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How do I earn runes in the Elden Ring?
Feb 06, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

Runes are Elden Ring's answer to the echoes of souls in the Demon's Soul and

blood in the Blood Source. Runes are earned every time you kill an enemy and

these can be used to upgrade weapons, purchase items from merchants and


To get Elden Ring Runes you will need to find the time that requires the best

location to plant the runes for quick upgrades.

1. Holy Beast

1,000 runes per enemy

2. Palace Approach Ledge Road

11,000 runes

If you feel that planting Elden Ring Runes takes a long time and delays your

game, you can choose to buy cheap Elden Ring Runes directly from MMOWTS, a

professional online store that has been selling Elden Ring Runes for over a

decade and is very reliable.

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