Genshin Impact on your PS4/5

    3.Follow the instruction to link an Mihoyo account:

    4.Enter your email address, and then click "Send code"

    Enter the code you received in your email and then click "Link"

    6.Link Succesfully, now you can play:

    B.If you already bind a Mihoyo account to your PS4/5, then you need to unlink it so that you can bind a different account(One PSN can only bind one Mihoyo account)

    1.Write an email to Mihoyo customer service: [email protected]

    2.You will receive an email from Mihoyo support within a few days:

    3.Click the link in the email, you will have to provide the account details:

    4.After submitting the information, you will see the below picture:

    5.Once you unlink the account, repeat the A phase at the beginning of this article to link the account you want

  • Forza Horizon 5 - How to sync or download the Cloud Saves?

    1.Fully close the game.

    2.Ensure your Xbox or PC's internet connection is functioning correctly.

    3.Restart the game.

    4.Press 'Sync last saved data'.

    5.Choose the OLD data on the cloud.

    Please wait until the syncing data 100% complete.

  • Forza Horizon 5 - How to get purchased credits or items quickly

    1. Auction House Setting: You need to set in the auction house as the following picture

    2. Auction House Bidding: You need to choose a car with a big difference between the bid price and the buy-out price, so that you will get a high-value legendary car at a relatively small price. For details, please refer to the figure below.

    3. Note: Note that bidding is obtained by the higher bidder, so you are not 100% obtained. Please keep bidding or choose another car to bid again. If you don’t have enough credits to bid for these cars, you can also choose to sell low-value cars. We will also make purchases, but since this game can only be traded 40 times a day, please choose a car with a higher value as much as possible.

    For example, the current transaction price of JAGUAR D-TYPE is 16M, and you can also choose other cars. The bidding price will change with the average transaction price of the auction house, so it changes every day. We cannot be sure that a certain car can be sold for a long-term transactions.

    4. Comfort Trade: We hope that every customer can quickly get the purchased items. When you don’t have time to do the Auction House trade, you can also choose to Comfort Trade. We need you to provide the game account and password to log in, and please also contact us by live chat to provide the verification code when we try to log in your account.

    If you are the Steam user, you also need to provide the Microsoft account and password that bind the game, we will deliver your order as soon as possible, thanks for your cooperation.

    5. If you purchased cars, we need to log in your account to do the Comfort Trade(Same as the one above)

    Contact customer service if you leave your review, we can send some extra credits, thank you for your purchase.

  • Forza Horizon 5 - How to buy legendary cars at the auction house for sale?

    1.When you don't have enough credits to buy the legendary cars. You can sell some cheap cars, after we buy the cars, until you have enough credits to auction legendary cars.

    2.When you have about 1M credits, you can choose Mercedes-benz MB SSK(Which is the car in the picture below) Please note that this is a bidding instead of direct purchase.

    3.When you have credits above 4M, you can try to bid cars with higher value, for example

    JAGUAR D-TYPE(It is still obtained by auction instead of direct purchase)

    The following shows every step of Mercedes-benz MB SSK bidding, which can be obtained according to the method shown in the figure below.

    Step 1 Choose the car you need to bid on

    Step 2 Look for a car that is about to end and the price is suitable

    Step 3 Bid for the car of your choice

    Step 4 Wait for the auction to end, get the car you bid and put it on the auction house at the highest price. Note that bidding is obtained by the higher bidder, so you are not 100% obtained. Please keep bidding or choose another car to bid again.

  • Forza Horizon 5 - How to Trade Forza Horizon 5 Credits?

    If your account has Legendary cars,

    1.Please list any legendary cars and make the "buyout price" at 20M at the auction house till to reach your orders amount.

    2.Please set the "auction length" as 24 hours.

    If your account has less than 1M FH5 credits or no Legendary cars,

    Please sell anything you have at the auction house, tell us at Live Chat (In the right bottom of the page).

    Our gamer will buy these cars then you have the credits to buy legendary cars at the auction house. (Please see the instructions from another guide and learn how to buy a legendary car!)

  • Monster Hunter Rise - How to download Nintendo Switch save files or data from cloud

    There are three convenient ways to download your game data. If you're ready, these are the steps to download Nintendo Switch save files:

    Method 1: Download Nintendo Switch save files from the game menu.

    1.Go to your Nintendo Switch Home screen.

    2.Highlight the game tile.

    3.Press the + button.

    4.Select Save Data Cloud.

    5.Select the desired User.

