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D2 Resurrected: How To Find Tal Rasha's Tomb?
Dec 25, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

D2R maintains the original style. In the new game, the puzzles and their solutions, story locations, etc. are almost the same. This makes the game familiar and fun.

A feature similar to the original game is the location of Tal Rasha's tomb. But because the location is always random, it is not easy to find it. But MMOWTS will provide a general guide for finding the tomb.

Where to find Tal Rasha’s Tomb?

You need to collect all the pieces from Horadric Staff first and transmute it into Horadric Cube. Use this, you can enter the Palace in Lut Gholein, the guard only allows players with Horadric Cube to enter.

The Palace leads to the Harem, you need to fight your way to the Palace Cellar. You can hire a mercenary at the gates to ensure a greater chance of survival. In addition, you can find waypoints at this location to fast travel in case you die.

You need to find the blue portal, which will provide access to Arcane Sanctuary. Find the Summoner in Arcane Sanctuary and defeat him. The journal of the Summoner will reveal the true location of the Tomb.

After reading the journal, you can open the Active Quests tab on the menu. The correct symbol of the Tomb will be shown in the description here. The symbol is randomized every time.

A red portal will open, which will take you to the area containing Tal Rasha’s Tomb. Search the tomb area and enter the one marked with the Tomb’s symbol.

Explore the Tomb and locate the Orifice. If you have the Hodradic Staff in the inventory, click on the prompt and a doorway will appear. Next, you need to fight Duriel. If you don't have this Staff, you can use a Scroll or Tome of Town Portal to get this Staff.

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