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EVE Echoes: How To Earn ISK
Sep 22, 2020

Source: MMOWTS

As the main currency in EVE Echoes, ISK is one of the most important things players want to get. If you want to thrive in the game, you'll need to create as many ISK as possible.

There are many ways to obtain ISK in the game. Some methods are simpler than others, but they are all good ways to ensure that you are bringing in the most ISK as possible.

Logging In Daily

Every day you log in to the game and you will earn a login reward. These rewards will be sent to your game mail and can be claimed there when you're docked. This is by far the easiest way to get some currency, because you don't even need to actually play the game. ISK can be obtained by logging in every day.

Sell Stuff at the Market

The Market is a good place where you can sell all your extra stuff for a good amount of ISK. If you go to your inventory, you can set up any items you want to sell at the Market, you just need to make sure you dock at the ITC Station to sale.

Sell Blueprints at the Market

When you have blueprints in the game, you can use them and build something, or you can sell these blueprints to others through the market. The rarer blueprints will bring you more ISK than the more common blueprints.

Mine and Sell Ores/Resources

After you created your first mining laser, you can equip it to your spaceship, and then go to an Asteroid Belt to start mining ores. These are all resources you can sell for ISK. We recommend keeping some common ores, because they sell much less ISK than rare ores.

Do Encounters

You can access Encounters by tapping on the Menu and drop-down options that come down. Tap on the "Encounter" tab, you can find all the missions you can take on, along with the amount of ISK you can get from them.

You can head to the "News" tab to view the list of tasks you can refresh to get some new ones.

Do Logistics Work

Go to the Menu and tap on the "Logistics" tab. You will see that this area allows you to move items for players from one station to another, and doing so will earn you ISK. Go to "Accept Delivery Request" and you can check out the offers.

Anomalies and Bounties

If you can upgrade your ship to handle combat, you can start taking on Anomalies and Bounties. Completing these missions will bring you a lot of EVE Echoes ISK.

If you are just started, accept the easier Anomalies and Bounties work your way up to the harder ones as you progress.

Of course, if you need ISK urgently, the fastest way to get a large amount of EVE Echoes ISK is to buy on MMOWTS. This doesn't take you too much time and money, because the ISK price on MMOWTS is lower than the market price, which is very cheap, and MMOWTS has fast delivery, you don't have to wait for a long time.

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