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2022 ACNH Festivale Event Guide
Mar 02, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

Carnival 2022 is upon us, which means it's time for Animal Crossing: New Horizons to celebrate Festivale. Held two days before Ash Wednesday, Festivale is an island-wide party where players and villagers can dance with Pavé the Peacock. The event features special clothing and furniture, so players looking to collect everything in the Nintendo game will want to participate. Plus, the bright colors and characters of the event made it a blast. Here's a guide to Festivale events, rewards, and more that MMOWTS has for you.

Festivals in Animal Crossing: New Horizons can take place in February or March, depending on the carnival. It always happens the day before the carnival starts in real life. The 2021 Festivale event kicks off on February 15, but fans will have to wait a few more weeks in 2022.

This event will take place all day . A new day starts in-game at 5 AM local time, so you can expect to see Isabelle wearing a Festivale headband making her morning announcement at that time. Also, Pavé sets up outside the Resident Services Center at exactly 5 AM stage.

Feathers and confetti will be flying across the island during the event, and special holiday music will be played in the background. Animal villagers will also dance around the island in festive costumes. Before talking to Pavé, you should be in your best Festivale outfit. Otherwise, he will insist that you must change. Thankfully, Able Sisters has a full range of Festivale headgear, tank dresses, and outfits in a variety of colors. These are the same clothes you see on island animals. According to Animal Crossing, the costumes come in red, green, blue and pink. You can also get these outfits by purchasing ACNH Items, and once you've slipped into something more colorful, you can talk to Pavé for a quick overview of Festivale. He will tell you to bring him some colorful feathers floating on the island; they come in red, green, blue and purple. If you give Pavé three of the same feathers, he will exchange that color for a Festivale item for you.

Catching feathers is like catching bugs - just use your net to catch them from the air. If you can't find floats of a certain color, you can also trade feathers with villagers in stacks or singles.

After trading feathers nine times with Pavé, he'll give you a DIY recipe for rainbow feathers.The recipe calls for one feather of each color. By trading three rainbow feathers with Pavé, you can earn an exclusive Festivale Float reward. Rainbow feathers also float on the island, but they are far fewer.

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