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ACNH: How To Add Players To Your Best Friends List?
Jan 22, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

ACNH provides a lot of content for players to enjoy. Now that the 2.0 Update has arrived, the new ACNH 2.0 Items have brought players a higher level of gaming experience.

You can only have one island in ACNH, and local couch co-op is very limiting and the process of visiting other players' islands is very long. As a result, some of the systems surrounding multiplayer can be confusing to navigate. MMOWTS will detail the Friends system, including how to add them.

Difference Between NS Friends and ACNH Best Friends

* Nintendo Switch Friends: Users added to be friends on your Nintendo Account, outside the game. When you open the gates at your airport with a Dodo Code and say that your “Friends” can visit, you are allowed any of your Nintendo Switch Friends to visit.

* ACNH Best Friends: Users who are already your Nintendo Switch Friends and whom you have added to your Best Friends list in the game. When you open the gates with a Dodo Code and say that your “Best Friends” can visit, only people you have added to the Best Friends list in-game can have a visit.

How to add a player to your best friends list?

The easiest way to add a player to your Best Friends List is to exchange Friend Codes. After that is let you visit their island and let them visit your island. Note that this requires Online Play, which means you'll need a Nintendo Online subscription.

When they visit your island, you will get a notification in your Best Friends list app. Just click on the name of the person you want to add to your Best Friends list and send the request. Once the other player accepts your request, everything is ready now. After that, you can send instant messages to your Best Friends who are online.

Once ACNH has more updates, MMOWTS will also be updated with the latest news.

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