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D2 Resurrected: How To Get Annihilus Charm?
Nov 13, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, Annihilus Charm is one of the most popular items, including its Resurrected remaster, because it is the best way to maximize the potential of any class in the game. It only occupies one position in your inventory. It can give +1 to all your skills and increase your attributes and resistances. Such a popular D2 Resurrected Items, MMOWTS will guide players to obtain it.

Now, there are 2 ways to get Annihilus Charm, depending on whether you play the game with an offline character or an online character.

Get offline character Annihilus Charm

For offline games, it is easier to get Annihilus Charm. Before you enter Hell, you have to keep playing and build a very powerful character. You will encounter Uber Diablo, aka Diablo Clone. He will drop charm, but it is much stronger than regular Hell Diablo, which is very challenging. So if you want to face him, you need to be fully prepared in advance.

Once you decide to start, get a Stone of Jordan and sell it to any vendor. You will receive a message from Diablo Walks the Earth, and Uber Diablo will spawn at the next Unique enemy you encounter, such as Corpsefire in the Den of Evil or others.

If you win, then you will get an Annihilus Charm, a one-off charm, which you can save in your inventory to get an EXP boost or a major boost to all your stats.

Get Online Annihilus Charm

This process is more difficult, so more players choose to form groups in online communities and try it afterward. Not only that, but you also need some tools other than Diablo 2. The whole process is complicated, you can go to YouTube to find detailed tutorials. This may be a way that players who are addicted to the game will choose.

If you want to get any item in the game more easily, it is the most convenient way to buy D2 Resurrected Items from MMOWTS. We not only provide some Runes, but also some Bases, Charms and Misc, and more. If you want to save time as much as possible and invest in the game itself, it is the most effective to come to MMOWTS for help.

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