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Diablo 2 Resurrected: The Patch 2.4 Is Coming!
Jan 24, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

Blizzard is preparing to drop the updated version of Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 on the game's public testing realms for testing, the first official content and balance update it has received since early 2010. Patch 2.4 is now confirmed to be released on the PTR on January 25th. But now, MMOWTS has learned some relevant information.

The 2.4 Update is considered a class balance update, but it has 3 core components and smaller changes.

* Class balance is the first area.

* In addition, 7 new runewords can be set to different equipment

* Also 4 new Horadric Cubes will be added, allowing you to upgrade your set items.

* The game also changed the contents of mercenaries, sets, level areas, and item tooltips.

Class changes are the focus of the 2.4 Update, but there is still a lot of new content. There's a new get ladder season coming up and Blizzard is refreshing the meta to make sure this season is brand new. At that point, if you want to get ahead of the others, coming to MMOWTS to buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Items will give you that edge.

With at least one small change to 3 skill trees across all 7 classes, Druid has perhaps been greatly improved, in terms of casting, melee, and summoning. Necromancer is probably minimally affected, although small buffs to Weaken, Bone skills, and skeleton Mages are noteworthy.

Runewords are probably the most important class changes in meta-shifting. New runewords for swords, staves, claws, bows, and crossbows, will give you a variety of build options. There are also 2 new helm runewords, one for enhancing mana management and the second a strong defensive rune for martial and magical attacks. MMOWTS has introduced 3 of them before, you can click here to view it.

Additionally, 12 different sets of items have been buffed to varying degrees, and Act III now requires you to smash the Compelling Orb to get Durance of Hate instead of skipping the Khalim's Will quest. Monster levels in 16 option areas increased to 85 Hell difficulty to encourage you to complete them for rewards.

Patch 2.4 will bring a whole new experience to players, and once it proves to be popular, Blizzard may try more changes in the future. MMOWTS will now continue to pay attention to relevant news, and we will also update relevant articles in time when the Ladders is available.

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