Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Get Acorn&Pine Cone DIYs
Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Get Acorn&Pine Cone DIYs

Each season of Animal Crossing New Horizons brings with it a new set of seasonal DIY recipes and materials to collect. There are only a handful of shell-related DIYs and only one seasonal material, the summer shell. There are three different sets of recipes in autumn, and many different resources can be found throughout the season. The first of these sets uses a combination of two materials that can be found on the first day of autumn: acorns and pine cones.

In New Horizons, autumn in the Northern Hemisphere begins on September 1, and in the Southern Hemisphere on March 1. This season will last until the last day of November or May, respectively, and you can find acorns and pine cones and their related recipes throughout the season.

How To Get Acorns and Pine Cones?

To find acorns and pine cones, you'll need to shake your trees once a day in the fall. Acorns will fall from hardwood trees (the ones that look like fruit trees but do not bear fruit), and pine cones will fall from cedar trees. You'll want a healthy mix of both types to maximize your chances of finding acorns and pine cones. Just be careful, because every day there will be 5 wasp nests falling from random trees, causing wasp attacks-when you shake the tree, put your net on so you can easily catch the wasps and avoid stings.

Both materials are relatively rare, you may only get one type per day. If you want to get a few more per day, you can use the Nook Miles Tickets to travel to the mystery islands, because acorns and pine cones will also drop on the island.

How To Get Autumn DIY Recipes?

As we mentioned before, there are three sets of autumn DIY recipes to collect. Acorns and pine cones make up the initial set, and you can find them throughout the entire season. Then, in November (Northern Hemisphere) or May (Southern Hemisphere), you can find mushrooms and mushroom DIYs. Finally, you can find the maple Leaves and maple leaf DIYs from November 16-25 or May 16-25. Some maple DIYs also require acorns and pine cones, but they can only be found during that time, not the entire season.

Like other seasonal DIY recipes, you can only get them through balloon gifts - the only exception is the tree's bounty little tree recipe, which Isabel will give you at the start of autumn.

All Acorn And Pine Cone Recipes

Below are all the acorn and pine cone recipes you can find throughout the fall season. Note that this list does not include tree's bounty big tree or tree's bounty arch because although they require acorns and pine cones, they can only be found during the 10-day maple leaf season toward the end of fall.

                    · tree's bounty little tree

                    · tree's bounty mobile

                    · tree's bounty lamp

                    · traditional balancing toy

                    · pile of leaves

                    · yellow-leaf pile

                    · leaf campfire

                    · acorn pochette

                    · pine bonsai tree

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