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PSO2 New Genesis Meseta


  • PC/XBOX - Ship 01:Feoh
  • PC/XBOX - Ship 02:Ur
  • PC/XBOX - Ship 03:Thorn
  • PC/XBOX - Ship 04:Ansur
  • XBOX - Ship 05:Laguz
  • XBOX - Ship 06:Kenaz


  • 5M

    Ship 01 Feoh Meseta 5M

  • 10M

    Ship 01 Feoh Meseta 10M

  • 15M

    Ship 01 Feoh Meseta 15M

  • 20M

    Ship 01 Feoh Meseta 20M

  • 30M

    Ship 01 Feoh Meseta 30M

  • - 1%

    Ship 01 Feoh Meseta 50M

  • - 1%

    Ship 01 Feoh Meseta 60M

  • - 2%

    Ship 01 Feoh Meseta 80M

  • - 2%

    Ship 01 Feoh Meseta 100M

  • - 3%

    Ship 01 Feoh Meseta 150M

  • - 3%

    Ship 01 Feoh Meseta 200M

  • - 4%

    Ship 01 Feoh Meseta 300M

  • - 4%

    Ship 01 Feoh Meseta 500M

  • - 5%

    Ship 01 Feoh Meseta 800M

  • - 5%

    Ship 01 Feoh Meseta 1000M



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Phantasy Star Online 2: How Does Appraisal Work?

2020-09-16 13:59:24

When you collect a lot of loots in Phantasy Star Online 2, you will encounter many different kinds of loot. Most of the loot you get is identified and equipped based on your character.

However, some loot will be marked as "Special?", which means that it must be valued. Next, we will tell you an outline of how this process works in the game and what you need to do for it.

In Phantasy Star Online 2, appraising is a simple process, once you know how it works, it will become a regular part of your playstyle.

The appraisal shop is where you'll need to go to appraise your gear. It can be found in the Shopping Area, accessed by using the elevator in the Gate Area of the ARKS. Look for Chiara. She is next to the orange weapons booth, bear the Weapons Merchant.

When appraising an item, you have two options: Appraisal and Enhanced Appraisal. An Enhanced Appraisal is much more expensive and is only useful for the highest-tiered items to maximize benefits.

When you go to confirm the appraisal of an item, you can choose what elements and augment you want to gear. Over time, you will get more powerful augments as you continue to play.

The appraisal will cost your PSO 2 Meseta, but it is well worth the cost for high-powered gear that you now own. This is the process of Appraisal: take an unknown item and find out its value. This is easy, and it will become your regular routine. So get that sweet loot appraised, equip your character, and start your next adventure with better gear.

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