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Genshin Impact: Five reasons to choose Yelan
Jun 08, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

As one of the most popular action role-playing games in the world, Genshin Impact has achieved considerable commercial success. After a three-week delay in release, Version 2.7 is finally here.

The biggest highlight of Genshin Impact Version 2.7 is the introduction of the long-awaited banner character Yelan. Yelan is currently the most popular Hydro character. She is proficient with a bow and arrow and has been given a set of unique skill mechanics.

Depending on the following reasons, you will not regret having Yelan appear in your Genshin Impact Accounts.

1. She is easy to build.

Building major DPS has always been the focus of the game and a task that takes time and effort. Although Yelan is a 5-star powerhouse, it does not need to spend too much. Because she has multiple sets of artifacts to choose from, and the effects that can be achieved by multiple types are very stable.

2. She can flexibly adapt to various types of teams.

Although Yelan is a Hydro character, she has strong adaptability. A setup or weapon can be a primary DPS or a secondary character as long as they work together in the correct order of attacks. This means that she can integrate well into different teams and bring irreplaceable contributions to the team.

3. She has a unique charging attack mechanism.

When Yelan enters the Breakthrough state, it can reduce the time of the next charge attack by 80%; at the same time, she can launch the breakthrough barb, which will bring Hydro Damage according to her health.

4. Her Elemental Burst can bring powerful AoE.

This is her biggest selling point. Yelan's Elemental Burst is called Depth-Clarion Dice, and it creates an Exquisite Throw for the very effective AoE Hydro. Also bring in a very effective synergy for increased damage.

5. Her passive talent is very effective.

Yelan's most valuable passive talents are Turn Control and Adapt With Ease, which players need to unlock by raising Yelan to the appropriate level.

Turn Control increases Yelan's health based on the number of elemental types in the party, and Yelan's damage depends heavily on this. And Adapt With Ease can bring 3-5% damage per second after Elemental Burst.

So far, Yelan has become the banner character with the highest single-day sales in Genshin Impact history. This proves that her advantages are obvious to the majority of players. So it is best to make Yelan a member of your team from now on!

MMOWTS will bring more useful information to your Genshin Impact progress, and you can keep following us.

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