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WOW Classic: Tailoring Profession And Leveling Guide 1-300
Sep 28, 2020

Source: MMOWTS

Tailoring is one of the most important professions in WOW Classic. For example, if you are a mage or priest, you can craft a decent robe for yourself. Or you can craft bags to collect more loot. If you want to learn how to level your tailoring profession from 1-300 quickly and effectively, please continue reading.

How to level Tailoring

Tailoring trainer locations

Alliance Tailoring Trainers list with their locations you can check below.

Apprentice & Journeyman:

Stormwind City: Lawrence Schneider and Sellandus are located at the Mage Quarter.

Ironforge: Uthrar Threx and Jormund Stonebrow are located at the Great Forge.

Darnassus: Trianna and Me'lynn are located at the Craftsmen's Terrace.

Elwynn Forest: Eldrin is located at the Eastvale Logging Camp.

Darkshore: Grondal Moonbreeze is located at Auberdine.


Stormwind City: Georgio Bolero is located at the Mage Quarter inside of the building Duncan's Textiles.


Dustwallow Marsh: Timothy Worthington is located at Theramore Isle in a two-story building on the south side.

Horde Tailoring Trainers list with their locations you can check below.

Apprentice & Journeyman:

Orgrimmar: Snang and Magar are located at the Drag.

Thunder Bluff: Vhan and Tepa are located at the central bluff.

Undercity: Victor Ward and Rhiannon Davis are located at the Magic Quarter.

The Barrens: Kil'hala is located at the Crossroads and Mahani is located at Camp Taurajo.

Tirisfal Glades: Bowen Brisboise is located at the Cold Hearth Manor.


Undercity: Josef Gregorian is located at the Magic Quarter, in the inner cloister.


Hillsbrad Foothills: Daryl Stack is located at Tarren Mill inside of the ruined chapel.

Neutral Tailoring Trainers list with their locations you can check below.


Stranglethorn Vale: Grarnik Goodstitch is located at Booty Bay inside of the elevated building "A Tailor to Cities".


Felwood: Meilosh is located at the Timbermaw Hold at the junction between Moonglade, Felwood, and Winterspring. Note that you will need at least Neutral reputation with the Timbermaw Hold faction before being able to speak to them.

Farming cloth for Tailoring


Mooncloth doesn't drop from mobs, instead, it is created by Tailors, with a 4-day cooldown for 1 piece. You need "Pattern: Mooncloth" (sold by Qia in Everlook, Winterspring for 2 gold), Felcloth (x2) and Moonwell. Alliance can easily find Moonwells in Stormwind City (The Park) and in Darnassus (The Temple of the Moon). Best place for Druids – Moonglade. Other Moonwells can be found in Ashenvale (60,73 or 59,60 or 53,46), outside of Dire Maul, in Silithus (Cenarion Hold).

WOW Classic Tailoring leveling

Leveling Tailoring 1-75

(1-40) Bolt of Linen Cloth (Linen Cloth x2)

(40-60) Heavy Linen Gloves (Bolt of Linen Cloth x2, Coarse Thread x1)

(60-75) Reinforced Linen Cape (Bolt of Linen Cloth x2, Coarse Thread x3)

Leveling requires at least Linen Cloth x140 and Coarse Thread x65.

Leveling Tailoring 75 - 150

(75-100) Bolt of Woolen Cloth (Wool Cloth x3)

(100-110) Gray Woolen Shirt (Bolt of Woolen Cloth x2, Gray Dye x1, Fine Thread x1)

(110-125) Double-stitched Woolen Shoulders (Bolt of Woolen Cloth x3, Fine Thread x2)

(125-145) Bolt of Silk Cloth (Silk Cloth x4)

(145-150) Azure Silk Hood (Bolt of Silk Cloth x2, Blue Dye x2, Fine Thread x1)

Leveling requires at least Wool Cloth x195, Silk Cloth x80, Gray Dye x10, Blue Dye x10 and Fine Thread x45.

Leveling Tailoring 150 - 225

(150-160) Azure Silk Hood (Bolt of Silk Cloth x2, Blue Dye x2, Fine Thread x1)

(160-170) Silk Headband (Bolt of Silk Cloth x3, Fine Thread x2)

(170-175) Formal White Shirt (Bolt of Silk Cloth x3, Bleach x2, Fine Thread x1)

(175-185) Bolt of Mageweave (Mageweave Cloth x5)

(185-205) Crimson Silk Vest (Bolt of Silk Cloth x4, Red Dye x2, Fine Thread x2)

(205-215) Crimson Silk Pantaloons (Bolt of Silk Cloth x4, Red Dye x2, Silken Thread x2)

(215-220) Black Mageweave Leggings (Bolt of Mageweave x2, Silken Thread x3)

(220-225) Black Mageweave Gloves (Bolt of Mageweave x2, Heavy Silken Thread x2)

Leveling requires at least Silk Cloth x740, Mageweave Cloth x100, Bleach x10, Blue Dye x20, Red Dye x60, Fine Thread x75, Silken Thread x35 and Heavy Silken Thread x10.

Leveling Tailoring 225 - 300

The most amount of recipes you can learn from vendors, but some of the best ones you can receive as a drop from raid bosses. You will also, find recipes from potting monsters or secret chests. So they are pretty frequent. The other thing is to find all the reagents for the needed recipe. But most of them can be bought from an auction, so you can concentrate on farming gold as well.

Hope that it would help you to learn some aspects of the game. Enjoy your time, immerse yourself in the world and have fun. If you need cheap WOW Classic Gold and WOW Classic Boosting service, MMOWTS would be a good choice for you, on which you can also learn some useful WOW Classic guides.

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