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Diablo 4: Discussion Of New Season And Expansion Content At Blizzcon 2023
Nov 06, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

Blizzcon 2023 took place on November 3, and there was some big news about Diablo 4’s immediate and future, as well as some vague details about Diablo 4’s long-term plans. This guide will be a short summary covering everything this event has to offer.

Rework Itemization

The first 5 minutes of Diablo 4 announcement were mostly a recap of what they’ve already done. So they talked about the launch of Diablo 4, how to increase leveling speed, add item abilities, and implement features like loot filtering.

One important thing they mentioned during this time is that the highest priority for developers right now will be to continue reworking itemization. So we’re happy to hear from production leads that itemization is a top priority for developers, and hopefully we’ll see more changes to itemization in the future.

Diablo 4: Big Announcement News at Blizzcon 2023 for Expansion and New Season Content

New Class Specific Rings

Through this event, we will find Season 1 and Season 2 will have a crossover, introducing new class specific rings for each class. This will give you the power we saw in Season of the Malignant.

One example the director mentioned is that Necromancer will automatically use Corpse Skills. Players have asked for some Malignant Powers to be made standard in Season 1 because it would save them from having to put Corpse actions on the action bar.

At the event, we didn’t hear any specific details about whether Malignant Hearts and Malignant Tunnels would actually be coming back. Or if these new rings will be similar to unique rings and automatically have Malignant Powers attached, we have no way of knowing.

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New Function

Also, on December 5th, we will get a new feature that will allow us to preview the affixes that can be used when enchanting gear at Occultist. This way you don’t waste more Diablo 4 Gold trying to roll for impossible-to-get items. And you’ll know exactly what each different affix enchantment will bring.

Abattoir Of Zir

Also on December 5th, we will launch a new endgame event after reaching level 100 and completing the most challenging content.

Abattoir of Zir is a new seasonal content where we will fight against Lord Zir again. It’s a pinnacle style boss similar to Uber Lilith. In order to defeat this boss, we will get a new paragon glyph called Tears of Blood.

Diablo 4: Tears of Blood Glyph

Midwinter Blight

They are also launching their first-ever Christmas holiday event called Midwinter Blight, where Fractured Peaks will be redesigned as a resort, starting on December 12th.

Apparently, there will be a new boss-style enemy in Fractured Peaks, which they’re calling Red-Caped Terror. I’m sure it will be fun to see Butcher at the event wearing a Santa Claus costume.


Leaderboards will launch in Season 3, which includes a new dungeon called “Gauntlet.” In it, we can compete with our friends, tribe members and anyone in the world for the highest ranking. Each week, it added top players to a special Hall of Fame called Hall of the Ancients.

Diablo 4: Huge Season 2 Events, New Unique Malignant Rings, Leaderboards, Expansion & Class Reveal!

Vessel Of Hatred Expansion

Finally, the developers announced that there will be a new expansion pack for Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred, which is expected to be released late next year, with more details to be released in the summer of 2024. We didn’t receive many details, but it will include a never-before-seen Diablo 4 class and will continue the storyline that follows Mephisto into a new area of Sanctuary.

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