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ESO Shows New DLAA Technology
Sep 27, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

Last week, ESO announced that it will be the first game to test Nvidia’s New Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing (DLAA) technology. This AI technology is the same as Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology, but it is not used for better performance, it is used to create a better-aliased image. Compared with more frames, you can see a clearer view of ESO.

Generally speaking, unless you adjust the resolution to 4K, you won't see much difference. DLSS can create the best frame rate, but it can also produce blurry images. You can see that certain parts of the tree are distorted and destroyed, and DLAA and TAA show everything in precise detail.

On the contrary, DLAA abandons the frame rate for better image quality. Even in 4K, it is difficult to see the difference between TAA and DLAA, but there is a clear difference between DLAA and DLSS.

In the case of 1080P, it is almost impossible to distinguish the difference between the three graphics settings, even in the case of 1440P, it is difficult to see the obvious difference. With such a high hardware performance and such low resolutions, even at the max graphics settings, the benchmark PC has introduced 200+ frames, and the only difference between the three modes is another 40 or 70 frames.

At 4K and higher textures, DLSS is perfect, sometimes providing almost twice the frame rate and a minimal loss of image quality. At the same time, when you have extra frames, DLAA seems to be a more useful technique.

So far, DLAA is only available for ESO, so if you are an ESO player, it means that you have the opportunity to experience this technology first. In the near future, DLAA will begin to apply to other games.

Once this technology is available in ESO, MMOWTS will pay attention to it and will share player feedback later. As for the ESO game itself, you can also come to MMOWTS to buy ESO Gold, which can help you perform better in the game, as long as you need, you can come to MMOWTS anytime, our staff is always online, so live chat is available at any time, if in doubt, just ask our staff.

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