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WOW Classic SOD: Everything We Know So Far About The New Blood Moon PVP Event In Phase 2
Feb 05, 2024

Source: MMOWTS

Recently, the developers announced that Stranglethorn Vale’s new PVP Event, Blood Moon, will be added to WOW Classic SOD Phase 2. This has players excited as it looks to be a vast improvement over Battle for Ashenvale World PVP Event. Meanwhile, Season of Discovery Phase 2 will also feature many other changes and additions.

Although PVP event in SOD Phase 1, Battle for Ashenvale, was popular, it was also severely criticized by players for its issues. Now, after a lot of feedback, the developer says Blood Moon can fix its issues.

Without further ado, here’s everything we know so far about Blood Moon World Event in Season of Discovery Phase 2.

WOW Classic SOD: Everything We Know So Far About The New Blood Moon PVP Event In Phase 2

What Is Blood Moon PVP Event?

Blood Moon Event is a wild ride in Stranglethorn Vale. Contrary to Battle for Ashenvale, player actions do not actively trigger it. Instead, it happens automatically every three hours for 30 minutes.

Every 3 hours, Blood Moon will project an eerie red mist over the area, turning it into a PVP melee. Therefore, players will attack and kill other players of the same faction.

You need to kill other players to capture some special currency. There are tons of unique rewards and gear in this event, all of which can be purchased with the currency you’ve worked hard to earn.

It’s worth noting that Blood Moon doesn’t welcome team raids, it’s all about solo or squad tactics. But the exciting PVP battles and sweet loot here will surprise you, so please bring your top players.

Event Rules

Since Season of Discovery Phase 2 hasn’t launched yet, we can’t explain all the rules specifically. However, the developers did leave us with some leaked information.

In the event preview, the developers noted that this PVP Event will punish players during raids, so large raiding groups may not cooperate. This makes sense, since Blood Moon allows everyone to freely take part in PVP, and allies and enemies alike will become viable targets for you to earn special currency.

Those who wish to opt out of the event can do so by speaking to Zandalarian Emissary somewhere in the area. Once we find them, we will pinpoint his exact location.

On top of that, the event also won’t have any PVE objectives like Battle for Ashenvale. But meanwhile, we are warned to be on the lookout for Chosen of the Blood Loa, who are said to annihilate us.

WoW SoD Phase 2 New Blood Moon PvP Rewards Datamined

Event Rewards

Of course, you can also earn WOW Classic SOD Gold by participating in events. And by visiting vendors outside of Gurubashi Arena, you can also earn new rewards using special currencies farmed during events. There are said to be a dozen new class-specific rewards.

In addition, you can also get two new level 40 mounts by participating in the event. Horde players can get Saber-Tooth Tiger Mount, while Alliance players can ride Raptor Mount. So brace yourself, join the fight, and get ready to add some epic mounts to your collection!

Last but not least, new missions will help us earn the reputation of Arathi Basin. This event will have no associated world buff.

Obviously, that’s not much, but it’s understandable that the developers don’t want to reveal everything right out of the gate. Meanwhile, the developers also outlined new Runes, Gnomeregan Raid, and more. More details will be added once Phase 2 and Blood Moon PVP Event go live on February 8th. Looking forward to seeing you in the game!

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