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Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Version 3.5 First Half Banner Characters
Mar 21, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

A recent leak from Genshin Impact reveals the four-star characters joining Dehya's banner inside the first half of Version 3.5.


A new leak from Genshin Impact has revealed the four-star characters set to sign up Dehya about the little banner with the first 50 % of Version 3.5. With just some days remaining before the launch of the newest update to HoYoverse's massively popular RPG, players have ample reasons to be excited. Version 3.5 might find the addition of Dehya because the game's most unique five-star character after featuring prominently within Sumeru's story, and also new events and story quests. Now, players use a better concept of what four-star characters will be joining Dehya.


Dehya's review of Genshin Impact employs the Eremite mercenary, who played a principal role through the entire Archon Quest for your Sumeru Region. Serving because bodyguard for Dunyarzad and a primary connection to your Eremites of Sumeru's desert, Dehya was one of the first Sumeru characters to ally themselves using the Traveler. Last month, HoYoverse said Dehya would ultimately become playable throughout the Version 3.5 update alongside a new Mondstadt character named Mika. A new leak has revealed what characters will run alongside her with the latest update.


An update from prominent Genshin Impact leaker Team China has revealed several characters which will join Dehya on her behalf first banner, having a Sumeru character and also a pair of Mondstadt healers. Barbara, Collei, and Bennett will serve because the banner characters for your first half of Genshin Impact's Version 3.5, with Collei also prominently featuring within the Sumeru story. Bennett and Barbara are generally expected to appear from the return of Mondstadt's Windblume Festival, with players' time for the game's first region.


The three featured characters will supply powerful methods for players seeking to build a team around Dehya. Dehya will likely function well as an element of Burgeon-focused groups, with Barbara and Collei providing consistent Hydro and Dendro applications for Bloom cores. Bennett has become one of Genshin Impact's strong support characters because of the game's launch, providing primary healing and damage buffs through his Elemental Burst. Barbara may also see uses in other teams built around Dehya using the Vaporize reaction.


While the production of Version 3.5 is still some days away, Genshin Impact has unveiled details about the experience's following version. Genshin Impact confirmed the most recent characters joining the action in Version 3.6 on Friday morning, with all the long-awaited Baizhu coming alongside the Sumeru character Kaveh. Baizhu has become the subject of rumours surrounding his eventual release since early in the game's life after appearing inside the story for that Liyue region. Even before Version 3.5 launches, Genshin Impact fans already have a reason to check forward to Version 3.6.


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