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What is World of Warcraft Classic Gold 

World of Warcraft Classic is a server option of WOW, which is planed to release on August 27, 2019. As the recreation of the first expansion of WOW, The Burning Crusade, WOW Classic's gameplay has exactly replicated the original version, however, it is guaranteed that Classic must be greatly different from the current version of the game.

A new currency should be added like WOW Gold into WOW Classic for trading among the players, World of Warcraft Classic Gold plays an very important role in many aspects, such as you can exchange WOW Classic items with gold.

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WOW Classic Phase 3 Guide-Grinding In PVP

As you all know, World of Warcraft Classic Phase 3 will be released on February 12, with the new raid, quests game content, therefore the guide for Phase 3 is necessary, especially for those no-lifers.Who are the no-lifers? They are a group of players who are grinding away is Classic Azeroth, especially in the PvP ranking system and battlegrounds. For those, the rank is determined by the amount of honor to accumulate, and the rank and honor can only be gained by playing PvP matches in the various Battlegrounds.Now, let's introduce the content of Phase 3 first.Blackwing Lair is the new 40-man raid after completing the Blackhand's Command questline, there is an entrance to the instance located between Searing Gorge and Burning Steppes.During the raid, the players would encounter numerous Dragonkin and Humanoid monsters, so you must learn how to defeat them with the items or gear.Starting from February 5, 2020, the players can collect cards from various different Darkmoon Decks to get ready for Blackwing Lair, until then, the location called Darkmoon Faire would drop 8 bosses and 120 loot, providing some unique items to players.Sunken Temple Class Quests, allowing the classes which are level 50 that takes place in the Temple of Atal’Hakkar, including:Torwa PathfinderThe Hunter's CharmMagecraftChillwind CampCenarion AidA Simple RequestElemental MasteryAn Imp's RequestA Troubled SpiritEach one has different function among them. As long as completing the class-specific questlines, it would conclude with some rare Classic items as an end.Eternal QuintessenceIn order to gain access to Majordomo Executus and Ragnaros, the players who are Revered with the Hydraxian Waterlords and complete the Hands of the Enemy quest can receive Eternal Quintessence, one of the useful Classic items to douse the runes of the Firelords in the Molten Core Raid.Anyway, WOW Classic Phase 3 is going to launch in a few weeks, so stay tuned.For some players, they can only get some rare items through PVP, and their rank can only be determined by the amount of honor points. In order to increase the PVP ranks, WOW Classic Gold can be used to purchase advanced equipment as support. Generally speaking, beyond the usual farming methods, buying is also an effective method to gain WOW Classic Gold, and MMOWTS is a safe store among the market, offering cheap WOW Classic Gold to consumers, if necessary, you are welcome to visit at any time.

WoW Classic Vision Of N'Zoth Is Live Now With Assault Questline

Blizzard just released the major update for World of Warcraft Classic along with Update 8.3, Vision of N'Zoth, bringing a series of new content including the Allied races, a 12-boss raid, Assaults and more.After the Old God N'Zoth was unleashed from his titanwrought prison, causing huge threat across Azeroth, which turns friends into foes and trapping traps warriors' minds in nightmare visions of a hopeless future. The Horde or Alliance, each hero unite to defeat the God and protect the wounded world. In order to gain the cleansing force, the heroes should meet:Level 120Unlock Nazajatar and complete "A Way Home" with Magni BronzebeardActivate Heart Forge and Unlock Essences in the Heart of AzerothAfter that, you are just allowed to complete more questline to open the Assaults and go to Horrific Visions after completing two of them and gain some unique rewards, such as the legendary cloak Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve, the more storyline you unlock each Assault, the more rewards and gear to obtain. Until here, the battle with N'Zoth just starts, good luck on your adventure.During this period, you'll encounter:Allied race: Mechagnome and Vulpera. Each one has a distinct style, traits, armour and cool new mounts. In order to unlock both of them, the players have to add the Battle for Azeroth expansion installed and gain Exalted with both races' respective factions.12-boss raid: Ny'alotha, the new added Waking City, awaking from its long sleep when the Old God N'Zoth taking control of the Black Empire's throne, the Horde and Alliance need to take down the ancient enemies in Azeroth and save the universe from destruction. Here, you all would encounter the foes, Wrathion, Maut, The Prophet Skitra, Dark Inquisitor, Vexiona, The Hivemind, Ra-den, Shad'har the Insatiable, Drest'agath, Il'gynoth, Carapace of N'Zoth, N'Zoth.Assault: It is a new activity to provide new quests as we have mentioned above, the only basis for recording your game progress, where you'll encounter two new World Bosses to defeat, Grand Empress Shek'zara, and Vuk'laz the Earthbreaker.On the other hand, the Auction House has gotten some changes with Update 8.3, simply put, players can sell some useless WOW Classic items more easily through Auction House to gain WOW Classic Gold, or buy items directly.MMOWTS is one of the safe places to sell WOW Classic Gold, which has the world's leading production technology and staff to deliver the goods in the shortest time. And now as long as buying Gold on the site, everyone can get an extra 8% gold every order, so why not try it at once?