    6.Select Download Save Data.

    Method 2: Download Nintendo Switch save files from System Settings.

    1.Go to your Nintendo Switch Home screen.

    2.Select System Settings.

    3.Scroll down to Data Management and select it.

    4.On the right panel, find Save Data Cloud and select it.

    5.Select the desired User.

    6.Select the backup save data you want to download.

    7.Select Download Save Data.

    Method 3: Download Nintendo Switch save files using automatic save-data download.

    1.Make sure that your Nintendo Switch is connected to the internet.

    2.Go to your Nintendo Switch Home screen.

    3.Select the Sleep Mode icon or Power icon to put the console to sleep.

    4.Leave the console in sleep mode for an extended period, preferably overnight. The download speed varies depending on your own local network speed.

  • Forza Horizon 4 - How to trade Credits(CR)?

    1. Enter the Auction House interface

    2. If you have 3M to 6M CR, please use "SEARCH CARS" to search for MERCEDES-BENZ(MAKE) M-B SUPER SPORT(MODEL) in Auction House and buy it. With this car we can trade 20M CR to you every time. You can learn how to search this car from image below.

    3. With the above operations, you will find cars in the picture below. Buy one of them, take it out and use "START AUCTION" to sell it. You should set the STARTING PRICE and BUYOUT PRICE to 20M CR and set the AUCTION LENGTH to 24h, then give us the GamerTag or Seller name. If the car is listed succesfuly in the AUCTION HOUSE, our staff will buy it ASAP and you will get CR.

    4. If you don't have enough CR, you can use our Comfort Trade service, which helps you to get CR and Cars faster. We need to login your game account to recharge CR, please provide correct Account Name and Password. It is worth noting that we also need a verification code to enter the game, please send the verification code to our live support in time. If you use Steam to play this game, except the Steam Account and Password, we also need the details of the Microsoft Account which the game was bind. Please provide all correct info we need of your game account and we will deliver your order ASAP, thanks for your cooperation.

    5. After Comfort Trade completed, you need to login your game account on your device and synchronize data, then you will get all items you ordered.

  • Animal Crossing - How to Get a Villager to Think About Moving Out?

    A Villager is Randomly Chosen Over Time

    You can easily find a villager with a thought bubble above their head when you time travel.

    Our walkthrough team confirmed through time travel that thought bubbles will appear again after two weeks. The explanation is listed below.

    Time Travel Method

    1. Change the date 2 weeks forward, and look for a thinking villager.

    2. Change the date one day at a time until the thinking villager is the one you want.

    3. Talk to the villager and say goodbye.

    4. If thinking villagers stops appearing for 2~3 days, repeat from step 1.

    Additional Information

    The dialogue won't appear if events like the Fishing Tourney is happening.

    It can reappear the day after events and onwards.

    Villagers inside their homes won't have the move condition.

    The condition can remain with 1 villager for 2~3 days.

    We recommend waiting until after you've unlocked Island Designer.

    Note: This was tested with 10 villagers condition

    You can use Time Travel to make the move out condition appear more easily. It's also possible to keep changing the dates to make a different villager have the condition instead, so you can keep changing the dates until the villager you want to move out has it.

    The condition moves on randomly, however, so you might have to try several times before you get the villager you want.

  • Animal Crossing - How to Make Villagers Leave Without Time Travel?

    1. Find the villager who is thinking about moving

    Sometimes, you can find random villagers wandering around outside seemingly deep in thought, with a thought bubble above their head. This is a sign that they are thinking about moving.

    If you ignore it and continue to check the following days, there's a chance the thought bubble will transfer to another random villager. If you want to kick out a specific villager, wait until they have the thought bubble. Anyone can think about moving out, regardless of your friendship level.

    2. Talk to the villager with the thought bubble

    If the villager you want to leave appears with a thought bubble, talk to them to check if they want to move out. If they do, choose the option that doesn't stop them and encourages them to move out!

    Advice: When aiming for a villager to move out, ignore all thought bubbles from other villagers.

    If you accidentally talk to a different villager and they talk about moving out, the move out thought bubble will disappear and you'll have to wait for it to come back.

    * The thought bubble can mean that a villager wants to move out, but it can also be other things, like wanting to give you a gift.

    3. The villager will prepare to leave

    The next day Isabelle will mention that the villager will move out in her broadcast. The villager will have boxes inside their home, and this is the last chance to speak with the villager.

    At this time, other players can invite that villager to their island, given that they have a vacant plot on their island.

