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Genshin Impact 2.5 version update
Mar 05, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

In the second half of the Genshin Impact 2.5 update, players will have access to Devouring Lightning and Eternal Moonlight. These two 5-star weapons were previously released separately during the 2.1 updates. The re-release will now feature both weapons in the same banner, giving gamers a chance to get the gear they need, which is helpful for anyone who might want to upgrade an item's refinement level or miss the initial release of a weapon. MMOWTS provides you with some strategies to help you complete the game as follows

With the miniature path weapon system in Genshin Impact, players can choose one of the 5-star weapons and receive the selected item when the mercy mechanic is triggered. While the weapon mercy system isn't free-to-play friendly, Epitomized Path can help players get the weapons they need. In addition to having a higher percentage of Devouring Lightning and Eternal Moonlight, other 4-star weapons will also be available as promotional items in addition to the two 5-star weapons, the Spear of Favonius, Shard of Sacrifice, Akumaru, Roar, and Moon of Moon will be part of the Arms Banner. Unlike Engulfing Lightning and Eternal Moonlight, most of the featured 4-star weapons have no restrictions and can be obtained on Genshin Impact's standard banner. If the desired gear is 5 stars, it's best for players to pull up the weapon banner, because even with the mercy system, players only have a 20% chance of getting a specific 4-star weapon. Essentially, gamers can use all resources instead of getting the items they want. Devouring Lightning is a polearm that works well with characters focused on power-ups. The secondary stat provided by this item increases energy regeneration to 55.1% and based on the character's energy regeneration stat (over 100% base), will further increase the user's attack power by 28%. Users will also gain an additional 30% charge status after using Elemental Burst, making Devouring Lightning the perfect weapon for Burst-focused polearm users in Genshin Impact such as Raiden Shogun, Xiangling, and Rosaria.

Eternal Moonlight is a catalyst primarily used by healers. The secondary stat increases health to 49.6% and will further increase the healing bonus by 10%. Will gain an additional 1% ATK damage bonus based on the character's maximum health. After using Elemental Burst, the weapon also restores 0.6 energy when the normal attack hits the enemy. Aside from Kokomi, not many characters will benefit from the effects of Everlasting Moonglow, making it one of the more restrictive weapons in Genshin Impact. Comparing these two 5 stars, Devouring Lightning is generally better than Eternal Moonlight. Few catalyst users in Genshin Impact have access to this weapon - unlike Devouring Lightning, it greatly helps many polearm characters. If the player is committed to strengthening Kokomi, the Eternal Moonlight will be an excellent weapon for her, but if the player is looking for a weapon that can be shared among different allies, the Devouring Lightning is highly recommended. Of course, this series of weapon bonuses and character selection are all inseparable from the Genshin Impact Account. We will continue to believe that everyone should provide preferential purchase policies in addition to the latest game conditions.

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