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Elder Scrolls Online Update 37 PTS Patch Notes Highlights
Feb 08, 2023

Source: MMOWTS


The Elder Scrolls Online Update 37 has arriving for testing, and the PTS patch notes have finally been released with a breakdown of all the upcoming changes to the base game. ESO Update 37, which comes packaged with ESO v8.3.0, comes with various quality-of-life improvements for housing, several new PvP item sets, and the Shadow Over Morrowind adventure.

ESO Update 37 Patch Notes highlights

Here’s a quick breakdown of the major changes that comes with ESO Update 37 from the Public Test Server:

Scribes of Fate DLC adds two new 4-player dungeons, Bal Sunnar and Scrivener’s Hall.

The daily timer is now synced to the Daily Login Reward (that’s 10am UTC for NA and 3am UTC for Europe)

Three new PvP armor sets from the Rewards for the Worthy are available: Snake in the Stars (light armor), Shell Splitter (medium), Judgement of Akatosh (heavy)

Fogbreak Lighthouse is a new home now available for purchase

Housing has several quality-of-life improvements, like new filters in the housing editor and having a list of current occupants available in settings.

Screen Narration has been added to Accessibility Settings

Software Occlusion Culling can be tested in beta

Necrom Prologue Quest called Eye of Fate is available now through the Crown Store

Light attacks will scale more aggressively with your stats

You can find the full PTS patch notes for Update 37 on ESO’s official forums. As always, the developers are gathering feedback from the community on the update, so some of the patch notes may change after testing.

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