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Wardancer Leveling Build Guide
Mar 01, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

Wardancer is usually a high-mobility class with skills like Lightning Kick. This skill has a low Cooldown and enhances the overall travelling speed over the levelling phase. She lacks Area of Effect skills but cooldown for it with all the excellent damage single target skills Moon Flash Kick and Sweeping Kick.


During levelling, concentrate on equipping the most extensive Item Level gear while prioritizing the Crit and Specialization Combat Stats to improve your Damage and apparent speed. To level quickly, focus on doing Main Story Quest with many exceptions.


Allocate Skill Points to find Skill Tree for the most potent Skills. Below are the notable Character Levels to discover the most crucial Skill Tree. Leftover points are usually spent on secondary Skills of your liking. Make sure you reallocate those points in the primary Skills as required.


Check the Skill Point Guide for more information.


Level 12: Lightning Kick and Triple Fist (4 points each) for Damage.


Level 20-21: Moon Flash Kick (20 points) for Damage and gap closer. Sleeping Ascent Celebration (20 points) for mobility and AoE damage.


Level 25: Wind's Whisper (48 points) for Damage.


Level 30-31: Lightning Kick (48 points) for Damage and mobility.


Level 35: Swift Wind Kick (20 points) for AoE clearing.


Level 38: Sweeping Kick (48 points, remove points from Swift Wind Kick) for single target burst with many AoE.


Level 41-45: Moon Flash Kick (48 points) for increased Damage. (remove topics from Flash Heat Fang when in a position to max Moon Flash Kick)


Level 48: Esoteric Skill: Call in the Wind God (20 points) for AoE Clearing.


Level 50


Follow the primary story mission for Vern city until Beatrice notifies you that you are visiting her in Trixion. Completing her questline rewards Energy Combustion plus the Ultimate Skill: Flash Rage Blow Awakening Skill. Check your inventory and drink the items to unlock the skill sets. Set up 2 skill presets for your Chaos Dungeon/Cube and Raid builds below in the Endgame section.


Extra Notes


Extra Skill Points before Level 35 are usually invested into Seismic Strike for mob clearing and Phoenix Advent for added mobility.


Remove points from Sleeping Ascent Celebration and Swift Wind Kick whenever in a position to max out a crucial skill.


Tier 2 Skill Tree of Moon Flash Kick could be replaced with Single Strike for bursting bosses in dungeons.


Wardancer is tremendously mobile with skills like Lightning Kick, Phoenix Advent and Moon Flash Kick.


This leveling build focuses mainly on AoE skills to optimize mob clearing. You might face longer clearing times for bosses, but also for that, browse the extra notes to determine which Skill Tree to get for clearing Bosses.

Lost Ark is often a stunning action MMORPG. This game caused an excellent stir when it was revealed during G-Star 2014, being hailed since the game is the Diablo MMORPG players have already been waiting for. With nearly 20 classes announced, a tripod system that enables complex and varied combos specific for every single character, action combat that is undoubtedly by far probably the most exciting you'll ever see within an MMO, and open-world events, this is often a game that's as beautiful as vast.


Lost Ark is more than a simple multiplayer hack-and-slash game; this is often a full-fledged MMORPG having a large world map for more information and plenty to try and do besides following the main story, which says the game world is now being invaded by demons, with random chaos gates which are used to cross as well as work as open world events called World Class Crisis, where players ought to fight together to defeat the invaders. Some of the classes add some Battle Master, Devil Hunter, Arcana and the Berserker, each offering an exceptionally distinct gameplay style. Some should be in melee combat. Others would instead use magic, while some go for long-range tactics. The tripod system plays a massive role in how that your character faces the battles, making it possible for several combos and customization that bring added replay value to your game. For example, the Battle Master care (earth, fire, water or air) uses it several times as well as inc, a division of effect. Besides questing, there are numerous activities like fishing, crafting, mining, drinking and cards, moral decisions to look at (save a male or allow him to die), and hidden quests, such as the one you could find by eavesdropping, among all kinds of other things. The Guardian Raids are regularly impressive and require some type of teamwork to make the creature down, along with awareness of your surroundings and the items which can be used. Finally, the cinematic dungeon experience helps to make the action considerably more exciting, with all the current inventive camera angles and a sense of urgency. There's also a colosseum for PvP fighting.


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