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Diablo Immortal: Advice for Necromancer Builds
Jul 04, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

As a class with strong comprehensive ability in both PvP and PvE, Necromancer has always been a favorite choice for players. If you use the corresponding advantages in the construction process, it can increase your CR extremely quickly and help you to be more efficient in the farming process.

As a class capable of manipulating the power of the dead, the Necromancer, which can summon up to seven minions, has a significant crowd control advantage in PvE mode. As for the overall direction of the build, we aimed to incorporate support, status, and DPS abilities to maximize the power of the dead.

Since Necromancer is a relatively vulnerable magic class with low mobility, so he is more suitable to invest in long-range attacks.

1. Attribute selection

Each INT point will give a +1 combat rating, and +0.3 damage, which means it will affect the overall damage output, so intelligence is essential in attribute investment. Secondly, each FOR point provides a +1 combat rating, +0.1 armor, and +0.1 armor penetration, which can bring defense and protection to the already fragile Necromancer, and also help increase health.

2. Invest in skills

Although Bone Spear and Soulfire are both very good basic attack skills, from the comparison of the two, Soulfire's flexibility is more suitable as a main skill. It can launch a magic fireball, and the enemy will be affected by it. 25% harm. This results in better minion attack effects.

Additionally, in terms of core skills, in order for players to build a Necromancer that can survive multiple threats, it is possible to invest in the following skills:

Command Skeletons

Corpse Explosion

Wraith Form

Bone Armor

3. Selection of legendary gems

For Necromancer builds that rely on minions and attack power, increasing the ability to summon and attack power will be effective against enemies. So we recommend these gems below.

Chained Death increases the damage dealt by attacks by 1.05%, up to a maximum of 1.7%.

Bloody Reach enhances the Necromancer's ranged advantage. It increases all damage by 2% for every 2 yards the player is away from the enemy, up to a maximum of 8% at 8 yards.

Freedom and Devotion grants an 8% increase in summon duration, which allows for a significant increase in output time for greater damage.

It is worth mentioning that the above gems are all 1-star and 2-stars, and the budget is not very high. They can be obtained by running Elder Rifts or crafted with Diablo Immortal Platinum and Runes. is dedicated to helping you with your Diablo Immortal journey, so stay tuned as we keep you updated with news and guides.

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