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Fallout 76: These Updates Deserve Players Attention!
May 16, 2024

Source: MMOWTS

Fallout 76 will be updated in June, and loyal players of Fallout 76 are eager to know about the updated content in the game. The focus of this update is the expansion of boundaries of Appalachia. At the same time, many unknown enemies, generous rewards and new questlines will also be added to the game. This is the real first update for the expanded map for Fallout 76, which makes players look forward to June.

The new Fallout TV has received a lot of praise since its launch, and the number of people exploring the world of post-war Appalachia continues to increase. This article will reorganize and review the most unexpected and surprising changes in the game’s upcoming updates.

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Let’s get started.Fallout 76: These Updates Deserve Players Attention!

1. A Map Expansion

Head South For New Adventures

A new area will be re-created on the existing map for a comprehensive update of Skyline Valley. This is completely different from before. Players were shocked when they first experienced this area. Currently, Skyline Valley is open to players on the public test server. Everyone is welcome to come and experience it.

2. The Story Behind Vault 63

A New Vault To Explore

Vault 63 is a place that few people know about, so few explore it. However, when the game update is released in June, the previously sealed Vault will no longer be a taboo for players.

Then, exploring Vault 63 isn’t as simple as returning home.

In fact, there is not everything in Vault 63. Around Vault, there is a rich questline. Players in Public Test Server like to explore this.

Because this is one of the biggest vaults since Vaults series. Not only is it huge, but it also has its own built-in subway that transports the game’s residents from one place to another.

3. New Enemies

New Enemy Types Have Done Their Way Into The Update

In addition to the updates mentioned above, Fallout 76 also adds different enemy types this time. The new boss, Storm Goliaths is one of them. This is completely different from before in Vaults series. Players who want to defeat them must save ammo in advance. If you have tried to defeat Scorchbeast Queen, Ultracite Titan, and Earl, then you know that this new boss will not be easier than them.

A new cultist-type faction called The Lost will play a decisive role in some of the quests in the new areas of this update.

4. New Main Questline

To Find All There Is To know About This New Area

I won’t tell you that Skyline Valley update will have a very attractive little story hidden in the new main questline. Unlike most of the decisions players make in Fallout 76, in the missions of this update, the decisions players make will have some unexpected consequences.

This is exactly what many players have been wanting. Although in other Fallout titles, the decisions made by players can lead to different directions, this update does not have as strong an impact as before, but it can also make players feel different effects from before.

5. New Rewards

Some Fun And Special Rewards For Players To Gain

One thing this update has in common with previous Fallout 76 updates is that players can unlock rich new rewards. In fact, it’s the new weapons that will really interest players. Completing the new main quest will unlock four new weapons. They are V63 Shock Baton, Shattered Grounds, V63 Zweihander, and Ticket To Revenge. This is so exciting. I believe the effects and abilities of these new weapons will give players a big shock.

In my opinion, the Ticket To Revenge seems to be comparable to Railway Rifle in terms of power, ammo capacity, and overall aesthetics. Therefore, after Skyline Valley update, players can not only use new weapons but also get CAMP plans, weapon skins and so on.

6. New Events

Some New Events For Players To Participate

After this update, players can participate in two new large-scale events, “Dangerous Pastimes” and “Neurological Warfare”. Not surprisingly, both of these large-scale activities require teamwork from players to complete.

"Dangerous Pastimes" is a relatively light activity. As long as there are enough players and they are willing to help. Players only need to destroy the enemies that attack again and again, and at the same time collect special parts as much as possible to attract the storm.

Compared with "Dangerous Pastimes", "Neurological Warfare" is a little different from other events, it is much more interesting than I expected. Not only does it start like other endgame boss battle events, but it also requires players to nuke a certain region to start.

Players love opening new events in the game. Because this comes with a lot of rewards. At the same time, these rewards can also encourage old players to continue playing.

7. Enemy Damage Adjustments

Some Much-Needed Fixes For Certain Enemies

In this update, some enemies seem to be very powerful. Players like Anglers, Robots, and Cave Crickets will use multiple attacks to eliminate players. However, Bethesda will be making some moves to change this and rebalance those overpowered enemies.

Although the current weapons currently available to players will also change, they will not change too much. Although the complete list of weapon updates has not yet been made public, any changes will be focused on balancing and adapting to the game.

I hope you all like my ideas.

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