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Diablo Immortal: Tips for Improving Bounties efficiency
Aug 08, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

Diablo Immortal Platinum is one of Diablo Immortal's main currencies and one of the most requested resources for players, and it is also more expensive depending on how it can be acquired. Without spending real money, players usually choose to grind Elder Rifts, sell items, or get Bounties.

Bounty is a mechanism that randomly generates short missions. Players can use the auto-navigation feature to access the Bounties Boards page, accept up to four Bounties missions at a time, and have three opportunities to scroll through the mission selection screen. Players can complete up to eight Bounties in a day, with each individual mission rewarding players with Loot, Gold, EXP, and 8 Codex Points.

Players are free to choose whether to complete Bounties solo or as a team. The following measures will improve the overall farming efficiency.

1. Complete all 4 bounties before heading back to Bounty Quartermaster Derek, which will save you time while working on your daily Diablo Immortal to-do list.

2. Bounty is a one-week cycle, and the progress of Bounties will be reset every Monday, so grab the time on Sunday.

3. Players should use bounty experience to close the level gaps during campaign progression.

Efficient Bounties can indeed help players improve the efficiency of farming Diablo Immortal Platinum, but if you are facing a situation where you need a lot of Diablo Immortal Platinum in a short time, buying directly on MMOWTS is the best option.

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