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D2R Ladder: Throw Barbarian Skill Build

Throw Barb has always been one of the most discussed builds in the Diablo 2 Resurrected forum. Many players have taken a fancy to its feature of outputting a lot of single-target damage and want to use it in Ladder. However, due to its high requirements for the player's operation, this construction has been formal for a long time. But since the release of patch 2.4, its skills have been significantly improved. The high damage and high DPS of this build will have unlimited potential in the Ladder season.

Barbarian is a class that relies heavily on skills. He uses Double Throw and Throw Mastery as his main attack skills and is a very powerful long-range attack character. Skill-building for Double Throw Barbarian requires a combination of Warcries, Combat Masteries and Combat Skills.

Warcries Points are distributed as follows:

20 points to Battle Orders: This is an indispensable basic skill that provides extra health, so it needs to be invested in to maximize it.

1 point to Howl: is a prerequisite for Shout.

1 point to Shout: Provide additional defense and is a prerequisite for Battle Orders.

1 point to Battle Command: Can increase the buff.

The distribution of Combat Masteries Points is as follows:

20 points to Throwing Mastery: As the main attack skill, the newly launched patch 2.4 has added the effect of penetration, greatly improving the efficiency of construction, and can bring 123% damage and 29% crit.

1+ points to Iron Skin: This increases defense by 40%.

1+points to Natural Resistance: This increases resistance to elemental damage.

1 point to Increase Speed: Increase movement speed.

1 point to Increase Stamina: is a prerequisite for Increase Speed.

Combat Skills Points is distributed as follows:

20 points to Double Swing: Can synergize well with Double Throw, helps with early leveling, and can give a 10% damage bonus per level to Bash.

20 points to Double Throw: This is the main attack of the Throw Barb, invest to maximize efficiency.

1 point to Bash: 1 point must be placed as a prerequisite for Double Throw.

1 point to Leap: 1 point must be placed as a prerequisite for the Leap Attack.

1 point to Leap Attack: This increases mobility.

1 point to Frenzy: Use this skill to get a random bonus.

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