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WOW Classic Hardcore: How To Earn More Gold By Investing & Flipping Items?
Sep 16, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

Today I want to talk about how to make more gold through investing and flipping. Imagine you have 100 unwanted gold coins in your bag. If you do not invest in these golds and continue to hold these 100 golds, you will still have 100 golds after 2 months. However, if you invest that gold into something of value, you’ll get back over 100 gold just by letting inflation do its thing.

By investing in the right items, you can also combine aspects like inflation with supply and demand indicators to achieve insane returns. So today, I’m going to show you some items that I’m considering putting into my WOW Classic Hardcore Gold for Hardcore Servers.

But investing is a pretty dangerous game. You always have to evaluate the current price of the item versus the price you think it will reach. And you have to account for peaks in supply and peaks in demand constantly.

Hardcore Servers differ slightly from most other versions of WOW Classic so far. They are not progressive, all content is available from the beginning. But we can still make some educated guesses about which materials will be popular at which times.

For example, there won’t be more people playing Naxxramas within the first few months, but there will be many people who may start farming Molten Core early on. This means you can make faster profits by flipping Molten Core-related items. While Naxxramas items may give you a higher profit margin overall, they will take longer to reach their full price.

WOW Classic Hardcore: How To Earn More Gold By Investing & Flipping Items?

Elemental Fire

The first item I would invest in is this Elemental Fire. This is a very simple item, as its price always goes up when people start raiding. The math behind this is simple.

While leveling, many people will inadvertently discover Elemental Fire. This means supply is high, but demand is low because no one is raiding. When people stop leveling and start looting, supply drops, but demand spikes and prices rise.

Elemental Fire is used to craft various items related to Fire Resist and Pre-BiS items. But most notably, they are often used to make Greater Fire Protection Potions. These are always in high demand when raiding Molten Core and Blackwing Lair.

As you can probably appreciate, anything used for survival will be used more frequently on Hardcore Servers, where you only have one life.

WOW Classic Hardcore: Best Steady Gold Farm - Elemental Fire Gold Farm

Small Flame Sac

The next item is based on the same principle, and that is Small Flame Sac. It is used to make Dragonbreath Chili and is often used by certain classes to increase DPS output.

We can use flame Deflector for survival. Regular Fire Protection Potions are for players who are too cheap to purchase this Greater Fire Protection Potions we just talked about.

I could get multiple of these items for 10-50 Silver each. And at the peak of Molten Core, I sold them for 6 Hardcore Gold each.

This item has a lot of potential because it’s something people keep discovering while leveling through WOW Classic. So if you can purchase some of these items cheaply from people who are leveling, you can earn some WOW Hardcore Gold easily.

Elemental Fire and Small Flame Sac are both short-term investments. This means you can purchase them immediately and plan to sell them for a quick profit over the next few months. You can then use that profit to invest in other items with higher profit margins.

Elemental Earth

You can also invest in Elemental Earth. This is very similar to Elemental Fire and is used to craft unique items. But I like to focus on crafting the consumables here, Elemental Sharpening Stone and Greater Nature Protection Potion.

Because they have a high sales rate and are always in high demand. Crafting both items requires Elemental Earth, which will make the item in outrageous demand.

WOW Classic Hardcore: Elemental Earth Gold Farming Guide

Elemental Water

I guess while we’re on the items of Elemental, you’ll want to try Elemental Water, as well. This item has very high potential. Because almost no one purchased them in the early days. But when people start Naxxramas raids, their prices go up like baffling.


After introducing Elemental and Small Flame Sac, let’s talk about something else, Felcloth. This is usually obtained from level 50 to level 60, so demand may be high in the first few weeks. As more people reach level 60 and start focusing on their gear and classes, this item becomes more and more in demand.

This is mainly because Felcloth is used in Tailoring, and is used to improve Tailoring skills. It is also used in making Mooncloth, and further used in making a Bloodvine set.

WOW Classic Hardcore: Felcloth & Mooncloth

I think this item will probably become really cheap again in the first few weeks. And then the price will skyrocket after a month or two when people hit level 60. This is also because Crafted Sets can provide people with some pretty powerful gear without requiring them to step into a raid.

For more people, raiding on Hardcore Servers with only 1 life can be downright scary. But they still might want to equip their character by doing some additional content.

Arcane Crystal

Finally, we can also try Arcane Crystal. It’s almost exactly the same principle as before. Demand will start to spike once people reach level 60 and start improving their career skills.

We primarily used Arcane Crystal in Arcanite Bar’s Alchemy Transmute, which is further used in most of the best Blacksmithing Crafts. If you can get them cheap enough, this could end up being very profitable.

WOW Classic Hardcore: Best Route Arcane Crystal Gold Farm

So, here’s a quick recap of what I personally would do. While leveling up, try to save as many coins as possible and earn as many coins as possible. Invest any remaining gold you have in items. Once these items reach a profit margin that you’re personally happy with, consider selling them and reinvesting in items that you think will be more profitable down the road.

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