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D2R Ladder: The Best Tips You Need To Know To Level Up Quickly In Season 6! - Leveling Area, Gear & Runewords
Feb 18, 2024

Source: MMOWTS

With D2R Ladder Season 6 going online on February 22, 2024, we will face a new demon army, and there are plenty of battles to look forward to. But if you have any hope of surviving this new season, you need to know how to get stronger and faster.

Luckily, that’s exactly what this guide is for. Below we will discuss some tips and useful information you can use to level up quickly in D2R Ladder Season 6.

D2R Ladder: The Best Tips You Need To Know To Level Up Quickly In Season 6! - Leveling Area, Gear & Runewords

Choose A Suitable Leveling Area

There are many ways to level up in D2R Ladder, but here we will give you some of the more efficient ones.

First, it is crucial to choose the right area for leveling. You can get the most XP bonuses by killing specific enemies, such as the elite monsters in each area, instead of wasting time on mobs.

While this seems simple, it can be the difference between wasting hours farming and gaining huge XP in a short amount of time.

Here is a list I put together of all the best leveling areas you can find in D2R Ladder:

  • Stony Field
  • Tristram
  • Clear enemies in Forgotten Tower
  • All Tombs at the end of Act 2
  • Farming Secret Cow Level
  • Complete Throne of Destruction
  • Defeat the elite in Chaos Sanctuary

We also noticed that if there are specific enemies, you could focus on farming each area and ignore the rest. It is important to note that before you start farming, make sure you have completed the quest line and reached level 5.

Get Leveling Gear

Having the right gear is almost as important as knowing where to farm for XP. Because they increase your experience gain, give you an advantage in combat, and make your farming more efficient.

Here are some of the best gear options for quickly leveling up in D2R Ladder:

  • Health, Mana, And Stamina Potions
  • Tome of Town Portal
  • Tome of Identify
  • Low Resistance Wand
  • Teleportation Staff

Many of these D2R Ladder items cost quite a little of gold, and repairing them is also expensive. So, to achieve this goal, be sure to pick valuable sets among your loot and sell them for a profit.

D2R Ladder Season 6 Horadric Cube Recipes

You can also take cheaper items and buff them with Horadric Cube to create more powerful and valuable items.

Also, it’s worth noting to keep an eye out for specific sets that drop in the world during battles that can be very helpful in how you build and farm.


Finally, we can also enhance your equipment and items by using Runewords.

Runewords can only be equipped with non-magical items, and, once completed, can produce powerful magic items. These items can be sold to earn gold and are also very useful for combat and farming.

There are a variety of Runewords at your disposal, so try ones that provide a boost to what you need in combat, whether that’s movement speed, resistance, or buffs.

While there are some specific items, runewords, and magic that are powerful, I still recommend that you choose and match sets of Runewords based on your build and play style, as this will greatly enhance your gaming experience.

Best D2R Ladder Season 6 Runewords By Level Required Guide

Still, based on everything we’ve provided above, you should now have the best location and gear. These tips can help you grind and level up quickly in D2R Ladder Season 6. Looking forward to meeting you in the game!

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