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Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder: Wind Druid in Terror Zones Areas
Sep 03, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

Druid is always one the most popular classes in Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder, with the updates of the Terror Zones I would like to recommend you a well performed Druid in many areas, the Wind Druid.

Let's check out the Druid for this class, I would highly suggest building a Wind Druid on your quest to reach level 99. This character deals huge physical damage via Tornado and has some nice backup cold damage from Hurricane. Tornado plays a significant part of killing the Elemental immune monsters and Hurricane is for the Physical immune one. The combination of those two skills is able to handle lots of Terror Zones areas.

While hell mode difficulty doesn't contain many physical immune monsters but the possibility is not zero, in which case I would highly suggest using insight on your mercenary for most of the areas to keep the mana flowing. Make sure you are able to switch to The Reaper's Toll in your stash, if an area does have a lot of physical immune enemies.

Here are recommendations on skill points using for Wind Druid, there is an important thing you have to make sure is suing 20 points on Hurricane, Tornado, Twister and Cyclone Armor. Those skills are extremely critical for Wing Druid.

The significant part of The Reaper’s Toll is ignoring target’s defense and having 15% life stolen, meanwhile it can reduce the mobility and attack speed to the enemies around you. Though its damage perhaps is not powerful comparing others, but it is valuable to physical damage dealing characters especially when you face the physical enemy in Terror Zone.

In my experience it's best to just skip the regular monsters in these zones if you're trying to get through them quickly. The unique monsters are level 99 which is the equivalent of killing Hell Baal, and in this case skipping regular monster is even better. If you want to head hunt these, don't waste your time waiting for regular monsters that are physical immune, spend your time wisely.

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