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Lords Of The Fallen: The Best Strategy To Defeat Pieta Quickly!
Nov 29, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

Lords Of The Fallen contains many challenging bosses that you must overcome to progress in the game. Shortly after completing the tutorial area, you will encounter your first major boss, called Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal.

Even though Pieta is the first boss, that does not mean she’s an easy opponent. This battle sets the tone for what to expect in the game, emphasizing the need for careful pattern recognition and strategic thinking.

Lords Of The Fallen: The Best Strategy To Defeat Pieta Quickly!

How To Beat Pieta?

Dealing with Pieta is a two-phase battle that requires you to learn her moves and develop a strategy to defeat her.

First Phase

Pieta uses Long Holy Sword as her chief weapon, and all of her attacks in First Phase revolve around it. Let us break it down for you.

Her first move is a two-swing combo, which gives her sword a longer reach. After she makes this attack, there’s a good chance to get a full combo on her before you back away.

When you get close to Pieta, she may launch a sweeping attack and then back away to gain some distance. This attack is usually followed by her raising her weapon in the air and unleashing a straight-line beam attack.

This may be the most dangerous moment you face. You can dodge it by dashing to the side, or, more effectively, dodging as she fires her straight-line beam.

Another ranged attack she uses is when she summons a Holy Sword towards the ground, which releases a series of falling swords that fly in your direction. But this is easy to avoid. Just stay out of the path of those falling swords.

The ultimate attack of this phase is her jumping swing, which she uses to close the gap between you and her. This, like the first attack, gives you a good start. If you still have enough LotF Vigor, you can continue to launch a full combo.

Second Phase

Second Phase of fighting Pieta ramps up the difficulty with a series of fresh attacks that you have to pay close attention to.

First, Pieta will transform into a Four-Winged Angel-Type Knight. When she executes her attack, she retreats to the back of the arena, then lunges forward, summoning a cluster of swords in the air. Once you reach the opposite side, the cluster of swords will fall down. To avoid this, position yourself to the right or left side of the boss battle arena.

During this stage, Pieta will also summon some nasty specters. These summoned spectators have four different attacks:

The first mirrors First Phase’s straight-line beam attack, but this time it’s performed by two of Specters she summons.

The second one is similar to the linear sword she used in the first phase. You just stay out of their attack path.

On the third attack, Specters will appear near you and launch a melee combo. Sometimes it’s just one spectrum, but usually it’s two spectrums.

The last attack is similar to the one she uses when entering Second Phase. However, this time, she retreated to the end of the arena and summoned two Specters, occupying both sides, and lined up to sneak in, leaving a trail of falling swords. This one is also easy to dodge. Just pay attention to which part of the path is clear and hold on until the attack is over.

Also, be careful with her grab attack, which she usually uses from a distance. She pushes herself towards you, and this attack does massive damage.

Lords of the Fallen: How to beat Pieta & No damage Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal boss fight


Defeating Pieta is difficult. Therefore, you must seize the right moment to attack and use your three Sanguinarix charges wisely.

In First Phase, you’d better stay close to her. Her swing combos are relatively easy to dodge, and they also give you a significant chance to hit some hits.

Sometimes you may need to step back to replenish energy or heal, but be aware that she may unleash a beam or linear sword attack.

Pieta will usually transition to Second Phase when half of her health is depleted, but sometimes she may transition earlier, so stay alert.

When she transforms into Four-Winged Angel-Type Knight, your best bet is to avoid it and let her finish the falling sword attack. Trying to attack her during this transformation won’t hurt her, so it’s best to take a step back, regain your strength and always be ready to attack.

In Second Phase, Pieta becomes more aggressive and agile, often flying around the arena and approaching you. However, the opening that follows her swinging combo is the moment you should be waiting for. And taking risks at other times can leave you vulnerable.

This battle requires patience, so resist the urge to be greedy, as it can be your downfall. Stay alert, learn her attack patterns, and remember that we can easily dodge most attacks. You can wait for these gaps and damage her if necessary, and eventually you will defeat Pieta.

Lords of the Fallen Boss Guide: Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal Tips


After defeating Pieta, your rewards will include 1 Vestige Seed and 8 Umbral Scouring. However, there is more to LotF Vigor to gain.

By entering Umbral, you will interact with Umbral memory. Upon completion you will receive Remembrance of Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal.

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