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FFXIV: Follow These Tips To Quickly Level Your Alt To Level 90 To Get A Head Start On Dawntrail
May 11, 2024

Source: MMOWTS

Do you want to level up quickly in Final Fantasy XIV to reach the level 100 cap as quickly as possible when Dawntrail expansion releases? If yes, then this leveling guide must be your best choice.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to level up in Eorzea. From basic leveling tips to advanced leveling strategies for experienced players, this guide has it all. The different methods of leveling up and the best way to earn XP will be covered here. Let’s get straight to it.

FFXIV: Follow These Tips To Quickly Level Your Alt To Level 90 To Get A Head Start On Dawntrail

Unlock Dungeons

Time management is crucial in learning to level up efficiently in FFXIV, especially if you plan to level up multiple jobs. If this is your first job to reach level 90, the dungeons unlocked in the story are your primary choice, which is enough to get you straight to level 90. I recommend your first job be a tank or healer. This will make your dungeon queue faster.

XP Bonus

Now let’s talk about XP bonuses you can earn to help level up alt jobs faster.

First of all, completing Brand-new Ring of Hall of the Novice will bring a 30% bonus to LV 30. In addition, Heat of Battle 1 to 3 will provide players with 5% to 15% bonuses, which can be activated by free links. Armory Bonus provides 100% bonus below level 80 and 50% bonus below level 90.

Additionally, New Worlds and Preferred Worlds receive a 100% bonus for creating a character on a new server or preferred server. Spend FFXIV Gil on food from Potwatch in any major city and get a 3% bonus when you consume 2 of them in 1 hour.

Hunting Log

First, I want to mention that Hunting Log is very useful for levels 1-15.

If you hover over the icon, it will give you the location. You can tell if it’s in the correct position by the icon above its head.

Palace Of The Dead

Palace of the Dead is a quick way to level up your alts from 1 to 50. Palace of the Dead is Deep Dungeon content in FFXIV, unlocked at level 17.

The quest, House That Death Built, can be completed after you talk to Nojiro Marujiro in New Gridania. To enter Palace of the Dead, start by talking to Wood Wailer Captain in Quarrymill to join a matching party and you will start the quest from Floor 1.

FFXIV: Palace of the Dead Deep Dungeon Guide

The nice thing about Palace of the Dead is that your actual gear doesn’t matter. Turning on Silver Chest increases your Aetherpool weapons and armor, which alone determines your damage and defense.

Next, you need to reach the next level by killing mobs. When the key lights up white, you can enter the next level. After clearing 50 floors, talk to Wood Wailer Captain again to unlock floors 50+.

Now you will use any job to run layers 51-60. My level 15 Pugilist gave me almost a 2 level buff boost in 12 minutes on floors 51-60 and I could avoid DPS queue time.

As a bonus, Deep Dungeon doesn’t use your Rested Experience, but you do get 100% bonus from Armory Bonus.

Duty Roulette

I need to remind you that Duty Roulettes provide good XP. But it can only be done once per day and resets at those times based on your time zone. I recommend doing 50/60/70/80, Leveling, Main Scenario, Trials, and Alliance Raid every day.

If you also hit an Adventurer that requires bonuses, this is a significant source of your passive FFXIV Gil income. This is what I found with my level 51 Warrior in Duty Roulette.

You may be thinking that the income from completing a level 51 raid is not very impressive. But one of its bigger benefits is that DPS can queue up faster in Duty Roulette.


From levels 61 to 70, Heaven-on-High is a powerful option for gaining XP. This is a Deep Dungeon from Stormblood expansion.

You need to talk to Hamakaze in Ruby Sea to complete the quest Knocking on Heaven’s Door. In this Deep Dungeon, you need to rerun levels 21-30 to gain maximum XP. The entire dungeon takes about 15 minutes to run, and you’ll need to run it 32 times to reach level 70.


If you are going to do FATEs, I recommend starting at level 70 to 90. Be sure to bring a companion with you, and upgrade your companion, which will give you some extra survivability in Shadowbringers and Endwalkers.

Additionally, FATEs provide an additional currency called Bicolor Gemstones. These can be used to purchase crafting materials from Gemstone Trader. You can use them to craft or sell them on the market to earn gil. Remember, you can only effectively farm XP from FATEs if you have a team doing it.

FFXIV: FATE Farming Guide

Bozjan Southern Front

At level 80, we can enter Bozjan Southern Front. You need to complete Stormblood Alliance Raid and talk to Keiten in Kugane to complete the quest line, Hail to the Queen.

To progress in Bozjan, you need to obtain Mettle. Mettle allows you to level up, giving you access to more Bozjans. In order to get Mettle, you need to do Skirmishes and Critical Engagements.

All in all, Bozja Fates is a great way to level up, but it requires a time investment. Just keep at it and this will take you all the way to level 90.

Beast Tribe Quests

A small daily quest option to keep in mind is Beast Tribe Quests. These are daily repeatable tasks to earn XP really fast. Three Pixie Quests per day gave us nearly 900,000 XP in 8 minutes.

Anyway, that’s it for my Final Fantasy XIV leveling guide. I wish you good luck and have fun!

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