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Animal Crossing: Celeste's Astronomical Secrets
Aug 06, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

With Nintendo all but giving up on a major update for Animal Crossing: New Horizon, it's an added pleasure for players still on the island to find easter eggs or details they haven't discovered before.

Celeste is no stranger to every island builder, one of the most popular Animal Crossing characters and the younger sister of museum director Blathers. Whenever Celeste visits, she will be full of passion for astronomy, explaining the secrets of meteors to players or giving you different recipes.

On a clear night, players are likely to see shooting stars. Celeste will teach you to press the A button to make a wish when a meteor crosses the sky, and you can pick up star fragments on the beach the next day. Collect star fragments to create star-themed furniture, magic wand and other interesting Animal Crossing Items.

Star fragments also contain special twelve constellation fragments, which can not only be used to make more special constellation-themed furniture but are also a key factor in triggering a different dialogue with Celeste. Many Animal Crossing: New Horizon players may ignore this, when you have any Zodiac shards in your inventory and talk to Celeste, two options will pop up, one is "Take a look at this" when you choose this After giving her any of the twelve constellation fragments, she will excitedly tell you the story of this constellation.

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