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Bugs in FFXIV's Housing Lottery System will be fixed

Apr 19, 2022 Source: MMOWTS

It's been over a week since the FFXIV's new Patch 6.1 update was released. Players not only experienced the fun of new questlines and Adventure Plates but also actively participated in the experience of the house lottery system with the opening of new regional residential areas. The system added a fair way for players to buy homes and received compliments as soon as it went live. But recently the system has been problems that need to be fixed, and now the fix has been put on the agenda.

During the bidding process of the housing lottery system, players will be assigned a number, starting from one, and arranged in order. But when the results were announced last week due to bugs in the system, the lottery result for one piece of land was a player with the number zero, which means that no player's number could match it, and the piece would belong to a "non-existent" winner."

Following the incident, Square Enix extended the announcement period for the results of the house eligibility draw, and producer and director Yoshida issued a written statement and apology.

Fortunately, the developers of FFXIV said yesterday that the cause of the failure has been found, and last week's original lottery result in data has also been preserved and can be republished during server maintenance.The production team also appealed to the players who obtained the qualification to buy a house in the normal lottery last week to claim it as soon as possible to promote the smooth development of the restoration work.

The housing lottery system was newly added in patch 6.1 which players have been looking forward to. Before it was released´╝î players had to wait a long time depending on the principle of buying houses on a first-come, first-served basis. So for FFXIV players, this bug fix is the good news.

Buying a house not only requires a lottery to qualify but also requires a lot of Final Fantasy XIV Gil, if you don't have the time and energy to earn them, you can choose to buy them directly on MMOWTS. You can always contact our customer service for cheap FFXIV Gil.

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