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Animal Crossing: The Best Way To Kill All Those Cockroaches
Sep 29, 2020

Source: MMOWTS

Cockroaches are a nuisance in anyone's home, and they can easily invade the houses of Animal Crossing New Horizons players who are not active. After a few weeks (or a lot of time travel), the cockroaches will spawn in the player's home, and the only thing to do is kill them. Although players may not want to deal with cockroaches in any way, or prefer to let them run around-perhaps for thematic reasons, like if their house is haunted or abandoned. But there is some good news. The cockroaches in the game are not as destructive as the cockroaches in real life. The furniture and house structure will not be damaged, characters will not get sick or bitten, and will not leave eggs or dropping.

However, for the following reasons, it is recommended to eliminate cockroaches as soon as possible. Not only will they make your characters squeamish and make your house look disgusting, but they will also greatly reduce the player's 'Happy Home Academy' scores.

Unlike other insects in the game, such as scorpions, tarantulas, and wasps, cockroaches are hard be caught cause players cannot take out their tools when they are in house. Unfortunately, this also means that players cannot donated them to Blathers at the museum.

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, the most common strategy to eliminate cockroaches is to run around and squash them. Just walking over or running over cockroaches will kill them.

This method is effective, but depending on the number of cockroaches, where the cockroaches are hiding, and how well the player is at timing their run with the roaches' scurrying, it may be tricky. These bugs are fast and are good at hiding under furniture, forcing players to move furniture or waiting for the bugs to come out of hiding. Keeping any number of cockroaches alive will cause more cockroaches to return.

Players must check the underside of every piece of furniture in the homes by moving or storing them to ensure that all cockroaches have been killed. However, there is a more effective strategy for eliminating cockroaches, which not only saves time, but is also very effective.

Instead of moving that heavy bed or table, then running to squash a roach, it is much simpler to just drop that heavy piece of furniture on top of the bugs while in design mode. After pressing the down arrow to enter design mode, players can pick up any piece of furniture and hold it in the air using A, then drop it on any roaches that scurry across the floor. Furniture covers more space and players do less running. This also helps eliminate a potential hiding spot for the roaches. With this method, players will effectively take out multiple roaches with minimal effort.

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