    The day after that, the villager will have moved out, and the house plot will be on sale.

  • Animal Crossing - How to Kick Out Villagers with Time Travel?

    This method requires you to time-travel. If you do not wish to do so, then read the other methods below instead.

    1. Choose which villager you want to move out.

    2. Skip the time 15 days ahead. (Skipping more days will give the same result)

    3. Check if there's a villager with a thought bubble above their head.

    4. If there isn't any villagers with thought bubbles, repeat from step 2.

    5. Check if the villager with the thought bubble is the one you want to move.

    6. If not, set back the time to 4:59 AM then save the game*.

    7. Watch the daily broadcast at 5 AM then skip the time to 1 PM*.

    8. Check which villager has the thought bubble again.

    9. If it's the right one, talk to them and encourage them to leave. If not, repeat from step 6.

    10. They will be in boxes the next day, and will leave the island the day after that.

    * Step 6 can be any time: The point of step 6 is to reset the game and get to the broadcast as fast as possible, but if you're not sure you can reset it within a minute, you can set it to 4:58 or 4:57 to make sure you make it in time.

    * You don't necessarily need to skip to 1 PM, but we recommend it as it's the time most villagers are outside.

  • Genshin Impact - How to change the password of the account I bought?

    Step1: Please login the game first, and then click Settings ---> Account ---> User Center

    Step2: Click "Change Password" ---> Fill in the old password we sent you, and then fill in your own password.

  • Animal Crossing - Why I can't invite the villagers I want?
    1. You need to have a plot of land for sale on your island or else the villager won't be able to move.
    2. The maximum number of villagers you can have on your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons is 10. So if you are already have 10 villagers, we can deliver other items to you base on the same price.
    3. If you want to kick out a villager and take a new one, you can hit the villagers with insect nets every day and do not have any conversations with the villagers. A few days later, the villagers' favorability dropped when they wanted to leave the island and just let it go, so that a space would be vacated.
  • Genshin Impact - How to receive account after payment?

    1. We will send you an account via email after we receive your payment.

    2. All accounts can be bind with mobile phone and e-mail, and password can be changed.

    3. Each picture corresponds to an independent account. If you purchase more than one account, it will be multiple accounts.

  • Fallout 76 - How We Trade?

    How We Trade In Fallout 76?

    For PCplayers, please provide us the correct Bethesda ID;

    For XBOXplayers, please provide us the correct XBOX Tag;

    For PS4players, please provide us the correct PSN ID.

    For Fallout 76 items, we will add you as a friend in the game, please accept the friend request from us. After adding us as a friend, please enter our world and then fast travel to our Map. We will sell the weapons you need for 0 Cap, you can complete the trade by clicking on the purchase.

    For Fallout Bottle Caps, we will also add you as a friend in the game, and then please sell an item for the amount of Caps you purchased, we will buy your item.

    Note: The maximum capacity of one character is 30,000 caps, so if you bought more than 30,000 caps, then please use2 (or more) characters to trade or we can trade one character for 30,000 caps first, and then continue to trade the rest when you have spent all the caps.

  • Animal Crossing - How can i get the villagers?

    For villager move-in service, we will send our dodo code to you. Please come to our island and then start chatting with the villager you need. Eventually you'll be given the option to encourage them to move to your island.

    Notice:You need to have a plot of land for sale on your island or else the villager won't be able to move.

  • Animal Crossing - Is It Safe to Buy Bells/Nook Miles Ticket/ACNH Items?

    Yes, it is. In-game trades are unavoidable between players. At IGGM, no customer has been banned for buying Bells, Nook Miles Ticket, or Items.

  • Animal Crossing - How to get a 5-digit Dodo Code?

    Below are the answers you need to choose when getting Dodo code from Orville who is the NPC at Dodo Airlines:

    I Want visitors → Via online play → Roger → Invite via Dodo Code → the more the merrier → Yeah, invite anyone. Note that you need to play the entire 1st in-game day to unlock the Dodo Airlines area.

  • Animal Crossing - How to sell the Gold nuggets in Nook's Cranny Shop?
    1. If you buy bells, we will deliver gold nuggets, please sell them to Timmy(NPC) in shop to get Bells.
    2. 30 gold nuggets worth 300,000 Bells there.
    3. Please do not sell gold nuggets in the Drop-Off Box after the Nook's Cranny Shop closes, because The Drop-Off Box buy items at 80% their normal value, deducting 20% in fees.
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