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Elder Scrolls Online: A Complete Guide To City Of Ash I Veteran Dungeon - All Bosses Mechanics Explained
Sep 18, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

This is a guide to City of Ash I on Veteran difficulty in Elder Scrolls Online. This is a simple dungeon. But this tough boss may distress some people. Therefore, I will cover all bosses mechanics in this guide. Let’s start at the entrance. The first boss on your face is Infernal Guardian here.

Infernal Guardian

He’s in a room, and some tank likes to pull him out. But there’s no problem fighting him inside. He primarily performs melee combat against tanks. But occasionally he’ll signify a Ground Slam by quickly rolling a red circle to avoid wobbling.

He sometimes staggers around and throws up Fireballs everywhere. Staying close to him can avoid being attacked by Fireballs. But you want to stay out of his attack range at all times, as it has a red circle and deals with damage during this ability.

ESO: City of Ash 1 Veteran Dungeon Guide

Still, players should stay close to him no matter what, as he will pin you in place if you go too far. Once he’s down, you can turn around and head south to face the second boss.

They named this Infernal Guardian Set after it, although it does not drop any shards. However, it has a chance to drop some ESO Gold and a unique item called Wildmaul.

Golor The Banekin Handler

Next up is Golor The Banekin Handler. He has low health and the fight won’t last long, but he has a lot of adds. His 360° slash will damage everyone standing within the red circle. You can avoid this by not standing too close or far away from it.

Like most heavy attacks, this boss attacks in melee first so that the tank can prepare for the incoming blow. It also deals with a lot of physical damage, knocking the tank back if it doesn’t block. He will also periodically summon more mobs, which damage dealers should clear out promptly to avoid being overwhelmed.

Warden Of The Shrine

When you reach the top of this mountain, the next boss will appear. He is Warden of the Shrine. He has a fierce attack, and the tank should block it in time. Just to be sure, move the boss slightly into the platform. This way, if the tank misses a critical hit, he won’t be thrown off the platform.

He’ll also leave fire pools here and there, but look around and there’s always a safe place to stand. If a player stands too far away, the boss will teleport to that player, dealing massive damage to them and stunning them. You can block this attack if you notice in time, but it’s best to avoid it.

ESO: City Of Ash I Dungeon Guide - All About Bosses Mechanics

Dark Ember

Dark Ember will appear after you kill the first three bosses. She could do a lot of damage to the team if they didn’t know about all the fire going on in this fight.

During the battle, the boss will summon Flame Pillar under each player, causing considerable fire damage to the players. You can easily avoid these problems by stepping out of them. When the boss dies, it explodes. A red circle will represent this. Just get out of here to avoid moderate damage.

Rothariel Flameheart

You will then encounter the fifth boss, Rothariel Flameheart. Her heavy attacks deal massive damage and knock back players with her aggro. Tanks can block this attack or dodge it.

She also performs a 360° slash shown in the red circle, which can again be blocked by tanks. But everyone else should get out of it.

At some point, she will create three Flame Pillars and disappear, then three of her clones will spawn from the flames. Players should kill the clone first and then proceed to kill her.

Elder Scrolls Online: A Complete Guide To City Of Ash I Veteran Dungeon

Razor Master Erthas

The last boss you will encounter is Razor Master Erthas. He will summon Flame Atronach, which tends to stay away from the group and harass you with Fireballs.

If your DPS is not high, you need to kill them in time. Otherwise, when the boss only has about 20% health left, the boss will summon 4 Flame Atronach at the same time.

The boss will hit you with a Blazing Arrow, which will take a lot of damage. If you find yourself burning, all you have to do is step into one of the smaller rivers and swim across it. This will automatically clear your debuff.

Also, don’t forget to dodge his ground target AOE, Lava Pitch, in time. This will spread out into 4 lines of fire, and you can avoid these attacks by walking out of them. If you activate Hard Mode, no new mechanics are added, the bosses just gain extra health and deal more damage.

This is the complete boss guide for City of Ash I on Veteran difficulty. Hope it helps you. Good luck.

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