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D2R Ladder: Skill Build for Trapsin Assassin
May 23, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

For Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder players who like to go it alone, Trapsin Assassin is a worthwhile study. Because it covers multiple advantages. Compared to Sorceress and Paladin, Trapsin Assassin has higher survivability and excellent crowd control, making it one of the best Assassin builds.

As the name suggests, Trapsin Assassin requires players to invest heavily in Traps skills, because efficient Traps can cooperate with the crowd control capabilities of Mind Blast and Cloak of Shadows to clear groups of enemies in the environment. And Death Sentry, one of its Traps skills, can cause extremely high physical damage.

It is worth noting that Trapsin Assassin almost completely abandons weapon skills and focuses on allocating skill points to Traps and Shadow Disciplines. The specific skill build is as follows:

20 points to Lightning Sentry: As the main damage skill, Lightning Sentry's maximization can effectively deal extremely high damage to monsters, and bring an 18% lightning damage bonus per level to Shock Web and Charged Bolt Sentry.

20 points to Death Sentry: This will greatly increase the effective damage of the additional area, in synergy with Lightning Sentry.

20 points to Shock Web: This will synergize with Lightning Sentry and max out after Death Sentry.

20 points to Charged Bolt Sentry: This will synergize with Lightning Sentry and max out after Shock Web.

Claw Mastery, Psychic Hammer, Burst of Speed, Weapon Block, Cloak of Shadows, Fade, Shadow Warrior, Mind Blast and Shadow Master as prerequisites will all be placed 1 point.

For Trapsin Assassin with high damage, in addition to the above skill point distribution, a series of D2R Ladder Items such as Hoto, Call to Arms and The Stone of Jordan Ring need to be configured on the weapon. Players need to spend a certain cost to farm or buy.

MMOWTS is committed to supporting your Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder progress and we will continue to update news and useful information for you.

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