Phase 3 Is Coming To World Of Warcraft Classic Next Month

It was announced that phase 3 of World of Warcraft Classic is coming in February, turning it to a halfway point of the whole game, and the following is the updated content of Phase 3.It is scheduled to release on February 12 at 5 PM CT, along with a series of host changes, a new raid, reputation rewards, class quests, Eternal Quintessence, especially the Darkmoon Faire.Reputation RewardsAdding more reputation rewards for players to gain through the Argent Dawn, Thorium Brotherhood, Timbermaw Hold, Silverwing Sentinels, as well as Warsong Outriders faction vendors in WOW Classic Phase 3, which has been mentioned in Patch 1.6 and 1.7 of original WOW.Class QuestsBeyond those original quests in Classic, it is also bringing the Class Quests with Phase 3 releasing for the players above level 50, requiring them to complete the class-specific questlines in capital cities, and conclude with a choice of one of three powerful rare Classic items.Eternal QuintessenceThis is a powerful and helpful Classic item to douse the runes of the Firelords in the Molten Core raid. As long as completing the "Hands of the Enemy" and reach Revered reputation with Hydraxian Wasterlords, the players could gain the Eternal Quintessence from Duke Hydraxis into their inventory. It will provide such a chance to complete it, but not all players can successfully complete these quests smoothly, making the item very popular and rare.Darkmoon FaireThe location is set to associate with the Blackwing Lai 40-man dungeon raid, we also specifically introduced these two parts in the previous article, World Of Warcraft February Update Will Bring Blackwing Lair And Darkmoon Faire, and you can view the full content through it. By then, it will add 8 bosses and 120 loot drops to increase the players' loot rate for WOW Classic Items.Only waiting for less than a month, WOW Classic will start a new phase, meanwhile, we are running WOW Classic Gold for sale on the site called MMOWTS, due to the wide use of in-game currency, we always working hard to ensure enough WOW Classic Gold inventory to provide to more customers, so no matter when you come, we can send the goods to your WOW Classic account within 15 minutes. Believe it that you will have a pleasant shopping experience here.

WOW Classic Alterac Valley Battleground Guide- Killing Enemy General

More than a month ago, World of Warcraft Classic released patch 1.13.3, bringing new PVP battlegrounds including Alterac Valley, which is a 40v40 large-scale PvPvE battleground for level 51+ players. When a group defeats the enemy general, they achieved the victory, but many objectives can be completed for tactical advantages such as capturing graveyards, defending towers, and summoning faction lords.Since joining the Alterac Valley is crucial on the PVP battlegrounds in order to gain a powerful reputation and rewards, so you might need more guide about how to kill the enemies' general quickly.Well-preparedBefore a battle, you need to be well prepared to ensure victory, such as excellent communication, best in slot gear, effective use of PVP consumables, and then keeping practice.It is hard for a player without any practice to create victory, in Alterac Valley, you need to practice a long time in advance to become familiar with the whole battlegrounds. In this way, even if you lose a battle, it still gives you honor and fun nostalgic gear for your excellent performance.Hurry upAs you all know, once the general is killed throughout the Alterac Valley battleground, the match will end. So you'd better hurry up to defeat enemy players, capture and destroy enemy towers or bunkers and eliminate powerful enemy Lieutenants and Commanders.However, it seems that rush strategies simply do not work in Alterac Valley of WOW Classic. The best method is that everyone can find a larger team, and they are assigned by role, stealth classes, ranged DPS and tank groups are assigned based upon their ability to respond to battlefield needs. So every player in the team should keep communication and choose the best role that is most suitable in the battlegrounds, and then taking part in the battles.Bunkers and TowerThe Alliance has four Bunkers, and the Horde has four Towers, which are used to protect the general.Your task is to protect your own Tower or Bunker, and capture others' flags until the structure burns. After you have completely occupied those four enemy Towers or Bunkers, you can directly attack their general, but it is equally important to protect your own Tower or Bunkers during this period.Defense and OffenseIn Alterac Valley, you need to figure out which time is used for defense or offense. You must always have someone in your team to protect your own Tower or Bunker and prevent others from harassing you. On the other hand, you can attack others in the best time, even if your tower is already occupied, don't panic, because you still have a lot of opportunities to recapture before your general is killed.In addition to the above, you also need to exchange more advanced equipment and weapons with WOW Classic Gold, which could make your character a boost. Although this is not allowed by Blizzard, it is indeed the best way for XP to buy WOW Classic Gold, and is one of the few legal stores to sell gold.Considering the needs of consumers, we openly sell a lot of in-game currencies of various popular MMOs on the site, and all the operation is legal and effective, we are willing to sell them to you at cheaper price than other stores. There is better way to know more about it than visiting the store yourself, you are always welcome, enjoy it.