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WOW Classic SOD: How To Level Up To Level 25 As Quickly As Possible In Phase 1? - Leveling Route & Tips
Jan 08, 2024

Source: MMOWTS

WoW Classic Season of Discovery has been out for over a month. The gameplay of every class in the game has been updated, and the secrets of Azeroth are revealed. However, unlike before, Season of Discovery’s endgame content will start at level 25 instead of the usual level 60.

With that in mind, leveling up in Season of Discovery shouldn’t take that long. If you are an experienced WOW Classic pro player, you can even reach the highest level of SoD Phase 1 in one or two gaming sessions. Here are the best ways to level up quickly and get to Phase 1 endgame in WoW Classic Season of Discovery.

WOW Classic SOD: How To Level Up To Level 25 As Quickly As Possible In Phase 1? - Leveling Route & Tips


For Alliance and Horde players, the mission experience of the first 10 levels should be relatively familiar and simple. In the meantime, please focus on completing the race introductory quest lines and reaching level 10. This process should take you a few hours, and if you’ve played WOW Classic before, you should have plenty of experience with the content in this part of the game.

At level 10, you’ll start to have access to more areas of the game. At level 25, you’ll gain access to the revamped 10-player Blackfathom Deeps dungeon, which will be the first raid of the new season.

Alliance Leveling Route

Alliance players will have an extremely advantageous upgrade path in Season of Discovery. Because they have tons of areas ready for immediate use. With three different paths, you’ll be able to spread your time in areas efficiently. When one area gets too competitive, you can always jump to another area for more reliable XP.

First, you need to complete Starting Zone tasks. Then, enter the secondary zones at level 10 and split your time between Westfall, Loch Modan, and Darkshore.

It’s worth noting that Westfall has many mobs, so competition is usually fierce during the event. But due to the scattered targets in the area, we recommend spending more time in Darkshore.

Also, before you decide to head to Redridge Mountains, Ashenvale, Duskwood, and Wetlands for more level-appropriate missions, head to Deadmines to get gear and experience points. If you’re completing Elite Missions in these areas, we recommend doing so with a group.

WOW Season of Discovery Ultimate Leveling Guide

Horde Leveling Route

Horde players have more limited options in open-world missions, which means you’re more likely to encounter competition when it comes to completing objectives and killing mobs. Thankfully, Horde players have found three early-game dungeons in their zone, each of which is definitely worth completing.

First, get as much value as possible in Starting Zone, possibly even until level 11.

Because most Horde players tend to rush into the secondary areas as quickly as possible, if you can squeeze more XP from Starting Zone before the mission becomes too easy, you definitely shouldn’t pass it up.

You will then also need to go to Barrens and Silverpine Forest between levels 10 and 20. Don’t forget to prioritize running Wailing Caverns and Ragefire Chasm as early as possible. However, be sure to collect all the quests in these dungeons before entering.

Finally, complete the full Phase 1 process in areas such as Ashenvale and Hillsbrad Foothills.

Is It Worth Running Dungeons During Phase 1?

During SoD Phase 1, you should definitely prioritize running dungeons. Unlike WoW Classic Hardcore, where dungeons were a threat, dungeons are an abundant resource in Season of Discovery, especially when leveling up.

The amount of WOW Classic SOD Gold and XP that dungeons drop when leveling up is unparalleled, especially once you’ve completed all the quests associated with the dungeon you’re running.

If you enter a dungeon during leveling and complete all the tasks in the dungeon beforehand. You can then exit the dungeon with full level experience, greatly speeding up your progression to level 25.

WOW Classic SOD: You Need To Do This At Level 25

How Long Does It Take To Reach Level 25?

Depending on your experience with WOW Classic and how familiar you are with the pre-planned upgrade path, you should need 24-48 hours of playtime to reach level 25 in SoD Phase 1.

We know this is a long time coming. But considering how much room for experimentation there will be in the new season, you’ll likely spend some extra time figuring out your new skills and exploring SoD’s secrets.

Plus, you always have to account for some of the longer missions in the game, as well as the intense competition for mobs and mission objectives within the first few areas. If you’re an expert leveler and can get ahead without competition and gain XP faster, you can definitely beat the average leveling speed. Good luck!

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