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Elder Scrolls Online Update 40: Everything You Need To Know About Endless Archive Dungeon!
Sep 25, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

In ESO Update 40, we will have a new free event, Endless Archive. I visited it at PTS and now I will share the information I gathered with you.

Here I’ll explain how Endless Archive works. I’ll also be showcasing portals to unknown worlds, additional bosses and scams, achievements, rewards, sets and new Tales of Tribute Decks.


First, get to the arena. If you have Necrom, head to Apocrypha and a new Archive icon will appear on the map. If you don’t have Necrom, click on Apocrypha icon. You will then automatically enter the arena.

When you enter the arena, you’ll find yourself in this Endless Archive Index. Here you will meet NPCs with quests.

Elder Scrolls Online Update 40: Endless Archive Guide


The merchant Filer Tezurs will sell you furniture, equipment sets, and items for delivering archives. Filer Ool sells a variety of trinkets that change weekly. Both merchants sell goods in the local currency, Archive Fortunes. You can find these currencies in chests after killing the boss.

ESO Plus members will receive a 10% bonus on all Archive Fortunes. However, you’ll need Runic Thread Weaver to stop the arena and fix the leaderboard’s data. Resetting Hourglass will restart the arena.

Archival Wings - Enter

Archival Wings are the entrance to this Endless Archive. By the way, we can play the game in three ways: solo, with a companion or with friends.

Round System

Now let’s look at the round system. We have Stage, Cycle and Arc.

I think the arena consists of countless Arcs. Each Arc consists of 5 cycles. Each Cycle consists of 4 stages. Stage 3 is an arena with enemy packs, and Stage 4 is an arena with bosses. There will be a unique boss on Cycle 5.

Entering Endless Archive will start Stage 1, where you need to kill all enemies. Once you’ve done this, you can select a verse that will only work on the next stage and into portals.

ESO Update 40: Endless Archive Round system

Then the 2nd stage will have hordes of monsters. You kill them all again, get verse and enter the portal. After completing Stage 3, you will receive Verse and enter the portal where the boss meets you.

After defeating him, you have completed 1 cycle. The reward is a chest containing local currency and trinkets. You can sell these trinkets to others to get more ESO Gold. You then need to choose a vision that applies to all Arenas.

After entering the portal, the new cycle starts from the 1st stage. You can see all of your vision rewards by clicking F5.

You will encounter a unique boss in stage 4 of the fifth round. After killing him, you will have completed 1 Arc. This reward will become more interesting. It will give you more local currency and loot, and the bosses will become more difficult.

We should note that verse only works in the next arena. For each Arenas Vision, it will give you two random options. Please choose the one that suits you better.

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Remember, this is the first week of PTS, so they can change. They appear randomly, so don’t rush into the main line after accepting verse. Mini-games await us in them.

Let’s start by becoming a Watcher. Your goal is to find and collect Tomeshell. By the way, there are changes to the skill panel here. I’ll show you what that looks like.

ESO: Skill Panel

If one of you dies while you’re playing together, your surviving partner will resurrect the fallen one. After killing the boss, the chest will appear as a reward.

The second mini-game turns you into a goat and you need to escape enemies and feed your ultimate power by eating sweetrolls. Once your ultimate skill is built up, you can use it on your enemies. One ultimate kills an enemy. Treasure chests will also appear as rewards.

I also have a third option, which is collecting pages. After talking to NPC, return to the arena through the portal. Now quest pages will appear on some of them. You don’t have to collect all the pages in one trip.

Once you pass a mission and receive a reward, you can immediately accept the next mission. It’s designed in the same way, collect trinkets in Archive.

Gw The Pilferer

Gw the Pilferer is a scam with extra loot. It can appear in the boss’ arena. You need to kill him quickly before he escapes. Don’t forget to loot the corpses.

Other bosses may appear in stages with enemy packs. I’d leave all the fighting to the bosses, maybe that will help with your mechanics. If you kill him, you’ll get extra good loot. If you die 3 times, Archive will end.

After your last death, you can only be resurrected in Wayshrines, and progress data will be displayed immediately.

Elder Scrolls Online Update 40: Endless Archive New Earnable Rewards


There are two leaderboards: one for single players and one for two players. You will first find the set items for your class. After receiving the full set of class items, you will receive drops from other classes. I hope it helps familiarize yourself with the new entertainment content in ESO. I hope you enjoy yourself.

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