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Dark And Darker: The Best Strategies To Cheese Every Mini-Boss! - Applies To All Classes
Sep 15, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

Welcome to my comprehensive guide on how to cheese every mini boss. I’ll cover various ways to deal with each boss with ease. And this guideline applies to all classes. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Skeleton Champion

First, we meet Skeleton Champion. If you’re fighting a Skeleton Champion on flat ground, the best way to deal with it is to lure out its first swing. You need to stay relatively close at this point in order to lure Champion into continuing his combo. Then punish until you see a shield bash.

Dark and Darker: How to Cheese Every Mini-boss?

This attack has more resilience than others, giving even slower classes time to be punished safely .

Champion has a fast, forward slash that makes these short punishment windows dangerous. So always remember to turn around and move sideways or forward to avoid injury, rather than backing up. If your class is faster, you can punish after a combo ends early. But this is risky for slower classes.

The best way to deal with this monster is to climb on top of it, so you can handle it easily. You can also attack Skeleton Champion by standing lower than it. But sometimes you need steep stairs to make it work, and we still took a little damage. So, don’t forget to spend Dark and Darker Gold at the merchant in advance to get some Shields and Healing Potions.

Dark and Darker: How to Easily Kill the Skeleton Champion?


Next we will encounter Wraith. It’s very scary, but with this strategy, it becomes one of the easiest enemies in the game. No matter which attack it makes, just crouch down, look straight down, and move forward and left. You can keep repeating this process until Wraith dies.

You also kill Wraith by standing on top of torches, ledges, and chests. But because it’s taller than Skeleton Champion, you’ll need to make sure the object you’re using is high enough to not get hit.

Dark and Darker: Fighting Wraiths!

Demon Dog / Demon Berserker

Next up are Demon Dogs. They do have an interesting mechanic. You may notice that they won’t harass you if you don’t stand in front of them. You can sneak past them to a safe point and then try to kill them.

Whether it’s a Demon Dog or a Demon Berserker, standing on top of them can be dealt with in the same way. But since Demon Berserker is taller, you’ll definitely need something taller to deal with them.

When you spot a Demon Berserker, make sure you don’t stand underneath them or you’ll take a lot of damage. And it really doesn’t work at all. So I highly recommend looking for top ledges to use rather than trying to use stairs or anything.

Then after they attack, you need to go sideways to the left or right side. Then attack them and wait for their next attack.

There is another way to deal with Demon Dog. This is more useful than beating them with terrain or whatever. If you’re going to deal with Demon Dogs, you’ll need to close the door behind them. Because they are on the lower level, the doors will not break.

When a Demon Dog attacks, all you can do is stick their head out. You can stab them in the head repeatedly, eventually killing them, without facing any danger. This is a very reliable way to deal with Demon Dog without any danger.

Dark and Darker: How To Deal With Demon Berserker?

Demon Centuar

Finally, we have Demon Centuar to deal with. You can enjoy Demon Centuar on high with full cheese. But you need to make sure there is enough space to attack from above. This will allow you to peek and hit him once or twice, then avoid any of his upper attacks.

You can also reduce much of the damage he does by crouching on the stairs in front of him. Note that it still has an attack that will still hit you, but can be dodged.

This boss requires a little patience, and it has a lot of health. But you can deal with him effectively by taking advantage of a lot of high ground.

That’s all the mini-bosses are currently in Dark and Darker. I’ll continue to find more ways to help you deal with new bosses, new enemies. Don’t forget to share this with your friends so they don’t die again. See you next time!

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