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MMOWTS List News

New World: Valentine's Day Cosmetics Disabled After Causing Server Crashes

2022-02-10 16:42:44

Earlier this week, New World released a new collection of skins, but they could be causing server issues, so they were disabled. According to the development team, the Corrupted Love pack and new Angels and Demon's skins have been removed from the store. MMOWTS will cover the whole process.

Various Valentine's Day-themed cosmetics went on sale in New World, just a few hours later, they were disabled, which left players confused. However, it turns out that the skin has a potential bug that could crash the server. Players who have successfully purchased the skins can still use them, the developer team says, and once they find the fix, the cosmetics will be available again in the store.

New World got off to a rocky start, it was plagued with bugs and server issues, and it doesn't seem like it's over yet. Over the next month, players will be curious as to when new playable content will be added to the game, and the development team will speed up the process and address many issues.

Next month, they will be focusing on bugs, bots, and balance. So players can expect more exciting content. In a recent developer update, the New World team stated that they have learned that they need to provide more time in the game's public test realm in order to identify current game-breaking issues and consider player feedback.

As for now, players can focus on Mutated Expeditions, which allow players to earn better rewards for solving higher-level dungeons in the game. If you encounter a situation that you cannot handle, you can come to MMOWTS to buy New World Coins to expand your advantage.

We believe that through the continuous efforts of the development team, New World will be perfected, thereby attracting more players to participate in the game.


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These guys are awesome! at first i was not sure about purchasing from them. Finally I trusted them and I got the good service! Great!

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They missed an item and I got all items after 10 mins, it is good

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